we will carry forward the great spirit of historical initiative while strengthening historical confidence-凯发k8天生赢家

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we will carry forward the great spirit of historical initiative while strengthening historical confidence

xi jinping, general secretary of the political bureau of the central party history in host learning to democratic life education project, points out that "the whole party to learn history understanding, learning history of credit, learn chong-de shi, learning history, history is in order to increase the confidence, enhance solidarity and unity, strengthen the fighting spirit", "on the road of new place, we can continue to deliver strong paper, the key is a firm confidence in history. the cpc central committee has repeatedly emphasized the importance of "historical confidence", which not only profoundly reveals the deep reasons for carrying out party history study and education and summarizing the major achievements and historical experience of the centennial struggle. it also vividly shows us the inner mystery of why the cpc has succeeded in the past and how it can continue to succeed in the future, thus greatly promoting the continuity of the spiritual character and wisdom behind the historic achievements and changes made by the cpc.

to strengthen historical confidence, we must carry forward the great spirit of historical initiative. history flows on and the spirit is passed on from generation to generation. historical initiative grasped and applied as the chinese communists in the party's historical experience in the struggle in one hundred show a state of mind and the spirit of quality, contains the party's attitude towards the history, the thought and method, is to grasp the historical law of development and trend, grasp the party and national undertaking development history initiative, resolute confidence of the key factors. the historical confidence of chinese communists comes not only from the great achievements made by the party in its century-long struggle, but also from the wisdom and strength unleashed by our subjective will. march one hundred the mammoth, our party was able to over one hundred and young, have suffered hardships and thrives, an important ideological motivation is each time the relationship between the party and the communist party of china national key moment of the future, always carry forward the great historical initiative, history in a firm confidence in "bear in mind that the communist party of china is what, what to do", we will win the great struggle and create a great cause with our perseverance and soberness in the middle of our journey. never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. on the road to the examination, we must carry forward the spirit of historical initiative, continue to strengthen our confidence in history, strengthen our awareness of history, seize the initiative in history, and boldly undertake historical missions, so as to enhance our governance skills and gather the courage and strength to move forward into the future.

strengthen historical confidence

historical cognition is an important foundation of historical confidence. the more comprehensive the understanding of the historical process, the deeper the grasp of the laws of history, the richer the party's historical wisdom, the more proactive it will be in grasping the future. since the 18th national congress of the cpc, we have adhered to historical materialism and a correct view of party history. we have addressed all issues concerning the history of the party and the country, made official history the consensus of the whole party and society, further strengthened our confidence in history and cemented our historical memory.

as a chinese saying goes, "look at the present and judge the past. grasping the law of historical development is the prerequisite to correctly understand and treat our own history. in the course of its century-long history, our party has always adhered to the scientific truth of marxism. one hundred years, profoundly changed the chinese marxism, also greatly enriched the marxism in china, our party constantly promoting marxism era, the basic principle of marxism combining with chinese concrete practice, combining with chinese excellent traditional culture, using the marxist stand, viewpoint and method to observe era, to grasp the time, lead time, we have constantly opened up new frontiers in marxism, established mao zedong thought and deng xiaoping theory, formulated the important thought of three represents and the scientific outlook on development, and created xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. all these have provided scientific guidance for us to understand history and strengthen our confidence in history. in the course of one hundred years of history, our party has always applied historical materialism to analyze china's social development and its laws of movement and change, insisting on the unity of universality and particularity. through understanding the evolution of the social principal contradictions of different historical stages and the development stage characteristics, and different historical stages of the main tasks, create the great achievement of new-democratic revolution, the great achievements of the socialist revolution and construction, the great achievements of the reform and opening up and socialist modernization, the great achievements of the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, the chinese nation has achieved a remarkable transformation: it has stood up, grown rich, and become strong.

the history of the party is the most vivid and persuasive textbook. historical confidence comes from the past and bears on the future. only by observing the law of development and recognizing the trend of history in our understanding of history can we win greater victory and glory on our journey in the new era.

strengthen historical consciousness

historical consciousness not only includes the awakening, consciousness, reflection and introspection of the historical subject, but also includes the value judgment and value choice of its own history. without profound historical consciousness, it is impossible to have firm historical self-confidence. chinese communists' confidence in history is gradually established in the process of historical self-consciousness, which is a high recognition and full affirmation of the party's century-old achievements and historical experience.

as we move forward, we should never forget the road we have traveled. no matter how far we go and how bright the future may be, we should never forget the past and why we set out. to enhance historical awareness fundamentally means choosing and adhering to the people's position. the masses create history and play a decisive role in the development of social history. as a proletarian party, the cpc has its foundation, blood and strength among the people. in its century-long history, the masses of the people are the basis for promoting historical development and generating historical initiative. beginner's mind is like a rock. the historical confidence of chinese communists comes from the fact that they have always represented the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, and have always shared weal and woe with them. the people are the biggest source of confidence for the party to govern and rejuvenate the country, and the party has the greatest confidence in history. only by adhering to a people-centered development philosophy can we truly seize the initiative in historical development and draw from our confidence in history an inexhaustible source of spiritual strength.

"between heaven and earth, life is a long road of danger and danger." history and the people have chosen the cpc, and the cpc has lived up to the choice of history and the people. we are not only witnesses of history, but also creators of history. only by putting people first, promoting self-awareness of history, and strengthening confidence in history, can we pool the strong synergy of the people for their achievements and embark on a new road to the national examination.

grasp the historical initiative

historical initiative is the inherent requirement of historical confidence. looking back, in just a few decades, china has completed the development course that took western capitalist countries hundreds of years. the path, theory, system and culture of socialism with chinese characteristics are increasingly demonstrating their superiority.

"whether a country can become strong and prosperous and whether a nation can achieve rejuvenation depends, above all, on whether the country and the nation can keep pace with the trend of the times and hold the initiative in historical progress." since the eighteenth congress, our party has united led the chinese people of all ethnic groups to create the new era of the great achievements of the socialism with chinese characteristics, and an important reason lies in the initiative, always grasp the history development of human history and the change in the history, reality and future study, achieve accurate strain, initiating change, change, the scientific knowledge thus, we successfully embarked on the chinese-style modernization path in the face of the trend of the times, created a new form of human civilization, and profoundly influenced the course of world history. in one hundred, our party unity leads people's hard work, forge ahead, and constantly bring forth theoretical innovation and practical innovation, system innovation, cultural innovation, creative answer the q, q of the world, the people of china, times of asked, profoundly change the world development trend and pattern, become the important force to promote the progress of human development, it has laid a solid material foundation for firm historical confidence and accumulated valuable successful experience.

history develops in its own way, but man is not entirely passive in it. as long as we grasp the law of historical development and the general trend, seize the opportunity of historical change, act with the trend and work hard, we will be able to move forward better. in the face of a new journey, new goals and new missions, we must uphold the spirit of innovation while grasping the historical initiative. this means that we must comprehensively deepen reform, accurately grasp the new stage of development in practice, fully implement the new development philosophy, and accelerate the building of a new development pattern, so as to constantly open up new horizons of development.

shoulder the historic mission bravely

historical mission is the practical character of historical self-confidence. bravely undertaking the historical mission is the lofty demeanor and spiritual realm that chinese communists have always adhered to. different from the limitations of all previous political forces pursuing their own special interests, the cpc, as soon as it was born, set seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation as its original mission. over the past century, the cpc's historic mission of uniting the chinese people and leading them in unremitting struggle has been like a shining beacon, pointing out the way forward for the chinese nation.

"the historical confidence of chinese communists is not only confidence in the achievements of struggle, but also confidence in the spirit of struggle." upholding the spirit of struggle is an important part of the party's efforts to fulfill its historic mission and strengthen its confidence in history. struggle is the distinctive quality of the cpc. the cpc's century-long history and great achievements have forged a cpc that is unafraid of sacrifice and committed to struggle. the courage to struggle and win is an invincible and powerful spiritual force of the party and the people. "over the past 100 years, in responding to various difficulties and challenges, our party has forged its character and character of not being afraid of strong enemies, not being afraid of risks, and having the courage to struggle and win. this is the most distinctive trait and characteristic of our party." to achieve the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, the communist party of china (cpc) has united and led the chinese people in making unremitting efforts to emancipate their minds, forge ahead with determination, be confident and self-reliant, and usher in an irreversible historical process of national rejuvenation. this has laid a solid foundation for upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era, created favorable conditions, and increased historical confidence.

"what it began with was simple, but it will end with great success." looking back on its century-long struggle, the cpc led the people in profoundly changing not only the future and destiny of the chinese people and nation, but also the global landscape and development trend. history has proved that as long as we shoulder the important tasks of our times with a strong spirit of struggle and remain true to our original mission, we will be able to maintain historical initiative and continue to advance the great cause of national rejuvenation.

source: party construction network