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insist on the courage to struggle and have the courage to carry out self-revolution

party's sixth plenary of the 19th through "the central committee of the communist party of china about the party's one hundred major achievement and historical experience for the resolution of (hereinafter referred to as the" decision "), profound grasp the construction of the career development and their own regularity, to "adhere to the" dare to struggle "insist on self revolution" concise history of the struggle for the communist party of china in one hundred experience, to reveal the genetic code of the young of the major parties in one hundred. the courage to struggle and self-revolution are closely linked: struggle is the practical form of self-revolution, and only by daring to be good at struggle can we complete self-revolution; self-revolution is the fundamental premise of daring to struggle. only by daring to self-revolution can we win the struggle. making good use of the valuable experience gained through the party's long struggle is of great significance to seizing the historic initiative on the new journey and moving toward the second centenary goal of building china into a great modern socialist country in all respects.

the party's original mission is to have the courage to carry out self-revolution and be good at struggle

the original mission is the inexhaustible driving force of the party's self-revolution. seeking happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation is the original mission of the party's century-long struggle, and the source of motivation for chinese communists to forge ahead. the ten clarifications outlined in the resolution embody the nature and purpose of the party. they not only fulfill the original aspiration of chinese communists, but also demonstrate their historical responsibility in the new era. our party has no special interests of its own except those of the people. this is the source of our courage and confidence for self-revolution. with the dedication and firmness of the original mission, we have the courage to fight and the indomitable will to purify ourselves.

the courage to make self-revolution is our party's greatest strength. the courage to carry out self-revolution is the most distinctive character of the party, which has been honed through one hundred years of hard work and is a unique mark that distinguishes the party from other political parties in the world. "advanced marxist political parties are not born, but are refined through constant self-revolution," the resolution said. in the face of risks and tests in various historical periods, our party has always turned the blade of the party to its core, resolutely fought against any problems that weakened the party's advanced nature or undermined its purity, healed its ills, encouraged its supporters to clear up problems, and ensured that the party remained the vanguard of the times, the backbone of the nation, and the backbone of the people. leading a great social revolution with a great self-revolution has run through the party's centennial struggle, and has become a fundamental guarantee for the continued success of china's revolution, development, and reform.

maintaining strong revolutionary morale is the party's distinctive character. the resolution points out that the courage to struggle and win is an invincible and powerful spiritual force of the party and the people. the spirit of self-revolution is a strong support for the party's eternal youth and vitality. fighting spirit is the inherent theoretical character and practical requirement of marxism, and fighting for the interests of the people, the state and the nation is the inherent character of our party. the party was born amid domestic turmoil and foreign aggression, grew through trials and tribulations, and grew stronger despite overcoming difficulties. all the achievements of the party and the people are the result of unremitting struggle. the great struggle has forged the party's indomitable will, selfless courage, unafraid of sacrifice, and indomitable character.

comprehensively and strictly governing the party is the fundamental guarantee for realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation. to achieve the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, the crucial task lies with the party, which must supervise it and comprehensively govern it with strict discipline. over the past 100 years since its founding, our party has always given top priority to strict discipline, given high priority to party building and party management, forged the most powerful marxist governing party in the world, and led the chinese nation in a great leap from standing up, becoming rich to becoming strong, and moving irreversibly towards great rejuvenation. the more close to the grand goal, the more you should keep calm awake, the more we should insist on self revolution, in the main tone of yan unceasingly self purification, self-improvement, innovation, self-improvement, to ensure that the party is not bad, color change, stale, ensure that the party in the new era of upholding and developing in the historical process of socialism with chinese characteristics has become a strong core of leadership.

we will deepen the party's self-revolution in the new era

have the courage to engage in a great struggle with many new historical features. the resolution points out that it is necessary to "grasp the historical characteristics of the new great struggle, seize and make good use of the historic opportunities, take the initiative, develop the spirit of struggle and enhance the ability to struggle". the party has different historical tasks in different historical stages, and the content and form of struggle also show phased characteristics. since the eighteenth congress, our party leads the people in the great struggle, great project construction, advancing the great cause, to achieve great dreams, covering extensive, involving the contradictions and problems in the field of sharp, touch the interest structure adjustment of profundity, break through the difficulty of institutional barriers, overcome difficult complexity are unprecedented. the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has taken the initiative of history and taken a clear stand on the major right and wrong issues concerning the future and destiny of socialism with chinese characteristics. it is firm in its work of reform, development and stability, firm in its efforts to comprehensively govern the party with strict discipline, and steadfast in its efforts to safeguard china's core interests. under the strong leadership of the cpc central committee, the party and the people did not bow to difficulties or shrink from challenges. instead, they withstood risks and challenges in politics, economy, ideology, and nature, and made historic achievements and changes in the cause of the party and the country.

the party's self-revolution leads the great social revolution. general secretary xi jinping has deeply reviewed the historical experience of party building and creatively put forward the major proposition of "the party's self-revolution," stressing that to successfully carry out the great social revolution of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era, our party must have the courage to carry out self-revolution and make the party even stronger. the party central committee with comrade xi as the core give full play to the leadership of the party and the construction of the party's decisive role, not pure party ideology, politics is not pure, the organization is not pure, style is not pure fought resolutely against the thorough such outstanding problems, focus on resolving facing the party itself from the masses and to prevent that discipline was slack, irresponsible, such as risk, strongly promote comprehensively deepen reform, abolish the system mechanism, we will promote the maturity and formalization of institutions, ensure that the whole party never becomes rigid or stagnant, and constantly open up the future through reform and innovation. facts have proved that the great social revolution has forged and made a great party possible, and the great self-revolution has guaranteed and advanced a great cause. in the course of the great struggle, the party has continuously achieved self-improvement and made new progress in various undertakings, and made bold progress toward the goal of strengthening the party and making it strong.

to comprehensively govern the party with strict discipline is a great self-reform. the party's self-revolution in the new era is most clearly reflected in its efforts to turn back the tide by comprehensively exercising strict self-governance over the party, which has fundamentally reversed the situation of lax and weak governance over the party, corrected the course of the party and the country, and solved the problem that the cause of the party and the country had an overall, fundamental, and directional nature. the party central committee with comrade xi as the core uphold while the iron is hot for their own hard, the comprehensive governing party into the "four" comprehensive strategic layout, to party party discipline tube, punish corruption, with zero tolerance with excellent style of condensed only lead, build up the party and the state supervision system, combat corruption a landslide victory and consolidate, the party has become stronger in revolutionary forging. historic and groundbreaking achievements have been made in comprehensively enforcing strict party self-governance in the new era, which has had an all-directional and profound impact. a complete system of institutions has been put in place for the party to purify, improve, renovate, and improve itself, and a successful path has been explored for the party to solve its own problems while exercising power for a long time and transcend the historical cycle.

anti-corruption is a fight we can't afford and must not lose. the fight against corruption is a key task of comprehensively governing the party with strict discipline and an important battlefield of the great struggle with many new historical features. comrade xi as the core of the party central committee insists no penalty area, full coverage, zero tolerance, adhere to the strong stem, high pressure, long shock, insist on bribery, bribery, together insists on case shall check and punishing corruption will, perseverance is the wind against ji, punish evil against corruption, which promote from corruption, not corruption, don't want to rot, wrote the history of china, rare combat corruption a new chapter in the history of the world. from december 2012 to june 2021, under the strong leadership of the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core, discipline inspection and supervision organs filed investigations on 393 leading officials at or above the provincial or ministerial level, 22,000 at the department or bureau level, more than 174,000 at the county or section level, and 631,000 at the township or section level. through comprehensively and strictly governing the party and cracking down on corruption, relations between the party and the masses, the cadres and the masses have significantly improved, the party has taken on a new look, and the people have greater trust in the party and confidence in socialism with chinese characteristics.

we cannot overcome risks and challenges without a fighting spirit. general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that in the face of major risks and powerful opponents, the only way out is to take the initiative and fight resolutely. we communists have always run towards problems, risks and challenges in our struggle. comrade xi as the core of the party central committee resolutely correct once prevalent cherish feathers, vague, a good man, timid guy who hide things, for party members and cadres in the face of big is not dare to strong-arm reaction, in the face of contradictory to grasped the nettle and dare to stand up in the face of danger, in the face of failure dare to take responsibility, in the face of evil winds dare to struggle, it has formed an important experience in the unity of adhering to the principle of struggle and stressing the art of struggle, and in the unity of pioneering and innovation and maintaining strategic concentration. as the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation enters a critical period, the risks and challenges we face have increased significantly. as long as we maintain our heroic spirit and fighting spirit, we will overcome all foreseeable and unforeseeable risks and challenges and create an even brighter future.

we will forever preserve the spirit of self-revolution and constantly strive for new victories in our great struggles

we will deepen self-revolution and advance the great project. advancing party building as a great project is a pioneering endeavor of our party. from comrade mao zedong's "great project" of party building 82 years ago, to the "great new project" of party building put forward at the fourth plenary session of the 14th cpc central committee 27 years ago, to the "great new project of party building for a new era" put forward by general secretary xi jinping in january 2018, the party's self-revolution has been consistent and deepened. ahead the new great project of the new era of party construction, we must base on the history directions of the new era of the new stage of development, focus on the construction of socialist modernization power general objective, new era to fully implement the party's construction requirements, always adhere to the party to party, the governing party comprehensive strategy, with "two maintenance" as the highest political principles, we will intensify the fight against corruption by strengthening the party's political leadership in terms of ideology, organization, conduct, and discipline. we will improve the party's authoritative and efficient oversight system under unified leadership that covers all areas. we will be better able to withstand risks, resist corruption, and prevent degeneration, and improve the party's governance and leadership.

we will strengthen our political awareness that we are always on the road to comprehensively and strictly governing the party. the biggest risks and challenges the party faces come from within itself, and we must never relax our efforts to comprehensively govern the party with strict discipline. we should follow the guidance of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, focus on the "two principles" to strengthen political oversight, guide the entire party to improve its political judgment, understanding, and execution, and fully, accurately, and effectively implement the party's theoretical line, principles, and policies as well as the decisions and plans of the cpc central committee. we will work tirelessly to enforce the cpc central committee's eight-point decision on governance, crack down on corruption and malpractices around the people, and strengthen oversight, discipline and accountability. we will uphold the principle of strict discipline for a long time to come, and we must not foster a feeling that the party is already strict and strict to the end. more firmly promote the anti-corruption struggle, building a unified leadership of the cpc central committee and party committees at all levels as a whole the functions of the command, commission for discipline inspection committee organization and coordination, efficient coordination, the masses of the people support systems and mechanisms involved in anti-corruption work, keep high pressure situation, deepening the system, providing unifying the decay from corruption, not corruption, don't want to push more institutional outcomes and greater governance effect.

always maintain the integrity, integrity and courage of communists who dare to fight. "for the people, the country, the nation, and our ideals and convictions, no matter how formidable the enemy, how difficult the road, and how severe the challenges, the party never flinches, never fears sacrifice, and never yields in spite of indomitability," the resolution said. on this new journey, we face long-term struggles that will accompany the entire process of realizing the second centenary goal. should strengthen the sense of anxiety, always in time of peace prepare for war, accurately grasp the social principal contradictions of our country change brings new features the new requirements, be brave in the face of complicated international environment brings new risk challenge, prudent decisive resolve contradictions, one thousand party hundreds overcome resistance, good strategic initiative and mercy, turn the crisis into an opportunity for war. when communists speak of their party spirit and principles, they must stress struggle. they must take the initiative to examine themselves, clean up political dust, and have the courage to engage in criticism and self-criticism so as to strengthen their political immunity. leading cadres must undergo rigorous ideological tempering, political training, practical training and professional training to see the world through wind and rain in complex and severe struggles and become soldiers who dare to fight and are good at fighting.

constantly enhance the ability of self-purification, self-perfection, self-innovation and self-improvement. since the 18th cpc national congress, general secretary xi jinping has made a series of important remarks on self-purification, self-improvement, self-reform and self-improvement, which are important contents of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. from one hundred years of party history, waves wash away sand is a historical law. among the thirteen members of the party, there were the faithful strivers, the victims, and the defectors. it is in the process of constant purification and elimination that our party has always maintained a healthy body and vigorous vitality. to carry out great struggles in the new era, we must, in the spirit of thorough self-revolution, give full play to our leading role in ensuring full and strict party self-governance, purify our ranks in unremitting struggle, and enhance our overall governance capability through self-transcendence, so as to ensure that the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics braves waves and marches forward indomitable.

source: party construction network