strengthen theoretical confidence and promote theoretical self-凯发k8天生赢家

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strengthen theoretical confidence and promote theoretical self-reliance

over the past 100 years, our party has consistently combined the basic tenets of marxism with china's specific conditions, constantly pushed forward the adaptation of marxism to the chinese context, and guided the great self-revolution and the great social revolution led by the party with the adaptation of marxism, thus ushering the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation into an irreversible historical process.

it is a fine tradition of our party to combine the basic tenets of marxism with china's concrete conditions. in 1938, mao zedong pointed out at the sixth plenary session of the sixth cpc central committee that "marxism can only be realized by combining it with the specific characteristics of our country and through certain national forms." more than 40 years later, deng xiaoping stressed, "the basic conclusion we have drawn from our long-term historical experience is to combine the universal truths of marxism with the concrete realities of our country, follow our own path and build socialism with chinese characteristics." back at the party's one hundred years of history, the communist party of china people always adhere to the basic principle of marxism with chinese concrete practice, the combination of insight time trend, grasp the historical initiative, to carry on the exploration, constantly promote sinicization of marxism, established mao zedong thought, deng xiaoping theory, the formation of the "three represents" important thought, the concept of scientific development, he founded xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. it is in line, keep pace with the times under the guidance of scientific theory, our party led the chinese people created a new democratic revolution, socialist revolution and construction, reform and opening up and socialist modernization, the great achievements of the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, and writing the history of the chinese nation for thousands of years the most magnificent epic.

history and reality have shown that it is entirely correct to combine the basic tenets of marxism with china's actual conditions and constantly push forward the adaptation of marxism to china, which is also the successful experience of our party in promoting theoretical innovation and theoretical creation. on this new journey, we must deepen theoretical research on the sinicization of marxism and better uphold and develop marxism in contemporary china and in the 21st century. we must remain confident and self-reliant, uphold integrity and make innovations.

theoretical self-confidence is the premise and foundation of theoretical self-strengthening, and theoretical self-strengthening is the goal and foothold of theoretical self-confidence. only firm theoretical self-confidence can realize theoretical self-improvement, only realizing theoretical self-improvement can better firm theoretical self-confidence. to integrate the basic tenets of marxism with china's actual conditions, we must, above all, strengthen our theoretical confidence. marxism profoundly reveals the universal laws governing the development of nature, human society and human thinking. it is a scientific truth guiding the development and progress of human society. our party's theoretical confidence is based on the scientific nature and truth of marxism, on treating marxism realistically and realistically, and on the tremendous achievements made in china's revolution, development and reform. xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era runs through the positions, views and methods of marxism and embodies the theoretical character and spiritual essence of marxism. it is the most realistic and vivid marxism of our time. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), the cause of the party and the country has made all-round and ground-breaking achievements and undergone deep-seated and fundamental historical changes, which fully demonstrates the strength of truth and practical power of xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, a contemporary chinese marxism and 21st-century marxism. to strengthen theoretical confidence, we must unswervingly hold high the great banners of marxism and socialism with chinese characteristics and unswervingly uphold xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era. new era advancing theory of self-improvement, it puts forward the concept of china around the problem of common human face, china advocates, china solution, better with the theory of chinese reading practice in china, more clearly show the chinese thought, the chinese wisdom, let the world know china "of" academic "china" in the theory of "china" in philosophy and social sciences, the international influence of chinese academic theories will be constantly enhanced.

he who knows the changes wins, and the innovator advances. adherence to integrity and innovation have their own emphases and dialectical unity. innovation is the basis of innovation and innovation is the path and development of innovation. upholding justice requires that we always adhere to marxism. marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology for establishing the party and the country, and it is the soul and banner of the party. although the era we live in today has undergone tremendous and profound changes compared with that of marx, we are still in the historical era specified by marxism, and the basic principles expounded by marxism are still correct. on the fundamental question of upholding the guiding position of marxism, we must never waver. at the same time, the vitality of theory lies in continuous innovation. only by developing marxism with the times can we better adhere to marxism. marxism does not end truth, but opens the way to it. engels said, "marx's whole world view is not doctrine, but method. it does not provide ready-made dogmas, but rather points of departure for further research and methods for such research ". on the basis of upholding the basic tenets of marxism, we must constantly enrich and develop marxism in light of china's actual development and changes, and use the developing marxism to guide new practice.

self-confidence and self-strengthening and integrity and innovation are organically integrated. they complement, link and reinforce each other. on the one hand, integrity comes from confidence. our adherence to the "integrity" of marxist basic principles stems from our firm confidence in marxist theory. it is precisely because we have always maintained firm confidence in marxism and triumphalism in socialism that we regard marxism as the root of the towering tree on which the cause of the party and the people continue to develop and the source of the endless march of the party and the people. on the other hand, innovation is the only way to become stronger. to realize theoretical self-improvement, we must constantly explore new topics raised by the development of the times, constantly respond to new challenges raised by social development, constantly open up new realms of marxism, and constantly achieve new achievements of socialism with chinese characteristics, so as to truly adhere to and develop marxist theory.

source: party construction network