a profound understanding of the "two answers" to jumping out of historical periodicity-凯发k8天生赢家

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a profound understanding of the "two answers" to jumping out of historical periodicity

at the second plenary session of the sixth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee, general secretary xi jinping pointed out: "with such a long history, such a large scale and such a long period of power, how can our party break out of the historical cycle of controlling the rise and fall of chaos? mao zedong gave the first answer in his cave in yan 'an, that is, 'only when the people supervise the government can the government dare not slack off'. after a century of hard work, especially new practices since the 18th national congress of the cpc, the party has given us a second answer: self-revolution."

from the perspective of history, the "two answers" to the historical periodicity fully reflects the cpc's historical consciousness, historical initiative and historical confidence to take history as a mirror and create the future. historical development has its own laws, but human beings are not completely passive and powerless in it. the subjective initiative of human beings in following the laws of history is historical consciousness, historical initiative and historical confidence. historical self-consciousness is a kind of rational self-consciousness, historical initiative is self-initiative under the premise of historical self-consciousness, and historical self-confidence is scientific confidence based on historical self-consciousness and historical initiative. jumping out of the "two answers" of historical periodicity is the inevitable outcome of following the historical trend, following the historical law, summing up the historical experience, improving the historical consciousness, grasping the historical initiative and enhancing the historical self-confidence. through the changes of history, we can sort out the context of historical development, put forward the historical periodicity of controlling the rise and fall of chaos, observe and analyze the development trend of things with historical perspective and historical thinking, and reflect the high historical consciousness of our party. we should seize historical opportunities, sum up historical experience, keep pace with the times, make innovations and take active actions to form "two answers" that jump out of the historical cycle rate, which reflects the high degree of historical initiative of our party. following the trend of history, grasping the laws of history, taking history as a mirror, and creating the future, the "two answers" based on history will surely work, succeed, and succeed. this reflects the party's high confidence in history. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "the historical confidence of chinese communists is not only confidence in their achievements, but also confidence in their spirit of struggle." in history consciousness, initiative, history and confident spirit continuously explore and deepen the jump out of the historical periodicity of "two answers," seen in the one hundred years struggle of the communist party of china clearly why we can succeed in the past, how can we continue to understand the future success, history is any guide, create the future, full of vigour, line steadily.

from the practical dimension, the "two answers" to the historical periodicity fully embodies the cpc's vivid practice of continuous exploration, innovation and development. jump out of the historical periodicity of the "two answers," are not innate subjective themselves, books, copy, but our party in the one hundred revolution, construction, get out of the great course of reform, dry out, exploration, has a profound practical brand, improve continuously in the practice exploration, innovation, development. from the yan 'an cave to the "new road to democracy", to xibaipo's "two must", to the new era of keeping in mind the "original mission" and promoting self-revolution, vividly and clearly marked the formation, improvement and development of the "two answers", so that our understanding has taken new leaps. the centennial struggle of the cpc shows that accepting the supervision of the people and having the courage to carry out self-revolution are the fundamental secret of the centennial grand party in its prime and enduring prosperity. by staying true to its original mission and fulfilling the "two answers", we can be full of vigor and vitality and build the party into a vibrant marxist governing party that is always at the forefront of the times, wholeheartedly supported by the people, has the courage to carry out self-revolution, and stands the test of all kinds of storms. this is our party in several severe tests and revolutionary forging of the regularity of understanding.

from the perspective of the times, the "two answers" to the historical periodicity fully reflects the unity of the cpc's party construction in different historical periods. the people are the foundation, lifeblood, and strength of the party. it lives for and thrives on the people, and has always attached great importance to maintaining close ties with them. this has always been the case, and will remain so in the future. this is the result of the party's nature, purposes, ideals and beliefs, original aspiration, mission, and goals. as we enter the new era, our party faces the tests of long-term governance, reform and opening up, the market economy, and the external environment. it is also confronted with the dangers of being spiritless, incapable, divorced from the people, and passive and corrupt. "four tests" and "four dangers" show that our party's long-term governance is not plain sailing, overnight. it is not easy to be prudent in times of peace and to maintain the spirit of hard work in the early stage of entrepreneurship. it is not easy to be frugal, introverted and respectful after taking power. it is not easy to be strict with officials in times of peace and to avoid corruption and extravagance. this new situation and new characteristics make our party soberly realize that no external force can defeat us; only ourselves can defeat us. we attach great importance to the "four major tests" and are on guard against the "four major dangers." this demonstrates that our party is keenly aware of the profound changes taking place in the world, in the country, and in the party, and is determined to carry out self-revolution and keep advancing forever. this is the inevitable choice, the inevitable requirement and the inevitable answer for our party in the new era to jump out of the cycle of history. the times are the readers, we are the readers, and the people are the readers. the continuous development of the times and the progress of history require that our party must constantly answer the questions of the times, history and the people, take a new road to catch up with the examination, and deliver a better answer.

from the theoretical dimension, jumping out of the historical periodicity of the "two answers" fully reflects the cpc's use of marxist basic principles, seeking truth from facts to solve specific problems of fine style of study. sobriety in theory is fundamental sobriety, and innovation in practice is rational innovation. our party adheres to the marxist style of study combining theory with practice, uses the "arrow" of marxism to target china's concrete reality, and constantly promotes the positive interaction and dialectical development of theoretical innovation and practical innovation. materialist dialectics holds that the development of any thing has both internal and external factors. the external cause is the condition for the change of things, and the internal cause is the basis for the change of things. the external cause acts through the internal cause. the theory of "two answers" has the same origin and dialectical unity, which profoundly reveals the internal logic of jumping out of historical periodicity. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "in the past 100 years, the party has relied on developing people's democracy and accepting people's oversight outside the party, and on comprehensively governing the party with strict discipline within the party to promote self-revolution. it has the courage to uphold truth and correct mistakes, and has the courage to turn inward and scratch the bone to cure poisonings. all these have ensured the party's enduring prosperity and continuous growth." the "two answers" and the two aspects work in the same direction and complement each other. people's supervision arouses self-revolutionary introspection, stimulates self-revolutionary self-discipline, and promotes self-revolutionary consciousness. the self-revolution promotes the people's supervision to carry out in depth with more confidence, more goals and more practical results. the benign interaction between the two makes continuous innovation and leap in theory and practice, and promotes the marxist theory of party building to a new height.

from the political perspective, the "two answers" beyond the historical periodicity fully answer why the cpc promotes effective supervision by the people and has the ability to purify, perfect, innovate and improve itself. on the one hand, our party promotes people's democratic oversight, maintains the organic unity of party leadership, the position of the people as masters of the country, and law-based governance. we actively develop people's democracy throughout the whole process, improve the people's oversight system, and unblock channels for democratic oversight, so as to provide conditions and create an environment for the people to actively, effectively, and effectively exercise oversight. on the other hand, our party has never been shy about medical treatment, has the courage to face up to problems, has the courage to self-reform, and has a strong capacity for self-repair. this self-repair ability is self-generated by endogenous motivation. the party has established a mechanism for inner-party education in which students learn and improve, compare themselves with each other, and examine problems to ensure that inner-party education is institutionalized on a regular basis. we will put in place a mechanism to combat corruption that encourages both those who dare not, cannot, and do not want to commit corruption, and those who punish and deter, impose institutional constraints, and raise public awareness, so as to ensure that party conduct, integrity, and the fight against corruption are always on the way. we have put in place an intra-party oversight mechanism that ensures strict discipline and self-governance, deepens institutional reform, and combines inspections with inspections, so as to ensure that checks and oversight of power are exercised on a law-based and standardized basis. these mechanisms have effectively solved the problem that "one's own knife cannot cut one's own handle", and fully stimulated and released the energy of self-revolution. as general secretary xi jinping has pointed out, "of all the ruling parties in the world, how many have the courage to fight corruption on such a scale, with such intensity and with such perseverance? some people have touted the western system of rotating multi-party governance and tripartite separation of powers. they do not believe that our party is capable of turning inward and gorging itself on rotten flesh. the practice of the cpc's courageous self-revolution has given them a loud and powerful response."

source: party construction network