consciously nourish the party spirit with the great spirit of party building-凯发k8天生赢家

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consciously nourish the party spirit with the great spirit of party building

at the celebration of the centenary of the founding of the communist party of china, general secretary xi jinping first proposed and profoundly explained the great spirit of party building, and then made important instructions to nourish the party spirit with the great spirit. at the sixth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee, the cpc central committee called on the whole party to "vigorously promote the great spirit of party building". great founding spirit is the source of the spirit of the communist party of china, also reveals our party struggle to win one hundred mystery, "stick to the truth, adhere to the ideal" indicates the belief pursuit and illustrates the construction, "the practice of beginner's mind, bear the mission" has been clear about the subject, illuminates the cornerstone why struggle, "fear no sacrifice, heroic struggle" reveals the spiritual character and illustrates what makes the party, "be loyal to the party and live up to the people" demonstrates our political stance and explains what makes the party strong. as we embark on a new journey to achieve the second centenary goal, leading officials at all levels should bear in mind the fundamental question of what the cpc is and what it wants to do, consciously nourish the party spirit with the great spirit of party building, continue to work hard and forge ahead with determination, and set an example for party members.

to nourish the cultivation of party spirit with the great spirit of party building, we must set an example of firm ideals and beliefs and being loyal and reliable to the party. marxist belief, the great ideal of communism, and the common ideal of socialism with chinese characteristics are the spiritual pillar and political soul of chinese communists, and the ideological foundation for maintaining the unity and unity of the party. struggle in one hundred, our party insisted that a broad ideal of communism combined with the situation of different historical period tasks, formulate periodic goals, in adhering to making marxism development in marxism, timely answer, people ask the question of age, unity, led the chinese people of all ethnic groups for the victory of the revolution, construction and reform. the great spirit of party founding has fostered rock-solid belief, unswerving faith, and indestructible confidence. it has lit up the journey of chinese communists and become a prominent symbol and unique strength of the party in its centenary. on our new journey, we must hold high the great banner of marxism, unswervingly arm our minds with the latest achievements in adapting marxism to the chinese context, lay a solid foundation for our beliefs, replenish our spirit, and steer our thinking steadily. learn in deep benedict line of the party's innovation theory, combined with education history of the party, from one hundred the party's major achievement and historical experience for the profound comprehension of marxism profound change in china, how to change the world, from the party's historic achievements since the eighteenth big, historic changes in a profound comprehension of the decisive significance of the "two set", truly learn a firm belief, learn a strong party spirit, and constantly enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", do "two safeguard". we should do our current work in a down-to-earth manner, connect our lofty ideals with our own work, and often ask ourselves "why we joined the party, what we do for the party, and what we leave behind", and put the "two safeguards" into concrete actions.

to nourish the party spirit with the great spirit of party building, we must set an example of practicing our original mission and serving the people wholeheartedly. the people are the foundation, blood, and strength of the party. since its founding, the cpc has always taken it as its original mission to seek happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. the century-old history of the cpc's struggle is a history of fulfilling its original mission, and a history of the cpc and the people being closely connected, breathing together, and sharing a common destiny. what has happened since the 18th national congress of the cpc has fully proved that the people's party has the utmost confidence to govern and rejuvenate the country, so that all members of the party can work together to win a major victory in the fight against covid-19, in the fight against poverty, and in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. the great spirit of founding the party reaffirms the party's fundamental political position and pursuit of fundamental values, demonstrates the party's political character of unswervingly following its original aspiration, unswervingly following its purpose, and unswervingly following its position, and sets the spiritual compass of "putting the people first." on our new journey, we must bear in mind that the country and country are the people and the people are the country and country. we must address from the bottom of our minds the question of who we are, for and depend on, and constantly realize, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. we need to stand firm with the people, practice a people-centered development philosophy, make serving the people our fundamental duty and most important performance in government, and act in the interests of the people in thinking, making policy decisions, and handling affairs. we need to pool strong forces that want to work together and work together. to stand for the people, no matter what level, is engaged in the post, always know that i am belonging, clerks, and is the servant of the people, close ties with the masses and whole-hearted service to people, focus on solving the problem of inadequate unbalanced development and people's distress sorrow to problems, promoting common prosperity, constantly enhance the masses have feeling, happiness and security.

to nourish the cultivation of party spirit with the great spirit of party building, we should set an example of ceaseless red blood and eternal political nature. general secretary xi jinping has stressed that "the red blood vein is a concentrated expression of the true political character of the communist party of china and a source of spiritual strength for chinese communists in the new era." in the centennial struggle of the cpc, it is the red gene that has been passed down from generation to generation that has given the cpc the courage to charge into battle, the ambition to transform the world, and the courage to win the future. it has forged a cpc that has always been at the forefront of the times and made great achievements. as the source of the red gene, the great spirit of party building embodies the dream and pursuit of the party, feelings and responsibility, sacrifice and dedication. it is a beautiful background color that will never be outdated and fade. shandong is an old revolutionary base area with glorious red gene. the spirit of yimeng, which is made up of the people and the army, is infused with new values in the process of inheriting and developing. on our new journey, we must keep firmly in mind the nature and purpose of the party, carry forward our glorious traditions, carry forward the red gene, and stick to our red homeland. we must preserve the political character of communists forever, protect and build the red country and country that revolutionary martyrs laid down with their blood and sacrifice, and make new achievements that live up to the expectations of our revolutionary forefathers and are worthy of history and the people. we must carry forward the style of hard work, cultivate morality and start business through thrift, practice strict economy and work diligently and frugally, and lead the people in working together with a good image and style of work. we should remain vigilant and cautious, be as cautious as the abyss and tread on thin ice, understand that power is public rather than private, actively accept supervision from all aspects, and get used to working and living in a restrained environment. we should cultivate a healthy and progressive taste, be honest and clear, be virtuous and self-respecting, hold the minor sections and the bottom line, and strive to be a noble person, a pure person, a moral person, a person who has broken away from the vulgar interest, a person who is beneficial to the people.

to nourish the party spirit with the great spirit of building the party, we must set an example of advancing the great cause and daring to be good at struggle. according to the resolution of the cpc central committee on the major achievements and historical experience of the party's centennial struggle adopted at the sixth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee, "the courage to struggle and the courage to win is an invincible and powerful spiritual force of the party and the people." today, although there is no war so much blood and fire, the test of life and death, but to promote reform and development of risk also facing unprecedented challenges, in one hundred from the changing world and covid - 19 outbreak, the influence of the global pandemic interweave more complicated severe external environment, the more so, the more you have to carry on fighting spirit, enhance the struggle ability, victory after victory was won in the constant struggle. the great spirit of the founding of the party highlights the strong will of chinese communists for revolution and desperate efforts, and conveys the noble integrity of not being afraid of strong enemies, not being afraid of risks, and daring to struggle and win. on this new journey, we must maintain the heroic spirit of "the more difficult the more forward" and the high morale of "never break the loulan will not return". we must never fear, never retreat, not be afraid of sacrifice and perseverance, and strive to overcome all foreseeable and unforeseeable risks and challenges. we need to focus on the right direction of struggle, improve our ability to see small things clearly, scientifically predict potential risks, know where the weak points are, what their manifestations are and what the development trend will be, and enhance the foresight and predictability of our work. we must stress the methods of struggle, be good at grasping the principal contradictions and the principal aspects of them, make good use of all positive factors, unite all effective forces, be reasonable, advantageous and restrained, not yield an ounce on matters of principle, be flexible on matters of strategy, and keep a good grasp of timing, timing and effectiveness. we need to improve our ability to fight, stay committed to learning while learning, take the initiative to go to places where there are major difficulties and many problems, to the main battlefields of reform and development, to the front lines of maintaining stability, and to the forefront of serving the people.

to nourish the party spirit with the great spirit of party building, we must set an example of creating a new bureau of work and having the courage to take on responsibilities. "once a theory has mastered the masses, it also becomes a material force." xi jinping, general secretary of the shandong deep as the sea, the high mountain, the party's sixth plenary of the 19th held on the eve of xi jinping, general secretary of shandong, again encourage shandong to walking on the services and integrated into the new development pattern in the former, walking on the innovation to enhance economic and social development in the former, in the development of ecological protection in the yellow river and the high quality on the go ahead, we will continue to improve people's lives, promote common prosperity, and open up a new situation in building a strong modern socialist province in the new era. this provides us with a general guideline, a general orientation, and a general beacon to do our work well. shandong provincial party committee focuses on "three to go ahead", puts forward "six one" development ideas, "six more attention" strategy and methods, and "twelve focus on" key tasks, and the whole province constantly radiates a strong force of gratitude and progress. the great spirit of party founding is theoretical as well as practical. it connects history, the present and the future. it is an inexhaustible spiritual driving force that takes history as a mirror, creates the future and constantly wins new victories on our new journey in the new era. on a new journey, we must bear in mind that xi jinping, general secretary of entrust, anchor "walk in the front row, comprehensive" "the three goeth before", consciously with great founding spirit inspire ambition of the scaling new heights, pioneering endeavor and morale, in the spirit of never slack off state and indomitable struggle attitude to promote the new era of socialist modernization construction of strong province. to dare to think and dare to do, the work is high benchmarking, quantitative indicators, things for first-class, only the flag is captured, "five for three rush first", to ensure that the overall work of shandong go ahead. we must work hard, proceed from reality in everything we do, vigorously promote the work style of "strict, true, detailed, solid and fast", tell the truth, do practical things, and seek practical results. we must be diligent and tenacious in our tasks and decisions. we must stick to them and follow them to the bottom. when we do things, we will do them well.

the power of the mind is infinite. great founding spirit through "destroy an old world" of the new-democratic revolution period, the construction of a new world "of socialist revolution and construction period," catching the era of reform and opening up and socialist modernization construction new period, on the "path to a new place" of the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, is even stronger than before, radiant, it was, is and will remain the party's precious spiritual wealth. we must rally closely around the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core, consciously draw wisdom and strength from the major achievements and historical experience of the party's century-long struggle, vigorously promote the great spirit of party building, enhance party spirit, inspire enthusiasm for party work, and stride forward with full confidence. we will make new and greater contributions to realizing the second centenary goal and realizing the chinese dream of great national renewal.

source: party construction network