implement the "one belt and one road" initiative new book release details china exploration and beijing positioning-凯发k8天生赢家

implement the "one belt and one road" initiative new book release details china exploration and beijing positioning

on june 28, by the beijing forestry university economic management academy, the state bureau of forestry and grassland area along the grass and center for international economic and trade cooperation, the ministry of commerce research institute of international service trade, foreign economic and trade university foreign economic and trade centre for policy research, social sciences academic press, supported by the practice of "area" initiative: china's exploration and the positioning of beijing book conference and the trend of economic globalization and china's response to the epidemic seminar held in beijing.

the book argues that beijing attaches equal importance to "bringing in" and "going global" when it comes to outbound investment. beijing vigorously promotes infrastructure connectivity, international production capacity cooperation and the construction of key overseas parks in the countries along the "one belt and one road". relying on the economic advantages of the headquarters and the demonstration and driving role of central enterprises, enterprises will accelerate the pace of "going global", which is conducive to the construction of "sophisticated" economic structure in the capital. beijing should further plan a new round of service sector opening and improve the city's business environment. the spread of covid-19 around the world will pose many challenges to international investment projects in terms of contract implementation and employees' return to work, seriously affecting the process of global investment liberalization and economic integration. in this context, it is of great significance to give full play to beijing's leading role in "one belt and one road" investment and promote cooperation and exchanges between china and "one belt and one road" countries along the belt and road, as well as the location selection and risk prevention of investment by enterprises of both sides.

huang qunhui, director of the institute of economics of the chinese academy of social sciences, said at the seminar that the recent high-level proposal to form a new development pattern with domestic major circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other needs to be deeply considered and studied. the epidemic has caused considerable damage to the global industrial and supply chains, there is uncertainty in the international cycle, and the data of the world economy in the second quarter of this year is not optimistic. against this backdrop, china needs to continue to deepen reform and opening up and consider seeking a better balance between the efficiency and security of the industrial chain.

source: xinhuanet