from the study of a hundred years of party history to draw forward force-凯发k8天生赢家

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from the study of a hundred years of party history to draw forward force

since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), general secretary xi jinping, standing at a new strategic height to realize the chinese dream of national rejuvenation, has made systematic discussions on many important occasions, repeatedly stressing the importance and urgency of studying party history. study the history of understanding, study the history of credit, study the history of chongde, study the history of practice, this pointed out the direction for us to study the history of the party.

by studying the party's century-old history, we can understand the history and the fundamental reasons why the people chose the party, and consciously support the party's strong leadership over all its work. after the opium war, china was gradually reduced to a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society. seeking national independence and liberation of the people, realizing the prosperity of the country and the common prosperity of the people became the two major historical tasks of modern china. as early as 1922, the second after the big meeting of the party and the communist party of people according to the situation of world revolution and china's political and economic situation, proposed in the present historical conditions of the minimum, to eliminate the civil strife, overthrow the warlords and the construction of internal peace, overthrow the imperialist oppression, to achieve complete independence of the chinese nation, the unification of china as a real democratic republic as own duty. unity of the communist party of china led the chinese people of all ethnic groups fought for 28 years, achieved complete victory of new-democratic revolution, completely ended in the history of semi-colonial and semi-feudal society, abolish the powers unequal treaty imposed on china and all the privileges of imperialism in china, thus widely won the hearts of men. the 180-plus years of history of the chinese nation since modern times, the 100-plus years since the founding of the communist party of china, and the 70-plus years since the founding of the people's republic of china fully prove that without the cpc, there would be no new china. as the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century, it is all the more important for all party members and officials to foster a strong sense of consciousness, adhere to the correct political orientation, consciously align themselves with the cpc central committee both in thought and in politics and in action, and support the party's strong leadership in all its work.

from the study of a hundred years of the party's history, we continue to understand the party's spiritual strength, to pursue and inherit the red genes of the party, and to continue the spirit of the communist people. the century-old history of the party is full of the great heroic deeds of the communists and embodies the rich red genes of the communists. in the course of its centenary struggle, the party has cultivated a series of revolutionary spirits, each with its own characteristics, which fully embody the party's firm conviction, fundamental purpose, and fine style of work. these are precious spiritual wealth that inspires people today to make unremitting efforts. in the communist party of china's physical inspiration, countless people with lofty ideals shed their heads, blood, sacrifice their lives for the country, to death; countless overseas travelers heeded the call and resolutely returned to china to serve their country. countless reform pioneers forge ahead, devote themselves to reform and build their homes, and shed their youth and blood on this vast land full of hope. liu hulan was approved as a candidate member of the communist party of china at the age of 14, heroic sacrifice fashion less than 15 years old, but left a "great life, glorious death" praise; deng jiaxian gave up the superior research conditions and living treatment provided by foreign countries, and resolutely returned to china to devote himself to the development of china's scientific research, unknown for decades; yuan longping devoted all his life to the research, application and promotion of hybrid rice technology, and made a great contribution to solving the problem of feeding chinese people. continuously the spirit of the communist people, is to form a great spiritual force, the cultivation of noble moral quality, advocating the party loyalty of the great morality, advocating the benefit of the people's public morality, advocating the morality of self-discipline.

we should understand the profound connotation of "people first" from the 100-year history of the party, and strive to fulfill the original aspiration and mission of communists, so as to make the long march of the new era a success. the country is the people, and the people are the country. the foundation, blood and strength of the communist party of china depend on the people. the history of the development of the communist party of china can be said to be a history of struggling to fulfill the mission of the communists. as early as in the revolutionary period, countless communists, with the spirit of not fearing sacrifice and facing death as if they were home, generously sacrificed their lives for national independence, national liberation and the happiness of the people. with the founding of the people's republic of china, the chinese nation, which had suffered so much since modern times, was completely liberated. the three great mountains weighing down on the chinese people were completely overthrown, and the chinese people have since stood up. subsequently, the party led the people to carry out fruitful socialist construction, and the people became the true masters of the country. since the reform and opening up, china's economic strength and overall national strength have been continuously enhanced, the people's living standards have been continuously improved, and their sense of participation, happiness and security have been steadily enhanced. in the new era, it is all the more important for communists to actively respond to the people's yearning for a better life, take "people's satisfaction" as the standard, listen to the people's aspirations, meet their needs, further consolidate the party's lofty position in the minds of the people, and always implement the party's purpose of putting the people first.

through studying the century-old history of the party, we will enhance our faith in marxism, faith in socialism with chinese characteristics, and confidence in realizing the chinese dream of national rejuvenation. faith, conviction and confidence are powerful ideological weapons for the party to lead the people in defeating all strong enemies, overcoming all difficulties and achieving all victories. marxism, as the party's fundamental guiding ideology and the banner of unity and advance of the people of all ethnic groups in china, has been tested in the great practice of building socialism with chinese characteristics. "in human history, science, attributed to, influence, transmission side, not a theory of mind can reach the height of the marxism, also does not have a theory as well as marxism that has such a huge impact on the world", a belief in marxism and socialism, communism beliefs, is the political soul and spirit pillar of the communists. since the founding of the people's republic of china, all undertakings of the party and the state have progressed steadily, opening up new prospects for the development of the socialist system. we have every reason to believe that under the strong leadership of the communist party of china (cpc), the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation will be realized at an early date.

source: party construction network