li qiang attended the opening ceremony of the china development forum 2024 annual meeting and delivered a keynote speech-凯发k8天生赢家

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li qiang attended the opening ceremony of the china development forum 2024 annual meeting and delivered a keynote speech

chinese premier li qiang delivers a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the china development forum 2024 annual meeting in beijing on march 24.


li qiang said that the theme of this annual meeting, "china's sustainable development", is not only an objective description of china's long-term economic development, but also fully reflects the concerns and expectations of all sectors for the steady and long-term, high-quality development of china's economy. in the past year, under the strong leadership of the party central committee with comrade aa at its core, we have withstood external pressure and overcome internal difficulties, and successfully accomplished the main goals and tasks of economic and social development for the year. new industries, new models and new drivers of growth are growing faster and stronger. the chinese economy has strong resilience, great potential and vitality, and the fundamentals of its long-term sound growth remain unchanged.


li qiang pointed out that the majority of enterprises are participants, contributors, witnesses and beneficiaries of china's sustainable economic development. we have always respected the market and served enterprises as an important foothold in planning economic work and an important focus in implementing economic policies, and have always been fellow travelers and good partners on the road of enterprise development and growth. in particular, since last year, we have further improved and optimized our services, established a regular communication and exchange mechanism with enterprises, earnestly responded to and addressed their concerns, and actively built a system and mechanism that better combines an effective market with a promising government. it is believed that the mutual trust and two-way travel between the government and enterprises will surely gather into a strong force to work together and develop win-win results.


li qiang pointed out that at present, the international environment has undergone profound changes and the world economic development faces many severe challenges. china will take practical and effective actions to promote high-quality development and inject more certainty and positive energy into the recovery and stable development of the world economy. we will step up macro-policy adjustment and strengthen policy coordination to ensure concerted efforts and synergy. we will work hard to expand domestic demand, further promote the development of a unified large market across the country, vigorously promote a new type of people-oriented urbanization, and promote large-scale upgrading of equipment and the replacement of large durable consumer goods with new ones. we will accelerate the development of a modern industrial system, promote industrial innovation through scientific and technological innovation, coordinate efforts to upgrade traditional industries, strengthen emerging industries, and foster future industries, and accelerate the development of new quality productive forces. continue to promote green transformation, unswervingly take the road of ecological priority and green development. we will address both the symptoms and root causes and prevent and defuse various risks and hidden dangers to promote long-term, sustained and sound economic development.


li qiang said that today's chinese economy has been deeply integrated with the world economy. we will continue to foster a market-oriented, law-based and internationalized business environment, further deepen reforms in key areas and key links, strive to improve the efficiency of government services, protect the legitimate rights and interests of various enterprises in accordance with the law, steadily advance institutional opening-up, and continue to open up the world at a higher level. a more open china will bring more opportunities for win-win cooperation to the world. we are ready to share with the world the great opportunities of china's sustained development and work with all parties to create a bright future of common development.


wu zhenglong attended the opening ceremony.


the annual conference is hosted by the development research center of the state council. about 400 people attended the opening ceremony, including world bank president banga, international monetary fund managing director georgieva, domestic and foreign experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, government officials and representatives of international organizations.


source: chinese government website