"measuring the situation" has made the communist party of china a century-凯发k8天生赢家

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"measuring the situation" has made the communist party of china a century-old success

"examine the situation" is a way of thinking to give play to the initiative of the subject, and a skill and means to deal with external changes. it represents a calm and resolute attitude in choosing the opportunity, a calm and calm atmosphere in response to changes, and a combination of accurate research and judgment, scientific planning, and active action. it means that in the careful observation of the current situation, analysis of current events, the overall grasp of the times to accumulate the potential to seek the potential of the possible, according to the trend of the good, yang advantages into a dominant trend of the daring. in the historical genealogy of chinese culture, "assessing the situation" carries rich connotations and embodies the value implication of the chinese nation. "examine the situation" is not only a kind of attitude of chinese people, but also the ability and wisdom of chinese people to cope with situations.

xi jinping in the history of the party general secretary study education mobilization meeting pointed out that "education to guide the whole party mind global strategy of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation and the world from the big change in one hundred, sets up the big history, from the tide of history and times, evolution mechanism in the global situation analysis, to explore the historical law, put forward the coping strategies of strategy, strengthen the work of systematic, foresight, creative", he repeatedly mentioned such concepts as "historical initiative", "historical experience", "historical law", "historical trend" and "world trend", and stressed that the birth of the party, the great victory of the anti-japanese war, the founding and consolidation of the people's republic of china, and the major decisions of reform and opening up were all the results of the trend. general secretary xi jinping's important speeches are lofty, profound and rich in content. they provide us with fundamental principles and scientific guidance for correctly understanding and grasping the trend of social evolution in china and the world today.

accurate understanding of the trend of change

the general trend represents the general trend of the development of things, reflects the regularity and marks the general direction. to handle the international situation, we should adopt a correct view of history, the overall situation and our roles. a correct view of history means that we should not only look at the current international situation, but also use the historical telescope to review the past, sum up the laws of history, look into the future, and grasp the trend of historical progress. in the course of its century-long struggle, the communist party of china (cpc) has accurately identified the major trends of world change and china's development at different historical stages, deeply analyzed the major trends in each period, followed the trend of the times, made policies based on the trend, set a high perspective, and made steady progress. from the analysis of paris and the changes in the international situation after the conference to the vigorous development of the may 4th movement; from the founding of the party to the founding of new china; from the war of founding the country against the united states to the completion of the socialist transformation; from laying the foundation of the socialist system to reform and opening up, china has stood up, become rich and become strong. this is a colorful picture.

comrade mao zedong pointed out in "on new democracy" that the first imperialist world war and the first victorious socialist october revolution changed the direction of the entire world history and divided the entire era of world history. thus, the new proletarian regime shattered the myth of the unification of the world by capitalism, and the rumbling cannon of the october revolution brought marxism to china. after mankind entered a new historical period with two great events, for a backward country like china, the may 4th movement was the prelude to a truly revolutionary change. in the course of one hundred years of struggle, chinese communists have accurately identified the changing trend of the times, closely followed the rhythm of the times, followed the tide of the development of the times, and put their struggle on the right track that reflects the regularity of historical changes and the purpose of social development.

first, the communist party of china conforms to the historical trend of the national democratic liberation movement set off around the world after the october revolution. the birth of the party is the result of conforming to the general trend of world development. the victory of the october revolution and the rise of socialism were the general trend of the world at that time. the communist party of china mobilized all positive factors, united with all forces that could be united with, and stood out among the hundreds of political organizations in chinese society at that time. it led the people in a desperate struggle for national liberation and independence, fighting for survival and fighting with blood. with 28 years of unremitting efforts, it created the brand new people's republic of china. from the very beginning, the birth of the people's republic of china clearly marked the communist party of china's strong view of the fate of the oppressed people in colonial and semi-colonial countries, and it was closely linked to the strong aspiration of the world for a fairer and more reasonable world order. the new china that stands up straight is the inevitable result of the communist party of china conforming to the general trend of world development and china's modern and contemporary historical trends and moving towards a bright future.

second, the cpc complies with the historical trend of world development and china's own development. since the end of the second world war, especially after the founding of the people's republic of china, the communist party of china has maintained a high degree of strategic resolve, been committed to maintaining world peace and tranquility, and acted as a major force to push the world forward, despite the fact that the cold war has constrained the pace of the world. from the war of founding the country against the united states and aiding korea to the theoretical proposition of dividing the "three worlds"; from solidarity with friends in asia, africa and latin america in the spirit of internationalism and humanitarianism to properly handling relations with developed countries; from the judgment of peace and development of the theme of the times to the pursuit of cooperation and win-win foreign exchanges; from aiming at the world's third scientific and technological revolution to formulating the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education; and so on. all these clearly tell the world that the communist party of china has always connected the construction of contemporary china with the development of the world, and closely linked the great cause of the chinese nation's rejuvenation with keeping pace with the trend of the times. it observes, interprets and leads the times, nourishing china with a prosperous world and nourishing the world with a soaring china.

third, the communist party of china conforms to the general trend of people creating history, capitalizing the value appeal of purposiveness in the banner of forging ahead. the wheel of history rolls on, and only the people are the creators of history. our party comes from the people, takes root among the people, and serves the people. the people are the source of our party's foundation, blood, and strength. to live for the people, thrive for the people, and work for the people's interests is the fundamental starting point and goal of our party in building and revitalizing our party and strengthening it. to keep up with the tide of the times, we need to be heart to heart with the people, breathe the same breath, and share the same destiny with the people. we need to always be with the people and work together, sharing weal and woe, sharing salt with salt, and sharing light with no salt. the river is the people, and the people are the river. in keeping with the trend of history, we must believe in, conform to and rely on the people.

science enhances the advantage of strain

advantage refers to the favorable situation, situation, formation and situation that is higher than and overpowering the other side. general secretary xi jinping has stressed that "the situation is changing, tasks are changing, and work requirements are also changing. we must be aware of changes accurately, respond to them in a scientific way, and take the initiative to seek changes." we must be good at both building up momentum and planning for changes, and being good at recognizing changes, seeking changes and responding to changes. only by learning to accumulate the potential, gather the potential, seek the potential, recognize the potential and respond to the potential, can we seize the initiative, win the advantage and win the future. good at identifying potential, to help us seize the opportunity in the change; good at homeopathy, conducive to our adaptation to occupy the first opportunity; good at responding to the situation, conducive to us in the reform to forge ahead.

in a survey of the party's century-long struggle, whenever the situation of revolutionary struggle is dangerous, the task of construction is difficult, and the difficulties of reform need to be overcome, the party has always responded to the situation in a scientific way, studied the situation, analyzed the pros and cons, and made decisions based on actual conditions. from the nanchang uprising to the establishment of jinggangshan revolutionary base; from the failure of the fifth "encirclement and suppression" to the realization of the great turning point of the zunyi conference; from anti-chiang resistance to anti-chiang resistance; from the chongqing negotiation to "a million strong troops across the river"; and so on. the birth of the new china is the true portrayal of our party's scientific response. from copying the soviet model in the early days of the founding of the people's republic of china to exploring a socialist construction road suitable for china's national conditions, from accurately grasping the theme of the times of peace and development to choosing the path of reform and opening up to make china a strong country, the scientific response has won a "getting rich" china.

since the party's 18, from the first free trade zone of pudong test to set up a male ann district in one thousand, from shenzhen first shuangcheng economic circle construction demonstration area set up and chengdu-chongqing region, from the fight against covid - 19 outbreak major strategic achievements to poverty completed a comprehensive victory, and scientific strain, reveals the rule of china and a huge advantage, it has written a brilliant chapter of scientific strain and superiority. as general secretary xi jinping said, "the great practice of revolution, construction and reform led by our party is a historical process of continuous struggle, and a complete cause of saving, rejuvenating and strengthening the country, and then realizing the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation."

take the initiative to become a male

the male potential reflects the majestic potential of things, the spectacular appearance, the magnificent, the weather. in the face of the rapidly changing and complex international situation, the communist party of china has always taken it easy and actively sought change. just as general secretary xi jinping said, "the centenary of our party will be a century of unswervingly carrying out its original mission, a century of hard work and a century of creating brilliant achievements and opening up the future. in this century-long struggle, the party has united and led the people in blazing a great trail, making great achievements, forging a great spirit, accumulating valuable experience and creating an impressive miracle in the history of the development of the chinese nation and the progress of human society." the miracles that have happened and are happening constitute a splendid picture of the great potential of contemporary china.

first, china has "stood up" and attracted worldwide attention. looking back at the history of china after 1840, foreign powers invaded china, wars continued, mountains and rivers were broken, and the chinese people were living a miserable life. numerous people with lofty ideals have made many attempts to save the nation from subjugation, but they all ended in disillusionment and failure. until the communist party of china on the political stage, scientific analysis, the initiative as, carefully deal with the complicated situation, always grasp the historical initiative, anchor goals, firm in the right direction, just celebrated the birth of new china, the preliminary establishment of the socialist system, national independence, won the national liberation, the chinese people finally stood up, at last, the chinese nation is standing in the east of the world with a new and vigorous appearance.

second, "getting rich" china is proud, full of advantages. in the international community in the 1970s, despite the continued cold war confrontation, the call and demand for peace and development constituted the theme and evolving trend of the times. after the third plenary session of the 11th central committee of the communist party of china, the communist party of china united and led the broad masses of people to embark on the road of reform and opening up to make the country strong and rich. at the same time, china has long maintained social harmony and stability and its people live and work in peace and contentment, making it one of the most secure countries recognized by the international community. china's advantages of getting rich have been fully demonstrated, and a china that is getting rich is more confident.

third, a "stronger" china is gaining momentum and momentum. we are always pursuing the progress trend, take the initiative to deal with difficult challenges, accurate analysis of the changing from the one hundred, cloud in disorder loose rot in the right direction, sheer courage, rain or shine, advancing the great revolution and social revolution and the party's self education opportunities in the crisis, the change in the new bureau, fully display the superiority of socialism with chinese characteristics system, we have made all-out efforts to modernize china's governance system and capacity, and increased overall national strength, scientific and technological strength, national defense strength, cultural influence, and international influence on all fronts. these efforts are a good example of a modern china that is developing with high quality. since the 18th national congress of the communist party of china (cpc), we have made unprecedented achievements and created a new pattern of "getting stronger".

history is the best textbook, but also the best nutrition, sobriety agent. "observe the sky to observe the change of time; view on humanity, in order to transform the world." as long as we have an accurate understanding of changes, respond to them in a scientific way, take the initiative to seek change, follow the general trend, seek advantages, and build on the momentum of change, continue to seek innovation, progress and breakthroughs while changing, and rely closely on the communist party of china and the people, we will be able to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and push the giant ship china to brave the wind and waves and forge ahead with courage.

source: party construction network