how to do a good job in the enterprise union-凯发k8天生赢家

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how to do a good job in the enterprise union
the scientific outlook on development is to promote the sound and rapid economic and social development of our country must adhere to the guidelines and major strategic thinking, and do a good job under the new situation of the enterprise trade union must follow the thought theory and methodology. today, the enterprise trade union is faced with many new situations and new problems, and it is urgent to take the scientific development concept as the dominant position in the work of the union, and creatively do the work of the enterprise union under the new situation. to clarify the status and role of trade union organizations and strengthen the construction of labor union organizations. the implementation of the scientific outlook on development puts forward new and higher requirements for the construction of the enterprise trade union itself. correct understanding of the new situation, the union's status and role, and strengthen the self building enterprise union, is that we implement the scientific concept of development, do a good job under the new situation, the union of various the premise and guarantee.

first of all, we should correctly understand the status and role of trade union organizations under the new situation, and clearly shoulder the basic responsibilities of safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers. in the labor law, it is clear that the trade union is the representative of the laborer in the labor relations. this requires the enterprise trade union as the representative of the worker masses to carry on the effective work, coordinate the labor relations inside the enterprise, arouse the enthusiasm of the worker masses, promote the enterprise development jointly.

secondly, we should adapt to the needs of developing socialist market economy, adapt to the change of society, and reform the working mechanism of the enterprise labor union. in the work function, should highlight the key function, in the work method, reduce the dependence, to the independent change. in the mode of activity, we should pay attention to effectiveness and diversity. actively organize and carry out activities that contribute directly or indirectly to the economic benefit of enterprises.

third, we should strengthen the construction of trade union organizations and labor union cadres and accept the leadership of the party consciously. with the rapid development of reform and opening up and modernization construction, the economic relations and labor relations of enterprises take on various forms, and the labor union must not lose the opportunity to consolidate the original working class team.

state-owned construction enterprises should actively participate in the work of migrant workers to join trade unions, and to maximize the absorption of migrant workers into trade unions. through various forms to strengthen the enterprise trade union cadres training, to strengthen the ideological work of enterprise trade union cadres education, increase the enterprise trade union cadre's quality and ability, make the enterprise trade union cadres to understand business, understand management, understand the law, to uphold the party leadership for the work of trade unions. we should keep the right direction of the trade union work, consciously obey and serve the overall situation, and unswervingly work and play a role around the party committee center. efforts should be made to promote the implementation of the party's guidelines in enterprises, and to give full play to the role of the workers in the reform and construction of enterprises.

the chinese working class is the fundamental force driving the development of advanced productive forces and the all-round progress of society. push to implement relies on working-class guidelines heart and soul and give full play to the working class in the main force in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, continue to promote scientific development, promote social harmony to make new contributions to the construction of socialism with chinese characteristics is the union of basic requirement. the most fundamental thing for the union to implement the scientific outlook on development is to actively promote the implementation of the policy of "relying on".

first, we should establish the "dependence" mechanism. it mainly starts from five aspects, namely the establishment of the whole staff participation mechanism and the improvement of the enterprise democratic management system; strengthen the supervision and control mechanism, unimpeded the channel of democratic supervision; establish collective bargaining mechanism to coordinate internal labor relations; we will improve the mechanism for safeguarding rights and interests and safeguard the material and cultural interests of employees. we will deepen the incentive mechanism for employees and promote the production and operation of enterprises.

second, we should adhere to the unity of "two maintenance". relying on the masses of workers, the core issue is to give full play to the role of the masses in the production and construction of enterprises. trade unions must work closely around the production and operation of enterprises and play a role in improving the economic benefits of enterprises. we should actively guide the staff and workers to support reform and participate in the reform. to carry out reform, the establishment of socialist market economy is the fundamental interest of the workers. the staff and workers are the main body and motive force of the reform. without the understanding, support and participation of the staff, the reform will not be successful. enterprise trade union organizations to in-depth investigation and study, strengthen the source to participate in, and the worker masses to opinions and suggestions of the reform of reflected in the reform, holding on to reform worker masses. we will further highlight and fulfill the functions of the trade union and serve the people wholeheartedly.

development is the first factor of the concept of scientific development, is the party's top priority in governing and rejuvenating the country, the party's top priority is the primary task of trade unions, trade unions in the service of the party's central task, to serve the enterprise development and main measure is the basic way of maintenance. enterprises must maintain stability in order to develop. it is the responsibility of the trade union organization to make full play of the regulating function, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the employees, and achieve practical results in the maintenance of functions.