the key to improving theoretical accomplishment is to be open-凯发k8天生赢家

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the key to improving theoretical accomplishment is to be open-minded and diligent

xi jinping, general secretary of the cpc central committee (national academy of governance), has stressed the importance of strengthening theoretical study and improving theoretical literacy in his speeches at the opening of the training class for young and middle-aged cadres.

at the opening ceremony of the training class for young and middle-aged officials held by the party school of the cpc central committee (national academy of governance) in the spring semester of 2022, xi jinping further pointed out that "young officials need to master many skills to be competent for leading jobs. "the most fundamental skill is theoretical literacy," he said, stressing that young officials should combine theory with practice. "the key is to be open-minded and diligent, and be willing to be a primary school student. ask questions when you do not know something, and avoid subjective assumptions and pretending to know something when you do not know something."

from its original meaning, "open-minded" is used to describe not being complacent and accepting others' opinions; "heart" means to pay attention or use more energy. whether we are open-minded and diligent is not only a matter of attitude, but also related to the mastery of learning, thinking and application, and the unity of knowledge, faith and practice. its importance is self-evident.

to improve theoretical literacy, we should be modest and diligent in theoretical learning. cadres strengthen theoretical study, the purpose is to master and apply dialectical materialism and historical materialism, master the marxist standpoint, viewpoint and method running through them, and use them to guide practice and promote work. at present, most young cadres have a higher level of knowledge, a deeper knowledge background, a stronger desire for theoretical learning, higher theoretical learning enthusiasm. however, equally important, there are a few young cadres theoretical study two mistakes: one is the marxist classics as "den" learning "the books in the bookcase," thought the "tome" are too far away from real life, s feeling is too strong, too professional, choose to stay at a respectful distance from sb, on the shelf. the other is that in the process of growing up, in the actual work and life, they have received a variety of ideological and political education, theoretical education, think that the chinese marxism is easy to understand, there is nothing to learn, choose to swallow, dabble. both of these attitudes are incorrect, lack of due reverence for theory, and also fail to establish the performance of theoretical thinking. young cadres only modestly attentively, promote the spirit of "squeeze" and "diamond", willing to spend effort, to learn to read the original, the original text, the realization principle as a learning theory, the most efficient way to read information, often learn often new, studies of marxism basic principle, especially in the new era of party's innovation theory, constantly learning and mastering of theoretical philosophy position method, truth, to know the meaning of their words better, know the why better.

to improve the theoretical literacy, but also in the theory of practical open-minded. persisting in doing middle school and learning is the only way for leading cadres to grow into talents. it is the same theory with practice, is not really modest, the size of the harvest, improve the speed is not the same. in march 1941, mao zedong said in the preface to rural survey that "nothing can be done without enthusiasm, determination to cast one's eyes downward, thirst for knowledge, and the spirit to put down one's self-conceit and become a primary school student. at the second plenary session of the seventh cpc central committee, he also said, "we must not force ourselves to be ignorant and assume knowledge. we must not be ashamed to ask questions from subordinates and be good at listening to the opinions of cadres below us. be a student before you become a teacher. in different historical periods, it is with this attitude of modesty and sincerity that our party has achieved one victory after another in its cause.

sober in theory, firm in politics. we are in an era of unprecedented transformation and undertaking a great cause that has never been done before. if we lack theoretical thinking, knowledge, vision, and capability, we will find it difficult to overcome all kinds of risks and difficulties and forge ahead. young cadres only ball "pupils", don't understand asked, fools, avoid arbitrary, avoid knows nothing but pretends to know, adhere to the combination of theory and practice, pay attention to in practice middle school knowledge, the true meaning of the enlightenment, consciously observe the new situation in the new era of party's innovation theory, study new situations and solve new problems, to improve the most fundamental theory of literacy skills, only then can we move all our work in the right direction and live up to the expectations of the party and the people.

source: party construction network