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strengthen the competitiveness of the industrial system with the integration of data and reality

the modern industrial system is the basis of the new development pattern and the material and technological basis of a modern country. accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system supported by the real economy is related to our strategic initiative in future development and international competition. in recent years, the internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies have accelerated innovation and increasingly integrated into the whole process of economic and social development. the digital economy has developed at an unprecedented speed, with a wide range of radiation and a deeper impact.  the use of new internet technologies to transform traditional industries in an all-round and whole-chain way, improve total factor productivity, and play the role of digital technology in amplifying, superposing and doubling economic development." this points out the direction and path for further exerting the important role of the integration of data and reality in the construction of modern industrial system.


to better promote the construction of a more internationally competitive modern industrial system with the integration of data and reality, it is necessary to deeply understand the important role of the integration of data and reality.


first, effectively strengthen the synergy between industries. the modern industrial system embodies the organic connection of a country or region's industrial policy, industrial type and industrial links, as well as the interactive relationship of various industrial elements. the integration of data and reality is not only a typical manifestation of the interaction between different industries, but also an important driving force to strengthen the coordinated development of industries and improve the level of industrial modernization. through the integrated application of new technologies, it can promote the efficient and smooth flow of information flow, technology flow, talent flow, capital flow and material flow, compress the time and space distance between technology and knowledge, break the restrictions and barriers between industrial chain links and regions, and comprehensively improve the coordinated development level of the real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance and human resources.


second, we will effectively strengthen support for the real economy. at present, digital technology is accelerating into the wide penetration of agriculture, industry and service industries, manufacturing and service manufacturing are advancing in tandem, and digital industrialization and industrial digitization are developing rapidly. the integration of data and reality provides vitality and impetus for china to adapt to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, can effectively improve the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of china's real economy, and promote the real economy to develop in the direction of intelligent, high-end, digital, networked and green. the use of digital technology to transform the traditional manufacturing industry in an all-round, all-round and whole-chain way can promote the transformation and optimization of industrial technology and move towards intelligent manufacturing. accelerating the construction of new infrastructure such as data centers, digital platforms, digital workshops, lighthouse factories, industrial internet, and smart parks can promote the development of industrial clusters and high-end, and strengthen the leading position and competitiveness of strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing.


third, effectively promote the new form of modern industry. the integration of data and reality has profoundly changed the economic production function, promoted the transformation of production organization and social division of labor to network, flat, platform, and small and micro, provided conditions and space for the innovation of industries and enterprises, and promoted the continuous emergence of new networks, new forms, new models, and new industries. mass customization production, personalized customization production, unmanned factories, cloud manufacturing and other new models of manufacturing, virtual laboratories, industrial internet, smart parks and e-commerce live broadcasting, digital agriculture, digital finance, digital exhibition, smart logistics, unmanned distribution and other new formats and new models are also booming, these can be deeply embedded in the modern industrial system.


fourth, effectively enhance the international competitiveness of the industrial system. at present, some countries have implemented "decoupling and chain breaking", built "small courtyard walls", promoted the return of manufacturing, built exclusive industrial chain and supply chain, and increased the strategic layout and policy support for the development of log-real integration. making full use of the comprehensive advantages of china's large scale, complete categories, good integrity, large growth potential and the rapid development of the digital economy, and promoting the integration of data and reality, can form the amplification, superposition and multiplication effect of digital technology on economic development, truly form a competitive modern industrial system, and occupy an advantage in the competition of the global industrial system.


today, china has become the world's second largest economy, scientific and technological innovation continues to make new breakthroughs, and the overall strength of enterprise development continues to improve. at the same time, it is also necessary to see that some industries in china are "big but not strong", "all but not fine", the international competitiveness is not strong enough, and some key core technologies are "stuck". china's digital technology has not yet fully integrated into the whole industrial chain and life cycle of the real economy, and the impetus for digital and real integration is still insufficient and the integration is not balanced. to further enhance the competitiveness of the industrial system with the integration of data and reality, we need to make overall planning in several aspects.


on the one hand, we need to balance the digital economy and the real economy. the digital economy is the key area of a new round of international competition, and the real economy is the foundation of china's economic development, and the two need to be integrated and promoted. we must base ourselves on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, balance the digital economy and the real economy, correctly grasp the development trend of domestic and international economy and science and technology, and accelerate the application and intelligent transformation of digital technologies, the digital transformation of enterprises, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. we will focus on strengthening coordination in institutional innovation and policy supply, layout in key areas, forging digital industry advantages, cultivating digital platforms and enterprises, constructing artificial intelligence ecology, and improving digital governance systems, so as to comprehensively improve the quality and level of the modern industrial system.


on the other hand, we need to coordinate traditional and emerging industries. china is a large country with a population of more than 1.4 billion, we must put the integrity and autonomy of the industrial system in an important position, and maintain and enhance the advantages of a complete industrial system and strong supporting capacity. to promote the construction of a modern industrial system with the integration of data and reality, we must adhere to the integrated development of the three industries and continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. it is necessary to see that a number of advanced industries have the advantage of realizing the integration of data and reality, and can quickly play a leading role, but also to see the significance of the integration of data and reality on the traditional industry, the use of advanced applicable technologies to carry out all-round, whole-chain transformation of traditional industries, can make traditional industries full of new vitality, and constantly strengthen the basic and supporting role of traditional industries on the development of advanced industries.


at the same time, we need to balance development and security. the first meeting of the 20th financial and economic commission of the cpc central committee made important arrangements for "building a modern industrial system with integrity, advanced nature and safety". to promote the integration of data and reality, we should also focus on this requirement and make efforts to enhance integrity, advancement and safety. it is necessary to prevent closed-door manufacturing, low-end locking, and falling into the trap of low-level repetition, but also to guard against risks such as "real to virtual" and "broken chain supply", improve the resilience and safety level of the industrial system, build a high-quality and efficient distribution system, industrial system and service industry new system, and achieve orderly, smooth and efficient operation of various industries.


facing the future, to further stimulate the engine power of the integration of data and reality, and to create an autonomous and controllable, safe and reliable, and highly competitive modern industrial system, we need to effectively make efforts in the following aspects.


first, adhere to the principle of "strength through numbers". it is important to make the real economy stronger and better, and promote the formation of more new industrial models and new forms of enterprises by focusing on industrial transformation, enterprise innovation, organizational innovation, technological progress, industrial chain upgrading, and scene creation in the process of digital and real integration. we should follow the laws of industrial and enterprise development, foster an open and open-source innovation ecosystem, guide all types of small and medium-sized enterprises to advance the integration of data and reality in light of local conditions and circumstances, strengthen technological and economic ties, and improve collaboration and supporting capabilities. in key areas, we will accelerate the formation of a digital-real integration ecosystem featuring platform-based design, digital management, intelligent manufacturing, networked collaboration, and a full-chain cycle, promote the vigorous development of new business forms, new models, and new products, and lead the upgrading of consumption in all industries. we will guide and support traditional industries in accelerating the application of advanced and applicable technologies, and vigorously cultivate specialized new enterprises and individual champions in manufacturing.


second, we will strengthen guidance and demonstration. to accelerate the pace of industrial and technological innovation in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area, the yangtze river delta and other regions, to promote innovation in the integration of data and reality through industrial innovation and technological innovation, and accelerate breakthroughs in the forefront of science and technology; build a number of high-quality industrial internet platforms, digital factories, computing power centers, accelerate the promotion of integration, standardization, modular application, to provide industry system solutions; promote the construction of smart parks, support the digital transformation of key economic development zones, establish a scientific evaluation system that integrates data and reality, and promote benchmarking experience; to accelerate the innovative practice of digital and real integration in advanced industrial clusters, we can consider creating a number of experimental areas for digital and real integration development with distinctive characteristics, deepen the construction of national digital economy innovation and development experimental areas, and build digital industrial clusters with international competitiveness.


third, promote openness and innovation. the integration of data and reality must focus on promoting the mutual promotion of domestic and international double cycles, and implement the integration of dynamic openness and internal and external linkage. it is necessary to learn from other countries' advanced concepts and experience in the field of digital and real integration, promote the "four-chain" integration of innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain, and talent chain, strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, support enterprises to deeply participate in the global industrial division of labor and cooperation, embed themselves in the global innovation network, and enhance their voice and competitiveness. in the context of the rapid expansion of the global artificial intelligence industry scale and market, and the increasingly fierce technological competition, support qualified enterprises to accelerate artificial intelligence technology innovation, knowledge innovation, and application innovation, take advantage of china's large market size and rich application scenarios, accelerate the pace of integration of artificial intelligence and the real economy, and open up new fields and new tracks.


fourth, we will strengthen policy guarantees. it is necessary to improve the top-level planning and design, adhere to the overall planning, seek progress while maintaining stability, and make gradual progress, and enhance the systematic and synergistic policies between various industries in the real economy and digital economy, and between industrial chains and supply chains. it is necessary to vigorously optimize the management measures of new infrastructure, improve the level of connectivity, increase the supply of common industrial technologies, and innovate the mechanism of joint construction and sharing. we will modernize digital governance and improve mechanisms for the circulation, trading, security and infrastructure supervision of data resources. layout the industrial chain and supply chain from a global perspective, and constantly improve the resilience and security level of the industrial chain and supply chain; vigorously cultivate professional and technical talents in digital planning, industrial data analysis, industrial interconnection, etc., to provide talent support for real deep integration.


source: state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council