great achievement in the ideological development of the century-凯发k8天生赢家

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great achievement in the ideological development of the century-old major party

emphasizing ideological construction is the distinctive feature, glorious tradition and unique advantage of marxist political parties. one hundred years, our party in the great practice of revolution, construction, reform continuously strengthen thought construction, advance the ideological construction, insist on theory innovation achievements in adapting marxism to guide practice and promote work, a series of filled history great practice achievements, also create a leading chinese society has a great thought of the profound changes. the great achievements of the century-old party in ideological development have laid a solid ideological foundation for upholding party leadership and strengthening party building in all aspects, and provided spiritual impetus, ideological guarantee and intellectual support for realizing the great leap of the chinese nation from standing up, growing rich to growing strong.

establish and consolidate the ideological pattern with marxism as the guiding ideology

on february 20, 2021, general secretary xi jinping stressed at the mobilization meeting for the study and education of party history that the whole party should be educated and guided to understand how marxism has profoundly changed china and the world through the extraordinary course of the party, and to appreciate the power of truth and practice of marxism.

over the past century, our party has fought against "left" and "right" erroneous ideas and against all forms of non-marxism and anti-marxism in the ideological field by conducting proper inner-party struggles, rectification movements, and inner-party educational activities, thus clearing away obstacles to upholding and developing marxism.

over the past century, our party has adhered to and applied the marxist position, views and methods, and upheld the scientific, popular, and practical nature of marxism. it has made steady progress in pursuing truth, worked tirelessly to bring benefits to the people, and shouldered its responsibilities in the course of social change.

for one hundred years, our party has gradually understand the "china: where to go, the revolution of china: where to go" "what is socialism and how to build socialism" "what kind of party construction, how to build the party," "achieve what kind of development, how to develop" new era "what kind of upholding and developing socialism with chinese characteristics, how to adhere to and develop socialism with chinese characteristics", a series of major issues such as to clean up the causes on the fundamental issues concerning the future and destiny of the party and the country has provided a powerful ideological weapon for understanding and transforming the world.

one hundred years, our party creatively marxist basic principles with china's concrete practice combined with times characteristics, to push the theoretical innovation of marxism sinicization process, in different historical periods successively formed mao zedong thought, deng xiaoping theory and "three represents" important thought, the concept of scientific development and xi new age the ideas of socialism with chinese characteristics, it provides scientific theoretical guidance for the development of the cause of the party and the people. xi jinping, the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics adhere to the scientific world outlook and methodology, adhere to the people's position, adhere to the line of seeking truth from facts, adhere to the communist ideal faith, at the same time with broad vision and long-term perspective to recognize and grasp the contemporary china faces a series of major issues, continuously make new generalization and creation in theory, it is a glorious example of adhering to and developing marxism, and has written a new chapter of marxism in contemporary china and marxism in the 21st century.

to lead the deep-seated reform with scientific socialism as the spiritual banner

socialism did not fall from the sky. it emerged through trial and error, trial and error, and competition. it was the choice of history and the choice of the people.

it is a historical issue whether china can carry out socialist revolution and how to carry out socialist construction on the basis of such a backward eastern country. the chinese communists, represented by comrade mao zedong, put forward the idea of dividing the revolution into two steps according to the reality of china, and creatively carried out the socialist transformation through the way of "peaceful redeemable purchase", thus completing the socialist revolution and establishing the basic socialist system.

in the face of what is socialism and how to build socialism on major issues, the chinese communists represented by comrade deng xiaoping creatively put forward the socialism essence theory, theory of primary stage of socialism, the socialist market economy theory, the theory of socialist reform, opening up and step to achieve socialist modernization strategy, etc., it is the wisdom crystallization of the chinese communists' exploration of the law of socialist construction. in particular, the transition from adhering to the socialist planned economy to the socialist market economy is the result of continuous emancipation of the mind and breaking the shackles of traditional concepts. it is also a great theoretical creation in the system of theories of socialism with chinese characteristics. it is also a major theoretical innovation that bears on the future and destiny of the chinese people and nation.

in the new era, what kind of socialism with chinese characteristics to uphold and develop and how to uphold and develop it have become the question of the new era and practice. since the eighteenth congress, general secretary xi creatively to the nature of socialism with chinese characteristics is the most characteristic due to leadership of the communist party of china, the transformation of the social principal contradiction happened major judgment, proposed the innovation, coordination, new development of the green, open, sharing ideas, emphasize the development of the socialist power is comprehensively deepen reform, we call for coordinated progress of the five-sphere integrated plan and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy, and a new two-step strategic plan for socialist modernization. this further deepens the understanding of the law of socialist construction, is the inheritance and innovation of marxism sinicization theory results, and has reached a new realm in the aspect of adhering to and developing scientific socialism.

to shape the cpc as the leading force of the theoretical innovation field

on the issue of the party's leadership, the chinese communists inherited and developed the thoughts of the classical marxist writers, and combined with the reality of china, constantly promoted the party's leadership theory innovation, and shaped the theoretical innovation field with the cpc as the leading force.

on the leadership of the party, comrade mao zedong declared at the beginning of the founding of new china that "the core force leading our cause is the communist party of china". in the period of reform and opening up, comrade deng xiaoping clearly regarded "adhering to the leadership of the communist party" as the core of the four cardinal principles. in the new era, general secretary xi jinping further emphasized that "the party is the highest political leadership force in the country", and the party's overall leadership must be upheld and strengthened. this profoundly reveals the most fundamental problem in the party's leading theory and deepens the ideological understanding of the party's leading position continuously.

with regard to the leadership of the party, comrade mao zedong stressed in 1962 that "the party leads all in the seven aspects of industry, agriculture, commerce, education, the military, the government and the party". comrade deng xiaoping pointed out in the new period that the party's leadership is mainly political leadership, ideological leadership and organizational leadership; in the new era, general secretary xi jinping has stressed the importance of upholding and strengthening the overall leadership of the party, and of ensuring that the party supervises the party and runs itself with strict discipline in all respects. through the construction of the party's political, in a firm ideal faith principle as the foundation, in order to mobilize enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the whole party as the focus, comprehensively promote the party's political construction, thought construction, organization construction, style construction, discipline construction, which runs through the system construction, further promote the anti-corruption struggle, continuously improve the quality of the party's construction. this continuously expands the rich content of the party building in the inheritance, and provides scientific guidance for the great project of the party building.

with regard to the building of the party's governing capacity, we have carried out rectification of the party and its conduct, put forward the idea of strengthening the party's governing capacity and advanced nature, and emphasized in the new era the building of the party's long-term governing capacity and advanced nature and purity, improved the party's leadership system and mechanism, had the courage to make self-revolution, and promoted the comprehensive and strict governance of the party. this is the historical inheritance of the fine tradition of party building, but also the scientific grasp of the party's governing mode, thus is the development and innovation of the marxist party building theory.

to one hundred, the chinese people under the leadership of the party of the communist party of the theoretical exploration and innovation, greatly enriched and developed the marxist theory of party building, in guiding the chinese revolution, construction and reform of the great practice of successful application and inspection, to play a party seeks happiness for chinese people, for the chinese nation in the process of the revival of political guarantee, it provides scientific guidance and spiritual guidance for the party to play its core leadership role in promoting china's development and progress, and for the party to play its mainstay and decisive role in leading the people to respond to any risks and challenges.

source: party construction network