to solve the problems of the times and undertake the mission of the times-凯发k8天生赢家

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to solve the problems of the times and undertake the mission of the times

marxists must completely get rid of the historical teleological thinking in the cognition of communism, adhere to the highest ideal of communism, and devote themselves to the change and development of reality with what they are doing as the center.

he is not a qualified member of the communist party if he talks about lofty ideals instead of working in the real world." contemporary chinese communists must work hard to achieve the second centenary goal and realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation in the new stage of development.

since marx established the theory of communism, there has been a historical teleological interpretation of communism. for example, joseph schumpeter stated clearly in capitalism, socialism and democracy that "marxism is a religion in an important sense. for believers, it provides, first of all, a system of ultimate purpose (including the meaning of life), an absolute standard for judging events and actions; in the second place, it is a guide to these ultimate ends, it implies a plan of salvation, and indicates the human sin from which humanity (or a selected part of humanity) will be saved." according to this historical skopos theory, it seems that the realization of communism itself is the real goal. people's current practical activities seem to share value only as a link, step and procedure in the realization of the ideal of communism, and its existence itself is not self-sufficient. the ideal goal of the future is like a grand building, the process of construction and the parts of the building only realize their value when the building is completed. the ideal goal of the future is like a huge light source, shining a beam of light to illuminate the whole journey to the future, the whole journey is meaningful because of the light shining from the future goal. that is, the part is valuable because of the whole, and the present is meaningful because of the future.

grasp the scientific connotation of communism accurately

it should be seen that this kind of historical teleological understanding of communism is also a common thinking in the historical context of modern china. this kind of historical teleological interpretation of communism greatly distorts marx's view of communism based on historical materialism. a serious analysis and in-depth criticism of it will help to clarify the relevant wrong understanding, realize the original source of marx's view of communism, and accurately grasp the scientific connotation of communism.

on the one hand, communism, as an ideal social form and institutional structure, is indeed the goal of the communist party's unswerving and continuous struggle. to this, the marxist classical writer and the leader of our party have very clear exposition. especially, as a marxist mission-oriented party, the communist party's ultimate mission is to eliminate class exploitation and oppression, realize communism, and realize everyone's free and comprehensive development. classic works such as the communist manifesto have clearly revealed this. it is for this mission that the communist party is born and for this mission. although the specific content of our party's pledge to join the party is not exactly the same in different periods, most of them are expressions of lifelong struggle or lifelong struggle for communism. in this regard, the communist ideal undoubtedly has the ultimate orientation significance of the value goal, and the realistic historical activities of communists also have the relevant significance in the process of obeying and serving the ultimate realization of the communist ideal.

but on the other hand, in the historical process of realizing communism, the current struggle and life cannot be endowed with meaning only by the ultimate ideal goal. each generation has its own problems, responsibilities and missions. people's current practice activities have their own significance in the process of changing the world, innovating the old and pursuing social development and progress. although the ideal realm of communism cannot be attained, the institutional structure of communism cannot be established, and the value concept of communism cannot be fully realized in reality, however, the people of any historical era always make revolution, build and strive for the practical improvement of their own conditions, the practical protection of their rights and interests, and the development and progress of the country, society and even mankind in the space of possibilities provided by the conditions of the era. if so, it not only contributes to the future realization of the communist ideal, but also realizes the ideal pursuit and value goal of its own era, and this epochal ideal and goal has its own value and significance for the people of this era.

for example, since china's reform and opening up the communist party of china led the people across the country will further combining marxism with chinese concrete practice, pay attention to the liberation of productive forces development, pay attention to human rights guarantee and common prosperity, pay attention to china's social reform, development and stability, create a perfect formation and continuous development of socialism with chinese characteristics, an aim to develop new blueprint, under such circumstances, adhering to and developing socialism with chinese characteristics has become the value consensus and target recognition of the entire chinese people at the present stage. whether the comparison is vertical or horizontal, the chinese people deeply feel the great significance of reform and opening up, deeply feel the great function of socialism with chinese characteristics, and highly approve of it. reform and opening up and participate in the process of the great people's feeling, happiness, security, socialism with chinese characteristics and to participate in the great cause of the survival and development of people feel inner related, by the reform and opening up and in the substance of the practice of socialism with chinese characteristics for people to live in it has the value significance of self-sufficiency. it is in this sense that our party particularly emphasizes the importance of the common ideal of socialism with chinese characteristics.

epoch exploration to solve epoch problem

in other words, the epochal exploration to solve the epochal problem must have epochal significance. such epochal exploration and progress will certainly become the stage basis for the realization of the ideal society in the future, but it is not only meaningful for the realization of the ideal in the future, but to a large extent self-sufficient in its own significance. if only communism as a future ideal society, the meaning of reality struggle completely boils down to achieve the highest goal, can't see the reality itself to the problem of time break, will be the existence of reality itself value and practical significance falsified and watered down, as if in reality just because of the future, itself has no independent existence. and if the only meaning and development of the whole human struggle is to realize communism in the future, this kind of extremely high value cognizance and support for the few elite can faith, but for the most ordinary people is difficult to effectively establish for a long time, this is because, people may pay attention to the distant future, but more concerned about the current survival and life, more importantly, the meaning of life is focused on the present and reality. this approach to regard communism as the sole source of meaning for the development of human history is actually to regard communism as the eternal heaven of christians. it should be said that after the emergence of marxism, it is not uncommon to compare marxism with communism as religion, but this understanding of comparing communism with heaven on earth is wrong. marxism is not only concerned about the future, but also about the present. it is opposed to the disillusion of communism and the teleology of historical development that regards reality only as the tool and means of the future.

for the founders of marxism, history is nothing more than the activity of men pursuing their own ends, without a final goal or end predetermined by mysterious forces. speaking to le figaro, engels made it clear: "we don't have an end goal. we're progressives. we don't try to impose ultimate laws on humanity." the communist theory does not set up a human's final destination and ideal subjectively in the mind through logical speculation, but studies the realistic conditions of human liberation and the realization conditions of ideal society. it pays great attention to the reality, pays great attention to the change of reality, emphasizes the movement of reality, and is not mysterious. "communism is not for us a condition to be established, an ideal to which reality should be adapted. what we call communism is the movement that annihilates the reality of existing conditions." this is consistent with the value and interest of the epochal exploration based on reality and solving the epochal problems mentioned above. in the german ideology, marx and engels emphasized that the starting point of their research was realistic people. in the development of socialism from fantasy to science, engels pointed out that in order to make socialism from fantasy to science, it must first be placed on the basis of reality. in other words, we should think and solve problems from the perspective of realistic, concrete and historical people, and study and discuss socialism and communism on the basis of reality and historical conditions, instead of metaphysically abstracting, absolutizing, other-shore and mystifying them. this is the fundamental difference between marxist theory of history, christian thought and hegel's philosophy of history.

in this regard, marxists should have a very clear understanding, must completely break the communist cognition of the historical teleology thinking, while adhering to the highest ideal of communism, with their own doing as the center, committed to the real change and development, solve the problems of the times, undertake the mission of the times. he is not a qualified member of the communist party if he talks about lofty ideals instead of working in the real world." contemporary chinese communists must work hard for the realization of the second centenary goal and the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation in the new stage of development.

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