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deepen the great self-revolution in the new era

comprehensively governing the party with strict discipline is a great practice of the party's self-revolution in the new era, opening up a new realm of self-revolution by major parties in the past century. since the eighteenth congress, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, the comprehensive governing party into the "four" comprehensive strategic layout, with unprecedented courage and concentration to promote party construction of a clean government and combat corruption, stopped a few years did not stop abuse, solved many unresolved for a long time obstinate pernicious disease. we removed serious hidden dangers within the party, the state, and the armed forces, fundamentally reversed lax and weak governance over the party, and explored a successful path of relying on the party's self-revolution to transcend the historical cycle. now that we have embarked on a new journey to achieve the second centenary goal, it is a major task facing the whole party to consolidate the achievements of the great self-revolution and deepen the party's self-revolution in the new era.

we should strengthen the party's innovative theories and lay a solid ideological foundation for advancing the great self-revolution

it is a conscious process to push the self-revolution in the new era into depth. consciousness is an active act of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-awareness of the subject, which cannot be innate. the party's consciousness of great self-revolution can only be the result of armed marxist theory. "without revolutionary theory, there would be no revolutionary movement." lenin's statement revealed the internal link between revolutionary theory and revolutionary movement, and pointed out that to promote the great self-revolution of the party, we must strengthen the basic construction of marxist theory and refine sharp ideological weapons.

xi jinping, the new era of the thought of socialism with chinese characteristics is the marxism of contemporary china, the 21st century, marxism is the age of the chinese culture and chinese spirit essence, is leading the party's great revolution, promote the guide of great social revolution, is strengthening the thrift, coagulation casting the soul, the new era of revolution itself to the fundamental theory of deep foundation. to equip our minds with xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, we should base ourselves on vivid practice in the new era, follow the path of integrating knowledge and action, and applying learning and thinking to understanding. we should study deeply, persistently, and diligently, and study with problems in mind and in connection with reality. by studying and mastering marxist positions, viewpoints and methods, solving world outlook, outlook on life, value "master switch" and scientific methodology, to deeply understand and accurately grasp the laws of communist party governance, socialist construction, and human society development, and to firm up ideals and beliefs, to ensure that the whole party adheres to the scientific guiding ideology and the correct direction of progress and unswervingly develops socialism with chinese characteristics in spite of numerous and complex situations. especially in-depth study xi jinping, general secretary of the party's self revolution strategic thinking, to grasp the scientific connotation and significance of the revolution itself deeply, the important task, the fundamental political direction and effective path, figuring out the communist party of china is the basic issue of what, what to do, see why we can succeed in the past, how can we understand the future continue to succeed, we will continue to improve our political judgment, understanding and execution, and maintain our political character and strong will to carry out self-revolution. we need to strengthen our awareness of the cpc central committee, strengthen our confidence in the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, uphold the cpc central committee, and uphold the cpc central committee.

we should have a profound understanding of the rich connotation and great significance of the self-revolution and be more conscious of promoting it

great revolution itself is the person mind beginner's mind the mission of the communist party of china, as the great social revolution, to complete the dialectical materialism and historical materialism as follow, with high theoretical consciousness, political and historical initiative of self purification, self-improvement, innovation, self-improvement a restoration and development of the subject's own political behavior. figurably speaking, the purpose of the self-revolution is to replenish calcium and strengthen bones, detoxify and sterilize bacteria, cut off wrists, and remove saprosogenic muscles, constantly remove the virus that erodes the healthy body of the party, constantly improve their immunity, and prevent political death.

the great ego revolution is a strategic political concept. it is not only a concept that embodies the century-old experience of the party and has profound historical connotations, but also a concept that has been enriched and developed in the great practice of comprehensively and strictly governing the party in the new era, and has a strong reality. great revolutionary history and reality, theory and practice, by blending essence, embodies the chinese communists to the ruling communist party rule, socialist construction rule, the human society development knowledge the new height of the new state law, further reveals the communist party of china as a great marxist ruling party, different from other party significant symbol and unique advantages, the special nature and bright background of diamond tempered by fire. as an important content of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, the great self-revolution gave the first answer to "let the people supervise the government" after mao zedong and huang yanpei gave the first answer to the difficult historical topic of how to ensure the eternal youth and longevity of the marxist ruling party. the second answer is given in the history of marxist revolution theory and its sinicization.

the two answers, to have the courage to carry out self-revolution and to accept the people's oversight, both stem from the party's original mission and answer the same fundamental questions. they are both major questions that will affect the party's great cause, its survival and the success of china's socialist system. the first answer focuses on maintaining the party's advanced nature and purity by mobilizing forces outside the party and developing people's democracy. the second answer, on the basis of the first answer, focuses on comprehensively and strictly governing the party and promoting self-reform within the party. the party has the courage to uphold truth and correct mistakes, and has the courage to turn inward and scratch the bone to cure problems, so as to ensure the party's enduring prosperity and continuous growth. the two answers will combine internal and external causes and complement each other so as to propel the party's self-revolution into greater depth and write a new chapter in history.

deeply understand the strategic thought that self-revolution is always on the way, and strengthen the firmness of self-revolution

the marxist view of contradiction holds that self-revolution is the form of the party's existence and development, and the philosophical basis of co-existence with the party on the road forever. history and reality tell us that we are born in adversity and die in peace. only by thinking ahead and anticipating danger in times of peace can we achieve lasting peace and stability. our party was able to only from more than 50 boasts more than 9500 party members, party members development for the power led more than 1.4 billion population of the world's largest party, was able to through difficult times, more fell more strong, always energetic and strong, his mind is party always revolution in the history of strong initiative to promote self. the party's century-long struggle, especially its new experience in opening up a new realm of great self-revolution since the 18th national congress of the cpc, has greatly advanced the party's great practice of self-revolution in the new era.

corruption is the biggest threat to the party's long-term governance. without a firm crackdown, corruption will spread like a plague. since the eighteenth congress, our party unswervingly take the road of chinese characteristics against corruption, give full play to the comprehensive and effective political lead and guarantee the party, the party's self purification, self-improvement, markedly enhance its capability of self innovation, self-improvement, party party lenient soft state are fundamental change, and consolidate the anti-corruption struggle landslide victory. however, we should also see that the "seven have" and other problems have not been completely eliminated. xi jinping, general secretary of the analysis is very profound, "guard against all kinds of interest groups chenghuo on airs," hunt "corrosion is still a long way, to respond effectively to the corruption means invisible variation, upgrading the is still a long way, rooting out corruption and realize the soil haiyanheqing still a long way to go, clean the systemic corruption, dissolve the risk is still a long way to go." the four "heavy tasks and a long way to go" accurately describe the new stage features of the struggle against corruption and corruption.

in the changing international background and complex domestic situation, the great social revolution in the new era, new stage and new journey covers a wide range of fields, touches deep interests, involves sharp contradictions, is difficult to break through the obstacles of system and mechanism, and the complexity of the situation change is unprecedented. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "the more we advance and develop our cause, the more new situations and problems we will encounter, the more risks and challenges we will face, and the more unpredictable things we will encounter." as we race to achieve the second centenary goal, the party faces the "four tests", "four dangers", and "four imperfection" for a long time to come. we must not grow weary of the fact that our efforts to comprehensively govern the party with strict discipline have already been carried out to the end. instead, we must show our tenacity and perseverance in fighting for the second centenary goal. we will continue to fight a tough and protracted battle to improve party conduct, clean government and fight corruption.

a systematic review of the party's new experience in self-revolution in the new era will provide historical inspiration for further self-revolution

the great self-revolution of the party in the new era has brought forth many new experiences, including both the century-old experience of the party and new practical creations. systematic summing up of these experiences is of far-reaching significance for advancing the great self-revolution of the party.

grasp the relationship between self-revolution and social revolution. the century-long struggle of the communist party of china is a magnificent history of social revolution and self-revolution. the great social revolution has forged and achieved a great party, and the great self-revolution has guaranteed and promoted a great cause. these are valuable experiences that the party has gained from successive victories over the past century, and an important guideline for the party to grasp the laws of historical development and embark on a new journey today. general secretary xi jinping's strategic thought on leading a great social revolution with a great self-revolution profoundly reflects the dialectical relationship between self-revolution and social revolution, which go hand in hand and promote each other, and fully embodies the historical initiative of chinese communists to transform the subjective world while transforming the objective world. upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics is a process in which self-revolution and social revolution advance in dialectical unity. to uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics, we must improve the party's governing ability, and self-revolution is a powerful guarantee to improve the party's governing ability. only by constantly promoting the party's self-revolution can the party accomplish its major political tasks and realize the goal of the great social revolution.

we should strike a balance between strengthening the party's centralized and unified leadership and resolving intraparty problems. on the one hand, we must give prominence to the central role of political development, firmly uphold the principle of upholding the party's leadership in two areas, and always uphold the principle of upholding the party's leadership in two areas. we must fight against all words and deeds that weaken the party's leadership, undermine its foundation for governance, or violate the party's political discipline and rules. without this supreme political principle, problems within the party cannot be solved. on the other hand, only when problems within the party are properly solved can the party's highest political principles be better upheld.

grasp the relationship between positive and innovative. adhere to the unity of opposites and innovation, adhere to innovation, innovation contains adhere to. upholding integrity means adhering to the fundamental nature of the party's "two vanguards" and its fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and upholding the lofty ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with chinese characteristics. innovation means to proceed from the objective reality of the new era, create new ideas, ideas, methods and means, and solve the problems of wavering in the party's original mission and complex interwoven contradictions.

grasp the relationship between organization promotion and individual initiative. organization promotion is external force, individual initiative is internal work. internal and external interactions complement each other. organization and promotion of strict word priority, strict requirements, strict education, strict management, strict supervision. both in terms of political discipline and rules, and in the aspects of political life of the party, must adhere to the ideological, supervise strictly, strictly govern strictly, streamline the strictly, strict style, anti-corruption, stiff with zero tolerance to punish corruption, ensure that party members and cadres, especially the "key a few" be loyal, be reassured of the cpc central committee, people's satisfaction "wise men". party members and officials should also take the initiative to uphold political integrity, observe discipline, conduct self-examination, and consciously remove political filth, dust off political dust, refine their political character, and strengthen their political immunity.

grasp the relationship between strict control and generous love. strict regulation and generous love are interrelated. strict regulation itself includes generous love, and generous love makes strict regulation more effective. they complement each other and dialectically unify. to deepen self-reform, we must unswervingly adhere to the principal principle of strict discipline, strengthen management and oversight of officials strictly and faithfully, apply strict standards and measures throughout the entire process and in all aspects of party management and self-governance, and ensure that strict discipline is exercised with sincerity, with courage, and with perseverance. at the same time, party members and officials should be guided to foster a correct outlook on the world, outlook on life, and values, build a solid ideological foundation for unity and hard work, make ideals and convictions their responsibility, and strive for new glory with high historical initiative.

source: party construction network