hundred years of experience cast the style of the big party-凯发k8天生赢家

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hundred years of experience cast the style of the big party

our party has grown into the largest marxist ruling party in the world, having gone through a glorious course of one hundred years and ruled the largest socialist country for more than 70 years. as early as october 2017, general secretary xi jinping pointed out when members of the standing committee of the 19th political bureau of the cpc central committee met with chinese and foreign journalists, "the cpc is the largest political party in the world. big is big." the centenary of the communist party of china is in the prime of its life, committed to the lasting cause of the chinese nation. by focusing on the study of the history of the party, as well as the history of the new china, the history of reform and opening up, and the history of the development of socialism, you will have a deep feeling of the century-old wind, frost, snow and rain, the century-old waves and the sand, and appreciate the hardships and glory of the century-old hardening of the communist party of china to forge the style of the great party.

the greatness of the grand party lies in its great ambition, great passion, great energy, great responsibility, and great deeds. the style of the big party is the great spiritual sublimation and character presentation of the big party. the so-called style refers to the good demeanor and temperament that is cultivated inside and formed outside, which is composed of the basic elements such as the belief, feelings, character and ability of the subject of behavior, and has the effect of example and demonstration. the style of a political party is not only the representation of the spiritual quality of a political party, but also the indispensable soft power for it to obtain widespread social recognition and support and achieve its cause. everything our party does is to seek happiness for the people, rejuvenation for the nation and greater harmony for the world. the history of the party's century-old struggle and development has profoundly explained the connotation and characteristics of the style of a major party.

belief quenching

advanced pure solid as a rock

the style of a major party is embodied in the ideals and convictions of our party. "the revolutionary ideal is above the sky." the lofty ideal and faith is the concentrated presentation of the party's political belief, and the spiritual motive force and target guidance that motivate the party to unite and struggle. firming up ideals and convictions and adhering to the spiritual pursuit of communists have always been fundamental to the survival of communists. president xi jinping said, "faith and faith are crucial at all times. faith in communism and in socialism with chinese characteristics is the political soul of communists and the spiritual pillar for communists to withstand any test."

the century-old history of the party is also a history in which our party has constantly maintained its advanced nature and purity and kept on guard against the danger of being disintegrated and corrupted. progressiveness and purity are the essential attributes of marxist political parties. the advanced nature is decided by the party's guiding ideology, nature and purpose, and the noble nature, the people's nature, the scientific nature, revolutionary characteristics. purity is the loyalty and purity that the party shows in thought, politics, organization, style of work and behavior. it is precisely because generations of chinese communists have been steadfast in their ideals and convictions, strengthened party building, fought against all problems that weaken the party's advanced nature and undermine its purity, cured its diseases and healed its wounds, and energized its purity that our party has been able to maintain its advanced nature and purity forever.

"as firm as a rock" means that our party is highly loyal to and unswervingly adheres to its ideals and convictions. such loyalty and persistence are constantly sublimated in the historical process of promoting the realization of the chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, which is embodied in the following aspects: first, we have always maintained firm faith in marxism. over the past 100 years, the party has always taken marxism as its guiding ideology and integrated the lofty ideal of communism with the common ideal of socialism with chinese characteristics, infusing our firm ideals and convictions with distinctive elements of the times and with distinctive chinese characteristics. second, we must always adhere to and develop marxism with the times. with firm political determination and great theoretical courage, our party has always creatively integrated the general tenets of marxism with china's actual conditions, constantly pushed forward the historical process of adapting marxism to china's conditions, and provided a powerful driving force and ideological weapon for our firm ideals and convictions. third, always adhere to practice to temper the party spirit, pure team. in good times and in bad, our party has always remained true to its original aspiration and remained true to its true character. it has nurtured a large number of excellent party organizations and model party members who demonstrate the advanced nature and purity of the party, providing vivid examples of how our ideals and convictions can be upheld.

emotional quenching

care for the people and help the world

the style of a large party is reflected in the broad spirit of our party. the communist party of china is a political party that strives for the well-being of the people and for the cause of human progress. while constantly advancing the cause of bringing benefits to the people, it is also advancing the lofty cause of peace and development of mankind.

the people are the foundation, blood, and strength of the party. it has always been the party's fundamental position and value orientation to put the people's interests above everything else and to proceed from the people's interests in everything. to strive for national prosperity, national rejuvenation, and people's happiness has always been the unchanging aspiration and driving force of the party. throughout the century-old history of the party, we can see that "people first" has always been the value coordinate and code of conduct for all the work of the party, and the mass line is the lifeline and fundamental line of work of the party. in all historical periods of revolution, construction and reform, the party has always adhered to and practiced the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, putting the people's interests first, and taking realizing, safeguarding and developing the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people as the starting point and goal of all its work. we should always respect the people's initiative, give full play to their initiative, and rely on their wisdom and strength to advance our cause. we should always learn from the people, be good at summarizing their experience, and use their opinions as a yardstick for judging the success or failure of our work. in particular, since the 18th national congress of the cpc, the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core has adhered to the vision of people-centered development, and taken the people's aspiration for a better life as its goal, thus giving the people a greater sense of fulfillment, happiness and security. the cpc's aspiration for the people has won the wholehearted support and firm support of the people.

it should also be noted that both mao zedong's statement that "china should make a greater contribution to mankind" and xi jinping's statement that "the communist party of china always regards making new and greater contributions to mankind as its mission" embody the broad sentiments, selfless responsibility and upholding justice of the party. these feelings and responsibilities are reflected in three aspects. first, we must maintain the self-consciousness of the major party. china has always promoted exchanges and cooperation between international political parties, and in particular, it has undertaken its responsibilities and obligations in international affairs such as advocating multilateralism, advancing economic globalization, and upholding world fairness and justice. second, we will give full play to the role of major parties. based on further the cause of human peace and progress, our party has put forward and the implementation of "the five principles of peaceful coexistence", the "peace and development are two major problems in the modern world" major judgment, especially in the face of the world from the big change in one hundred, firmly oppose unilateralism and inverse globalization trend, hand in hand with countries to push to build community of human destiny. third, set an example of a major party. with the achievements and experience of the party building and governance, especially through its commitment to justice, responsibility and proactive actions in international affairs, the party has exerted a strong influence and exemplary effect, and helped to make the international order and global governance system more just and equitable.

character refinement

dare to fight for self-revolution

the style of a major party is embodied in the distinctive character of our party. the communist party of china has grown and strengthened in the course of its great struggle. the party's distinctive character is embodied in its courage to struggle, indomitable will to fight, and pioneering and innovative courage.

over the past 100 years, in coping with various difficulties and challenges, our party has cultivated the courage and character to be fearless of strong enemies, fearless of risks, brave in struggle and brave in victory. looking back over the course of the past one hundred years, it is with this brave and indomitable character that the party withstood the bloody storm of the great revolution, the grave disaster of the japanese imperialist invasion of china, the great crisis of the kuomintang reactionaries against the communist dictatorship after the victory of the anti-japanese war, and the flames of the war to resist the united states and aid the korean peninsula in the early days of the founding of the people's republic of china. socialism with chinese characteristics has entered a new era. under the strong leadership of the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core, it has continued to carry out great struggles with many new historical features and scored a series of new victories. the great struggle waged by our party has demonstrated its tenacity and strength in overcoming all difficulties and enemies, and the great spirit forged has provided an inexhaustible driving force for the continuous development of the cause of socialism with chinese characteristics.

the courage to carry out self-revolution is the most distinctive character and the greatest strength of our party. in the course of struggle of the one hundred, our party was able to always walk in the era ahead, become the mainstay of the chinese people and the chinese nation, the fundamental reason is that our party always adhere to the party to party, comprehensive governing party does not relax, always keep the revolutionary spirit, enhance self purification, self-improvement, innovation, improve the ability, we will strive to create a clean and upright political environment within the party, and carry out a thorough self-revolution while promoting social revolution.

ability quenching

be good at learning and enhance ability

the demeanor of a major party is embodied in the great capability of our party. after one hundred years of struggle, our party unity to lead the people in a country with a history of thousands of years the feudal society has realized the most extensive people's democracy, on the basis of poor created the miracle, rapid economic and social development in decades covered hundreds of years in the developed countries through the process of industrialization, our country people's life by insufficient food and clothing to the comprehensive well-off, china has lifted itself out of absolute poverty, become the country with the largest middle-income population in the world, and embarked on a new journey to build a modern socialist country in all respects. therefore, in today's world, if any political party can be confident, the chinese communist party is the most reason to be confident.

the great capability of the party lies in the fact that it has always been deeply rooted in marxism, in the fine traditional chinese culture, in the broad masses of the people, and in the great and magnificent practice of china. specifically, this capacity comes from always trusting and relying on the power of the people. the party has always adhered to the historical materialist view that the people are the creators of history and the people are the real heroes; it has always taken the people as the source of strength; it has always worked for the people's interests; it has always adhered to the mass line; it has always put the people at the center; it has always stood with the people, shared the same destiny, and connected with them. this ability comes from standing up for truth and correcting mistakes. practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. we should proceed from reality in all our efforts and independently explore a development path suited to china's national conditions. this ability comes from paying attention to learning and being good at learning. we should strive to build a learning-oriented political party, consciously learn from the people and practice, and in the process of learning, enrich our spirit and strengthen our ideological foundation, so as to enhance our ability to govern in an all-round way.

the emergence of the communist party in china was an epoch-making event that profoundly changed the direction and course of the development of the chinese nation in modern times, the future and destiny of the chinese people and the chinese nation, and the trend and pattern of world development. the party's great ability is reflected in the magnificent chapters it has written under its leadership of the people over the past 100 years, and in its historical contributions to the chinese nation and mankind. as we enter a new stage of development, by further reviewing the party's historical experience and constantly improving its capacity and competence in governing the country, our party will surely be better able to cope with various risks and challenges on the road ahead and constantly open up new horizons for the development of socialism with chinese characteristics.

source: party construction network