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new productivity theory to guide high-quality development

developing new quality productive forces is an inherent requirement and an important focus for promoting high-quality development. xi jinping general secretary stressed that "high-quality development needs a new productivity theory to guide, and the new quality productivity has formed and shown a strong driving force and support for high-quality development in practice, which requires us to summarize and summarize theoretically to guide the new development practice" "we must firmly grasp the primary task of high-quality development and develop new quality productivity according to local conditions." general secretary xi jinping's series of important discussions on new quality productivity is an innovative development of marxist productivity theory, which provides an important guideline and points out the way forward for effectively solving the problems restricting high-quality development on the new journey and accelerating the cultivation and formation of new quality productivity.


marxism believes that the productive forces are the most active and revolutionary factors and the ultimate determinant of social development. developing new quality productive forces reflects the objective requirements of liberating and developing social productive forces in the new era, and provides a strong driving force for promoting high-quality development. the report of the party's 20th national congress stressed: "high-quality development is the primary task of comprehensively building a modern socialist country." development is the party's top priority in governing and rejuvenating the country. without a solid material and technological foundation, it will be impossible to build a great modern socialist country in all respects." the material and technological base mainly depends on the level of productive forces, which is not only a concentrated reflection of the level and degree of a country's modernization, but also an important factor affecting the modernization process. to further promote chinese-style modernization, we must maximize the liberation and development of productive forces and promote high-quality economic and social development.


china's economy has shifted from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. high-quality development means development that can well meet the people's ever-growing needs for a better life, development that reflects the new concept of development, development that makes innovation the primary driving force, coordination the inherent feature, green development the common form, openness the only way, and sharing the fundamental purpose. compared with the traditional development theory, which focuses on the growth of economic aggregate, high-quality development expands the content and level of development and puts forward higher requirements for the quality and level of development. to achieve high-quality development, we must optimize the economic structure and foster new growth drivers. the formation and development of the new quality productive forces coincides with it. first, because the new quality productivity is the productivity that plays a leading role in innovation, it has got rid of the traditional economic growth mode and the development path of productivity, and has the characteristics of high-tech, high efficiency and high quality, so it is more conducive to the continuous improvement of the quality and reasonable growth of the economy. second, as the basic connotation of new quality productivity is the improvement of workers, labor materials, labor objects and their optimal combination, and the core symbol is the substantial improvement of total factor productivity, it is conducive to the wide application of emerging technologies represented by digital technology, and accelerate the construction of scientific and technological power and network power. new substantive progress has been made in improving people's livelihood and promoting common prosperity for all people. third, because the new quality productivity itself is green productivity, with green, low-carbon and intelligent characteristics, it can play an important role in strengthening green manufacturing industry, developing green service industry, expanding green energy industry, and building a green low-carbon circular economy system. it is clear that accelerating the development of new quality productive forces is an inevitable choice to create new growth drivers, create new development advantages, and win the initiative in development in the new era.


scientific and technological innovation can generate new industries, new models and new drivers of growth, and is the core factor for developing new quality productivity. to achieve high-quality development, we must achieve connotation growth driven by innovation. we should accelerate the pace of scientific and technological innovation, make breakthroughs in key and core technologies, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, especially original and subversive scientific and technological innovation, and fight hard battles in key and core technologies, so that original and subversive scientific and technological innovation achievements can emerge, and timely apply scientific and technological innovation achievements to specific industries and industrial chains, relying on china's super-large market and complete industrial system. we will create unique advantages that are conducive to the rapid and large-scale application and iterative upgrading of new technologies, and promote the transformation of more scientific and technological achievements into real productivity.


reform is the key to liberating and developing social productive forces and the fundamental driving force for national development. marxist historical materialism tells us that the productive forces determine the relations of production, the relations of production react on the productive forces, and the relations of production must adapt to the development requirements of the productive forces. as society continues to move forward, the system and mechanism for regulating social relations and social activities must also be constantly improved to meet the requirements of liberating and developing social productive forces. to develop the new-quality productive forces, we must stimulate the internal driving force through comprehensively deepening reform, especially through deepening reform of the economic and scientific and technological systems, and strive to eliminate the bottlenecks that hinder the development of the new-quality productive forces, and form a new type of production relations commensurate with the development of the new-quality productive forces. at the same time, we need to further open up to the outside world at a high level, create new advantages of an open economy at a higher level, and create a favorable international environment for developing new quality productive forces.


people are the most active factor in the productive forces, and innovative talents are the foundation to support high-quality development. to develop new quality productive forces, we need to further improve the working system and mechanism of talents. in accordance with the requirements of developing new quality productive forces, we should make full use of human resources as the primary resource, improve the working mechanism for human resources and intensify efforts to train human resources, promote a virtuous cycle of education, science and technology and human resources, stimulate the vitality of factors of production such as labor, knowledge, technology, management, capital and data, and actively create a favorable atmosphere that encourages innovation and tolerates failure. let the innovation and creativity of talents fully burst out, and provide strong talent support for promoting the development of new quality productivity.


source: sasac of the state council