in the final analysis, it is because of marxist practice-凯发k8天生赢家

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in the final analysis, it is because of marxist practice

in his speech marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of china (cpc), general secretary xi jinping pointed out that "marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology for building the party and the country, as well as the soul and banner of the party. the communist party of china adheres to the basic principles of marxism, adheres to seeking truth from facts, proceeding from china's actual conditions, observes the trend of the times, grasps the historical initiative, makes painstaking explorations, constantly advances the adaptation of marxism to china's conditions and the times, and guides the chinese people in advancing the great social revolution. the reason why the communist party of china is so good and why socialism with chinese characteristics is so good is, in the final analysis, because of marxist practice!" this reveals the true meaning of the dialectical unity of marxism "doing", cpc "can" and "good" of socialism with chinese characteristics from multiple dimensions such as history, theory and practice, and greatly improves our theoretical consciousness of "in the final analysis" of marxism "doing", "can" and "good".

in the final analysis lies in the scientific nature of marxist theory. for human beings themselves, the most important and the most difficult theoretical problem is to discover the law of the development of human society. marxism has not only discovered the modern capitalist mode of production and its special laws of movement, but also discovered the general laws of human history development. the "two great discoveries" of marxism not only provide the great social ideal for human liberation, but also open up the realistic development path to realize the social ideal, thus ending the depression and anxiety of the thinkers "groping in the dark" before the birth of marxism. it was this scientific theory that enabled chinese people to realize the historical transformation from passivity to initiative in spirit. after the failures of the taiping heavenly kingdom, the wuxu reform movement, the yihetuan movement and the xinhai revolution in modern times, chinese people began to see their mission clearly, found their own way and opened up their own future. without the vision and foresight of marxism, and without the creative integration of marxism with china's realities, the chinese people would still have been groping in the dark for a much longer time.

in the final analysis lies in the popular nature of the marxist standpoint. marxism is fundamentally "the product of its own times and its own people". the reason why marxism can gather "the most beautiful, the most precious and the most hidden essence of the people" is that marxism always takes the contemporary issues that the people are concerned about as its theoretical theme. the starting point of marxism is "the person engaged in practical activities", "the foothold" is "the human society or the social human", and "the destination" is "the free development of all people" based on the premise of "the free development of everyone". before marx, the dominant theories in society served the ruling class. marxism for the first time stood on the standpoint of the people to explore the road of human freedom and liberation, and pointed out the direction for the ultimate establishment of an ideal society without oppression or exploitation, equality and freedom for all with scientific theories. as a result, marxism can be popularized and mastered by the masses, thus turning into a powerful force to change china.

in the final analysis lies in the openness of the marxist system. unlike any other theories and doctrines, marxism, as a broad and profound theoretical system, is not a mechanical dogma woven by a series of principles. rather, it is like a surging river with a long history, constantly exploring new topics proposed by the development of the times and responding to new challenges faced by human society. the communist party of china persists in integrating the basic tenets of marxism with china's actual conditions, with contemporary features, and with the fine traditional culture of the chinese nation, constantly opening up new horizons of marxism. it has established mao zedong thought and deng xiaoping theory, formulated the important thought of three represents, and formulated the scientific outlook on development. he founded xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era, a contemporary chinese marxism and a 21st-century marxism. to uphold and develop xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era in contemporary china means to truly uphold and develop marxism.

in the final analysis lies in the practical nature of marxist character. marxism is not a study of learning, but was created to change the destiny of the people in history. it was formed and enriched and developed through the people's pursuit of liberation. it has provided the people with a powerful spiritual force for understanding and transforming the world. in modern times, the chinese people have experienced the rise and failure of various "isms" in their pursuit of various national salvation schemes. the communist party of china has written marxism on its flag and has held it unswervingly high. over the past 100 years, under the guidance of the sinicization of marxism and its theory innovation, the unity of the communist party of china led people won a heroic revolution victory, carried out the socialist construction of passion, the mammoth's reform and opening up, took a new era of socialism with chinese characteristics, created the development of an unprecedented miracle in the history of mankind.

the "doing" of marxism, the "can" of the cpc, and the "good" of socialism with chinese characteristics are dialectical continuum that support, strive for, and achieve each other. marxism "action" is the theoretical root of the "ability" of the cpc and the "good" of socialism with chinese characteristics, so it has the meaning and value of "in the final analysis", and thus becomes the soul and banner of the cpc. in build a well-off society in an all-round way, open new journey to the construction of socialist modern country, ran to the second new stage in the development of our one hundred goal, we must use marxist observation times, grasp the era, lead times, continue to develop marxism of contemporary china, marxism in the 21st century, new journey for fully open modern socialist country construction provide strong theoretical support.

source: party construction network