the profound cultural heritage of chinese roads-凯发k8天生赢家

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the profound cultural heritage of chinese roads

from the excellent traditional chinese culture to find the source of vitality

marx pointed out that "people make their own history, but they do not make it as they please, they do not make it under the conditions of their own choice, but under the conditions immediately encountered, established and inherited from the past." the chinese road is rooted in the inheritance of the 5,000-year civilization of the chinese nation.

in leading the chinese people's revolution, construction and reform and practice, for the long chinese communist party has always been a faithful successor of chinese excellent traditional culture and carry forward, efforts from the thoughts in the treasure house of the chinese excellent traditional culture to explore the origin, in order to realize the past, innovation, service to the realities of governing. china's fine traditional culture has given birth to many traditional views on state governance that transcend time and space, transcend national boundaries, and have enduring appeal and contemporary value.

in the fine traditional chinese culture, the confucian thought of "governing the world with benevolence and virtue" and "the people are the foundation of the country, which is stable and peaceful"; the taoist political wisdom of "governing nature by law" and "governing a big country is like cooking a small fish"; the mohist thought of universal love, not aggression, and respecting sages "; and the legalist concept of reform that "if the country does not rule the world together, the country will not follow the ancient law". there is also the problem consciousness and practical thinking of "governing the world and applying it with the unity of knowledge and action", and the ideal society that assiduously pursues with the unity of man and nature as the cosmology, the golden mean as the way of life, and the great harmony as the pursuit of the world... together, these thoughts have formed the spirit and development pattern of the chinese civilization featuring benevolence, people-orientation, integrity, justice, harmony and greater unity.

the chinese culture embodies the deepest spiritual aspiration of the chinese nation, and nourishes the chinese nation's endless development and growth. the fine traditional chinese culture is the outstanding strength of the chinese nation and our deepest cultural soft power. "the fine traditional chinese culture is the crystallization of wisdom and essence of the chinese civilization, the root and soul of the chinese nation, and the foundation for us to gain a firm foothold in the world cultural turmoil."

the exploration and evolution of china's road contains profound cultural deposits

what kind of development path a country or nation chooses is not only subject to specific economic and political factors, but also depends on its unique historical and cultural traditions. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "our unique cultural tradition, historical destiny and basic national conditions make it inevitable for us to follow a development path suited to our own characteristics." reviewing the exploration and development of china's road, we can see that china's unique historical background and cultural genes have a profound impact on the exploration and evolution of china's road.

the opium war of 1840 reduced china to a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, and the chinese nation suffered an unprecedented crisis. since then, realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation has become the greatest dream of the chinese people and nation. in order to save the nation from danger, the chinese people waged a heroic struggle for nearly 80 years from 1840 to the outbreak of the may fourth movement in 1919. after continuous exploration and attempts, china's advanced intellectuals gradually realized that what they learned from the west was more important than implements, and more profound than institutions were culture and values. because utensils and systems depend on people to make and implement, and people's thoughts, concepts, culture and values are more decisive factors.

after repeated reflection and comparison, the chinese advanced elements finally came to the conclusion that "follow the russian road", marxism spread widely in china and quickly occupied the ideological high ground. one important reason is that many important ideas of marxism and chinese traditional culture of some of the claims that there are similarities, for example, "line" of confucian speak "unity" and "practice" between marxist theory, "the world rise and fall, fortunes and emphasizes the transformation between the world of marxism, the opposite each other, between too much and materialist dialectics, "great harmony society" and marxism's social ideal -- communism, there are some similarities and similarities...... the simple materialism and dialectic mode of thinking contained in chinese traditional culture is the ideological and cultural basis for the dissemination and development of marxism in china, and people's choice and acceptance. it is the cultural gene of marxism localization in china.

the cpc has been able to adapt to the historical trend, actively respond to changes, actively seek change, and blaze a path of socialism with chinese characteristics in the great practice of reform and opening up. this is inseparable from the chinese nation's historical tradition of innovation and opening up featuring "old states with new destiny", "reform and innovation", and "keeping pace with the times". in his speech marking the 40th anniversary of china's reform and opening-up, general secretary xi jinping pointed out that reform and opening-up should be viewed in the context of history: "from the perspective of thousands of years of history, reform and opening-up have generally been china's historical norm. the chinese nation continues to move forward into the future with the attitude of reform and opening up, which has a profound historical origin and profound cultural foundation."

the path of socialism with chinese characteristics is a broad path for contemporary china to stride forward to catch up with the times and lead the development of the times. the chinese path must be understood from the perspective of the 5,000-year history of chinese civilization, the 500-year history of world socialism, the 170-year struggle of the chinese people since modern times, the 100-year struggle of the communist party of china, the 70-plus year development of the people's republic of china, and the 40-plus years of practice of reform and opening-up.

the chinese road has created a new form of human civilization

the sixth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee pointed out that, "the party led the people to successfully walk out of the chinese-style modernization road and created a new form of human civilization." to create a new form of human civilization, the chinese road must inherit and carry forward the fine traditional chinese culture. we must make the past serve the present, bring forth the new through the old, and carry forward the fine elements of it. we should establish a disciplinary, academic and discourse system for the study of civilization with chinese characteristics, style and style, so as to provide strong theoretical support for the practice of new forms of human civilization.

the "newness" of the new form of human civilization is manifested in the great practice of the creation and development of the chinese road, which takes the advanced socialist culture as its essence and fully absorbs revolutionary culture, fine traditional chinese culture and all advanced achievements of human civilization. at the same time, emphasizing "new" does not mean forgetting one's roots. new human civilization form, is deeply rooted in the chinese nation gave birth to the civilization history of five thousand years of chinese excellent traditional culture, the basic principle of marxism with chinese concrete practice, combining with chinese excellent traditional culture of combining the historical practice, did not forget originally, absorb foreign, organic combination of the future.

the fine traditional chinese culture is the cultural soil that nurtures a new form of human civilization. it embodies the cosmology of harmony between man and nature, the vision of a shared future, the international outlook of harmony among nations, the social outlook of harmony without uniformity, and the moral outlook of goodwill among people. these concepts have been pursued and passed down by the chinese nation for thousands of years. it also provides valuable inspiration for responding to and solving the problems facing human society today. the communist party of china has strengthened its cultural confidence and promoted the creative transformation and development of fine traditional chinese culture, greatly invigorating the vitality and contemporary value of chinese culture.

to carry forward fine traditional chinese culture, we need to strike a balance between inheritance and creative development, with emphasis on creative transformation and development. the chinese civilization, renowned for its openness and inclusiveness since ancient times, has gained new vitality through exchanges and mutual learning with other civilizations. likewise, china's road in the process of creating a new human civilization form, continue to carry forward the civilization of equality, mutual learning, dialogue, tolerance, with broad mind and vision understanding to the understanding of the connotation of the value of different civilizations, absorb all the good civilization achievement of human creation, enrich and develop chinese culture, and further promote the various cultural open accommodation, mutual learning, it demonstrates the concept of harmony without uniformity and inclusiveness of civilizations. the civilized new form based on the grasp and shape the future of human beings, big view about the pattern, fully respect the diversity of human civilization, respect for different countries people for their own development road of exploration, communication culture barriers to civilization, with mutual communication beyond civilizations conflict and estrangement, coexistence beyond civilization is superior to civilization, promote mutual understanding, respect and trust between the ideologies and cultures of different countries and nations.

based on the new era of the great practice of socialism with chinese characteristics, we must further in-depth excavation of the chinese excellent traditional culture contains the thought idea, the humanistic spirit, ethics and value pursuit, and combining the age requires the creative transformation, innovative development, to make the root in the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics of the culture fertile soil exhibit permanent charm and times.

source: party construction network