to ignite the flame of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation-凯发k8天生赢家

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to ignite the flame of the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation

the birth of the communist party of china profoundly changed the direction and course of the development of the chinese nation in modern times, and profoundly changed the future and destiny of the chinese people and nation. general secretary xi jinping stressed at the mobilization meeting of party history learning and education: "to carry out party history learning and education throughout the party is an inevitable requirement to keep in mind our original aspiration and promote the great historical cause of the rejuvenation of the chinese nation. from the very day it was born, our party has been closely linked to the future and destiny of the chinese people and nation."

in 1921, under the influence of the surging world socialist movement and under the guidance of marxism-leninism, a group of advanced chinese elements founded the communist party of china. from the moment it stepped onto the political stage in china, our party has adhered to the marxist position, views and methods, and unswervingly sought happiness for the chinese people and rejuvenation for the chinese nation. since then, the chinese people have changed their spirit from passivity to initiative, and the chinese nation has embarked on a difficult but irreversible course towards great rejuvenation. was established in one hundred, it is necessary to theoretically theory systematically the communist party of china was founded in the significance in the history of the development of the chinese nation, to enhance the broad masses of party members and cadres important historical contribution to the masses for the communist party of china and the historical status of recognition, strengthen firmness "four confidence", to be his theory of "two maintenance" and political consciousness.

a deep understanding of the great significance of the founding of the cpc in the history of the development of the chinese nation requires us to look not only at the historical background of the founding of the cpc, but also at the historic changes that have taken place in china since the founding of the cpc a century ago and at the prospect of its future development.

after the opium war, the massive import of foreign goods and capital contributed to the disintegration of china's feudal society and the development of capitalism, gradually turning a feudal china into a semi-feudal china. at the same time, the foreign aggressor forces, in combination with china's feudal forces, brutally ruled china by all means of military, political, economic and cultural oppression, turning an independent china into a semi-colonial china. in the face of national peril, generation after generation of people with lofty ideals have been struggling to explore the road to the revitalization of the chinese nation. the peasant revolutionary movement of the taiping heavenly kingdom, the yihetuan movement, the westernization movement, the reformists representing the chinese national bourgeoisie and the xing zhong hui, the chinese tongmeng hui and the chinese kuomintang under the leadership of sun yat-sen made all kinds of attempts, but they did not succeed. the chinese people are still burdened by the "three great mountains" of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat-capitalism. the chinese people urgently need a political force that is more selfless, more willing to sacrifice, more knowledgeable about the law of historical development and more progressive to change the country's poverty and backwardness and achieve national prosperity and prosperity for all the people. this force is the communist party of china founded under the guidance of marxism-leninism.

marxism-leninism has enabled the communist party of china to have a larger structure, a higher position, and a greater spirit of sacrifice than other political forces. in the communist manifesto, marx and engels solemnly declared: "all the movements in the past were those of the minority, or for the interests of the minority. the proletarian movement is an independent movement of the great majority, in the interests of the great majority." with its lofty political character and dauntless spirit of sacrifice, the communist party of china has moved, influenced and influenced people from all walks of life, and gradually guided them to become aware, unite and join the revolutionary ranks. thanks to the communist party of china, china was able to put an end to the backwardness of a country with a large population but scattered sand.

marxism-leninism enables the communist party of china to better understand and grasp the laws of social development than other political forces. the dialectical materialism and historical materialism of marx and engels are the "telescope" through which the communist party of china observes the general trend of the world. marxism-leninism theory of basic social contradictions, class analysis method and party theory have guided the cpc to grasp the laws of social development and revolutionary struggle in practice.

in the course of its spectacular history, the communist party of china has firmly relied on the people, surmounted obstacle after obstacle, won one victory after another, and made great historical contribution to the chinese nation. our party united and led the chinese people in a bloody 28-year struggle, defeating japanese imperialism, overthrowing the reactionary rule of the kuomintang, completing the new democratic revolution, and founding the people's republic of china. our party united and led the chinese people in completing the socialist revolution, establishing the basic socialist system, abolishing all systems of exploitation, and advancing socialist construction. our party has united and led the chinese people in carrying out the great new revolution of reform and opening up, which has greatly stimulated the creativity of the broad masses, unleashed and developed the productive forces, greatly enhanced the vitality of social development, significantly improved people's living standards, significantly increased overall national strength, and significantly raised its international standing. since the 18th national congress of the cpc, the cpc central committee has made coordinated efforts to advance the five-pronged overall plan and the four-pronged comprehensive strategy, bringing historic changes and achievements to the cause of the party and the country. our party puts forward, to the founding of the built in one hundred, when the economy more development, democracy will be further improved, science and education more progress, cultural prosperity, social harmony, people's life more wealthy well-off society, and then struggle for 30 years, to one hundred, the founding of new china, the basic to realize modernization, make our country a modern socialist country. the plan for the period from 2020 to the middle of this century will be divided into two stages. first, from 2020 to 2035, building on the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, we will work hard for another 15 years to basically realize socialist modernization. in the second stage from 2035 to the middle of the 21st century, we will, building on having basically achieved modernization, work hard for a further 15 years and develop china into a great modern socialist country that is prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious, and beautiful.

looking back at the past and looking ahead, no matter how the situation and tasks change, no matter what rough waves we encounter, our party has always kept to the historical initiative, anchored its goals, and moved firmly in the right direction. history and the people chose the communist party of china, and the communist party of china has lived up to the expectations of history and the people. history and practice have fully proved that in china, only the cpc can lead the people to overthrow the "three great mountains". only the communist party of china can lead china to embark on a socialist road that is in line with the historical trend of progress, create a better and happy life for the people, realize the great rejuvenation of the chinese nation, and contribute to the lofty cause of peace and development of mankind.

source: party construction network