the practice and enlightenment of the chinese communist party system construction-凯发k8天生赢家

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the practice and enlightenment of the chinese communist party system construction

in his speech celebrating the centenary of the founding of the communist party of china (cpc), general secretary xi jinping stressed the need to constantly push forward the great new project of party building by taking history as a mirror and creating the future. the cpc has accumulated rich experience in institutional building during its centennial struggle. on the new road, it is of great significance to inherit historical experience and innovate fresh experience to build the party stronger and stronger.

institutional building runs through the party's century-long history

from practical exploration at the beginning of the party's founding to the great practice of socialism with chinese characteristics in the new era, the cpc has carried out institutional building throughout the whole process of leading revolution, development, and reform.

the new democratic revolution. the first program adopted at the party's first congress and the provisions in its first resolution on the party's organizational principles, organizational structure, and disciplinary requirements all reflect institutional norms. the party constitution enacted or revised at every party congress from the second to the seventh party congress has become the fundamental observance of the entire party and an important embodiment of the practice of building party institutions. in the process of development led the revolution, our party organizations operating mechanism on the relevant system construction, surrounding the construction of concrete system of democratic centralism, mainly includes the party's congress, the inner-party democracy, collective leadership, the content of the inner-party life and discipline regulations, through formulate and promulgate relevant documents to make clear specification. in addition, relevant systems have been established for the party to lead the army and the political power in revolutionary base areas. during the war of liberation, comrade mao zedong proposed the establishment of a reporting system, requiring the establishment of a sound committee meeting system from the central bureau to party organizations at all levels. the period of the new-democratic revolution was a period of exploration in the establishment and construction of the party's system. the relevant systems formulated in the light of reality and their implementation provided a strong guarantee for the victory of the revolution led by the party.

socialist revolution and construction period. after the founding of the people's republic of china, the party's institutional construction took a new step under the historical conditions of comprehensive governance. according to the changes of the party's position, internal and external environment, and central tasks, an important task of the party's institutional construction is to focus on the construction of inner-party supervision system and mechanism, and the improvement of the party's collective leadership and the promotion of inner-party democracy have become the main contents of the party's institutional construction. in his report on amending the party constitution at the national congress of the cpc, deng xiaoping proposed that "appropriate provisions should be made in the state and party systems so as to exercise strict supervision over party organizations and members." the establishment of the party's system is based on the party constitution and through the formulation of various intra-party laws and regulations, the establishment of the standardized development of the party's system. during the nearly 30 years from the founding of new china to the reform and opening up period, the party led the country to formulate various rules and regulations, and a symbolic result was the establishment of the basic socialist system, which became the foundation for all future progress and development of our country.

a new period of reform, opening up and socialist modernization. the party's institutional building has returned to the right track by putting things in order and achieved significant progress through innovative practices. on august 18, 1980, deng xiaoping delivered an important speech entitled "reform of the party and state leadership system," which became a programmatic document for strengthening the party's institutional construction in the new era. during the deepening of reform and opening up, the party's institutional building has been carried out around the system of collective leadership, inner-party democracy, inner-party election, inner-party supervision, and the system of party cadres, showing systematic and comprehensive practical characteristics. in july 1990, the cpc central committee promulgated the interim regulations of the communist party of china on the procedures for formulating intra-party regulations, which began to institutionalize, standardize and procedualize the construction of intra-party regulations. in 2002, the 16th cpc national congress proposed that "on the basis of protecting the democratic rights of party members, we should focus on improving the system of party congresses and party committees, and start with institutional reform to establish and improve an intra-party democratic system that fully reflects the will of party members and party organizations." in 2007, the 17th national congress of the cpc included in the party constitution the system of openness in party affairs, the term system of party delegates to the party congress, and the system of inspection tours, which were fixed in the form of the party's fundamental law. in 2012, the cpc central committee issued the regulations of the communist party of china on intra-party regulation formulation and the regulations of the communist party of china on the filing of intra-party regulations and normative documents, in an effort to make party institutional building more scientific with clear standards and standards.

a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics. in response to the call of the times, the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has taken problem-oriented efforts to improve the system of intra-party laws and regulations, strengthen the top-level design of institutional reform for party building, tighten the cage of institutions, and tighten the institutional system for overseeing and governing the party, thus ushering party institutional building into a mature stage of development. the 19th national congress of the communist party of china put forward the general requirements for party building in the new era, stressing that institutional building should be integrated into all aspects of party building, which reflects the requirements for governing the party by institutions in the new era. in august 2019, in response to the new situation, tasks, and requirements, the cpc central committee revised the regulations on intra-party regulation formulation and the regulations on the filing and review of intra-party regulations and normative documents, providing an important institutional foundation for the top-level design and overall planning of the party's institutional building. the fourth plenary session of the 19th cpc central committee specifically studied and made arrangements on the major issue of "upholding and improving the system of socialism with chinese characteristics and modernizing china's system and capacity for governance." it also elaborated on the system of socialist rule of law with chinese characteristics, the system of the party's absolute leadership over the people's armed forces, the system of "one country, two systems", and the supervision system of the party and the state. xi general secretary in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china conference announced that our party has "form a more perfect the inner-party laws and regulations system", this is our party in the one hundred years struggle of major system construction achievements, is the party's history, especially the important milestone in the history of inner-party laws and regulations system, is suggested for the party "four great" provides a strong support system.

enlightenment from experience in party system construction

the rich experience gained from one hundred years of practice in building party institutions is a treasure that should be cherished a hundred times over. passing on and carrying forward the successful experience will help draw wisdom from history and further advance the party's cause.

first, adhere to the guidance of marxism and make party institutional building more scientific in all respects. in the course of one hundred years of practice and exploration in building party institutions, no matter how specific historical conditions differ, how the content of the system develops, how institutional provisions are adjusted, and how the form of the system changes, adherence to marxist guidance is a fundamental principle that cannot be changed. on this new journey, we must follow the guidance of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, thoroughly study and understand a series of important theses of general secretary xi jinping, make new achievements in building party institutions, and make party building more scientific in all respects.

second, we must follow the party constitution as the fundamental principle and lay a solid foundation for building party institutions. the party constitution is the fundamental law of the party, the most basic code of conduct for the whole party, a concentrated reflection of the party's political position and organizational principle, the foundation and basis for all its activities, and a general rule that the whole party must observe. formulating the party constitution to regulate the thought and behavior of all party members is the most fundamental practice in building a party system. revising the party constitution to meet new requirements for party members in light of developments in the current situation and changes in the party's work priorities and tasks is an important experience in building a party system in the past century. on the new way to take the examination, it is necessary to adhere to the party constitution, learn the party constitution, use the party constitution and keep the party constitution. only when this fundamental institutional building is well done, solid and strengthened, can a solid foundation be laid for the great new project of party building in the new era.

third, we should strengthen party system building with the focus on democratic centralism. democratic centralism is the party's principle of leadership, its fundamental organizational principle and its work principle. it is of great significance to properly handle the dialectical relationship between centralism on the basis of democracy and democracy under its guidance and to improve and implement the various systems of democratic centralism for the realization of the party's overall leadership, consolidation of the party's position in power, and improvement of its leadership and governing level. in the new place on the road, we must to strengthen the party's system construction to improve the party thought consciousness, political consciousness and conscious action, strengthen the consciousness of "four", firm "four confidence", "two maintenance", improve the system of the leadership of the party central committee on major work, strengthening the functions of a deliberation and coordination agency of the cpc central committee decision and improve the pushing of the cpc central committee to carry out the mechanism, major policy decisions we will strictly implement the system of requesting instructions and reporting to the cpc central committee, and ensure that orders and prohibitions are carried out. we will improve the party's centralized and unified organizational system, form a rigorous system that links the party's central, local, and primary-level organizations with effective execution, and achieve full coverage of party organizations and party work.

fourth, we must integrate party institutional building with other aspects of party building. party building is a structural system of the overall project, all aspects of the construction complement each other, without one is indispensable, party system building to support the other aspects of the party's construction. it is not only a historical tradition of party building, but also a fresh experience created by the party since the reform and opening up policy was introduced. on the new road ahead, we must continue to take the party's political building as the guiding principle, take the party's institutional building as the guaranteed support, comprehensively promote the party's political, ideological, organizational, conduct, and discipline improvement, deepen the fight against corruption, and constantly improve the quality of party building.

fifth, adhere to the overall line of integrating party and state systems. the construction of socialism with chinese characteristics requires that the building of the party's system and the building of the state's system should be integrated internally, supported by each other and brought into full play the overall advantages of the system. good governance of the country is the premise of good governance of the party, the party's system construction serves the national construction. to meet the requirements of reform, opening up and socialist modernization, the party must adhere to scientific, democratic and law-based governance and uphold and develop its overall leadership. the construction of the party's system is directly related to the stability of the country's political situation and the stability and order of economic and social development. on the new road ahead, we must strengthen the building of party institutions as a guarantee, uphold and develop socialism with chinese characteristics, promote coordinated development of material, political, spiritual, social, and ecological progress, and make new achievements in creating a new path of chinese-style modernization and a new form of human civilization.

sixth, we should promote party system building based on reality and with a long-term perspective. new situations and new problems constantly arise in the practice of in-depth development, and the driving force for the sustained development of the party's institutional building comes from solving practical problems. on the new road, the party's system construction must be based on reality, discover and solve the soft side of the system, pay attention to the enrichment and perfection of the existing system, the system that should be established must be established in time, the outdated and ineffective system must be revised and adjusted, the system that should be observed must be carried out. at the same time, we must take into account the long-term nature of institutional construction. institutional construction should be planned and designed from a strategic height, and complete and perfect institutional follow-up measures and supporting measures should be established.

seventh, we will continue to work hard to improve the enforcement of regulations. the vitality of a system lies in its implementation, which is the embodiment of its functions. the system cannot be implemented and becomes a dead letter without implementation. historical experience tells us that it is not difficult to formulate a system, but not easy to implement it. the implementation of the system is often interfered by various factors, resulting in the virtual system and "idling". in the new way, it is very important to improve the ability of system execution. it is of great significance to further promote the institutional construction of the party in the new era to establish and improve the guarantee mechanism for the operation of the system and ensure that the system is always vigorous and effective everywhere.

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