from "red boat spirit" to "great party building spirit"-凯发k8天生赢家

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from "red boat spirit" to "great party building spirit"

in early august 1921, the first national congress of the communist party of china (cpc) concluded on a cruise ship on south lake in jiaxing, zhejiang province, solemnly announcing the birth of the cpc. since its birth, the communist party of china has encountered numerous difficulties and hardships, and gone through various tests of life and death. the reason why the communist party of china has gone through trials and tribulations for one hundred years and is still in its prime is precisely because of the inherent "red boat spirit" and "great spirit of party building".

first, "red boat spirit" is the source of chinese revolutionary spirit. over the course of their century-long journey, chinese communists have forged a strong character and spirit of fearlessness against strong enemies, fearlessness of risks, indifference to death, and dedication. this spirit is rooted in the unique excellence of the cpc and originated in the spirit of the chinese revolution.

inspired by the october revolution and the baptism of the may 4th movement, some chinese intellectuals began to awaken and become marxists. in the early years when they formed the party, they worked hard to study and publicize marxism, engaged in fierce debates with anti-marxists and actively organized the workers' movement. in july 1921, 13 representatives from all over the country and the party organizations in japan, risked their lives, broke through numerous dangers and obstacles, gathered in shanghai french concession wangzhi road 106 (now xingye road 76), held the first national congress of the communist party of china in secret. as a result of the police patrol detectives broke in, the meeting changed to zhejiang jiaxing south lake on a cruise ship to continue. it was on this cruise ship that the cpc adopted its first program and its first resolution, established its original mission, elected its central leadership, and fulfilled its mission of building the cpc. the boat witnessed the birth of the communist party of china, an epoch-making event, and "became the symbol of the origin of the chinese revolution," earning it a name that will be imprinted in the annals of chinese history -- the red boat.

it makes clear its origin position in the chinese revolutionary spirit pedigree.

second, the "great party-building spirit" is the source of the cpc's spirit. "where history begins, the process of thought must also begin, and the further development of the process of thought is nothing more than the reflection of the historical process in an abstract and theoretically coherent form." he pointed out, "the red boat on the south lake in jiaxing, the main meeting site of the party in shanghai, is the place where our party dreams to set sail. our party was born here, launched from here, and proceeded to govern the country from here. this is the root of our party. "the cause of development is endless, and the original aspiration of communists can never be changed. only by staying true to why we started, can we comfort history and our ancestors, win the hearts of the people and the times, and forge ahead."

in one hundred special struggle, generation after generation of chinese communists fought tenaciously, unremitting struggle, have produced a large number of revolutionary martyrs death, a large number of heroes tenacious struggle, a large number of the advanced model of selfless dedication, formed a series of great spirit, build up the spirit of the chinese communists pedigree.

third, the organic combination of the two spirits. great revolutionary practices lead to great revolutionary spirit, and great party-building practices lead to great party-building spirit. "red ship spirit" is "the source of chinese revolutionary spirit", "great party building spirit" is "the source of chinese communist spirit", they are both related and different.

on the one hand, "red boat spirit" is an organic part and important embodiment of "great party building spirit". the significance of the red ship lies in that it bears the heavy burden of completing the founding of the party and thus becomes one of the most important symbols of the chinese revolution. the position of "red ship" in the history of chinese revolution and the position of "red ship spirit" in the pedigree of chinese revolutionary spirit all originate from the historic cause of the founding of the party. therefore, as the "source of chinese revolutionary spirit", the "red boat spirit" is also a kind of party building spirit, an important part and concrete embodiment of the "great party building spirit".

on the other hand, "great spirit of party building" is the transcendence and sublimation of "red boat spirit". the birth of the communist party of china, like the emergence of any new things, also experienced from "october pregnancy" to "a birth" process. the birth of the communist party of china is the need of the times and historical necessity. "great founding spirit of" reflects the party the whole creation process all formed in the early organization and its representative figures in the practice of ideal faith and value pursuit, character, will and spirit style, reflecting their why founding in, what kind of party construction, how to build the party, and a series of fundamental problems on the formation of common ideal, value consensus and bear responsibility.

source: party construction network