strengthen accurate thinking-凯发k8天生赢家

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strengthen accurate thinking

xi jinping, general secretary of the communist party of china (cpc), stressed: "we should strengthen precise thinking, take the overall situation into account when planning, be meticulous and precise in operation, and do solid and accurate work with embroidery skills." as we embark on a new journey in the new era, the tasks of reform, development and stability are arduous. party members and officials should strengthen their precise thinking, formulate strategies based on the overall situation, get things done with targeted policies, and work hard to implement the decisions and plans of the cpc central committee in detail, so as to better keep to our original aspiration, fulfill our mission, and deliver results.

"to do a good job, you must sharpen your tools." to establish scientific thinking mode is to master the effective tools for understanding and analyzing problems and improve the ability to solve problems. in the new era, our party is leading the people in carrying out a great social revolution. the scope of the revolution is unprecedented, the depth of the adjustment of interests is profound, the acute nature of problems and problems involved, the difficulty of overcoming institutional obstacles, and the complexity of the great struggle. this urgently requires party members and cadres to establish scientific thinking mode and improve scientific thinking ability. precise thinking emphasizes concreteness and accuracy, insists on specific analysis of specific problems, seeks truth and pragmatism in implementation, enhances pertinence and accuracy, and is an important embodiment of scientific thinking mode and ability.

the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core attaches great importance to precise thinking. for example, in response to the problems in improving the party's style of work, we formulated the eight-point regulations of the cpc central committee, faced up to the real problems and put forward specific requirements so as to achieve practical results. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china, we have curtailed unhealthy tendencies that were previously considered impossible, rectified deep-rooted malfeasances that had persisted for years, and revived party conduct, government conduct, and social conduct. this is because we have consistently implemented the eight-point decision on implementing the cpc central committee and the detailed rules for its implementation. for example, we will adhere to the targeted poverty alleviation strategy, focusing on the targeted targets of support, the precise arrangement of projects, the precise use of funds, the targeted measures to households, the targeted personnel assigned to villages, and the precise results of poverty alleviation. we will take targeted measures based on the conditions of people, the causes of poverty and the type of poverty to ensure that we win the battle against poverty as scheduled. another example: in the face of the sudden outbreak of covid-19, the cpc central committee made resolute decisions and responded calmly, putting people and life first, calling for strengthening confidence, sticking together in times of difficulty, taking scientific measures and taking targeted measures, and achieving major strategic results in the fight against the epidemic. in addition, we have proposed that urban governance should be as careful, patient and skillful as embroidery, and focus on improving the level of socialization, law-based, intelligent and professional social governance. we should pay more attention to the details and see results. precise thinking, reflecting the brilliance of the marxist world outlook and methodology, has generated strong ideological momentum and enabled all our work to deliver real results.

to strengthen accurate thinking, we need to adhere to the problem-oriented approach and focus on the main contradiction and the main aspects of contradiction. only by grasping the main contradiction and the main aspects of the contradiction, can we make a bottle opener, simplify complex problems, make precise efforts, and ensure the pertinence and accuracy of the "punch", and solve problems scientifically and efficiently. when making decisions, formulating plans, and implementing them, party members and officials should be good at grasping the main contradictions and the main aspects of the contradictions, identifying the key links, focusing on the crux of problems, making concrete measures, and applying precise thinking throughout the whole process of their work. strengthen accurate thinking, but also pay attention to details. problems will be covered up if we are only satisfied with being average and just getting by. party members and cadres should form the habit of working from the details, treating small matters as big ones and accumulating small victories into big ones. at present, the tasks of reform, development and stability are arduous, but as long as we adhere to precise scientific methods, implement precise requirements, and do our work effectively, we will be able to push forward the cause of the party and the country in all fields.

source: party construction network