promoting capital to embrace the real economy icg awarded "outstanding contribution to soe investment bailout"-凯发k8天生赢家

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promoting capital to embrace the real economy icg awarded "outstanding contribution to soe investment bailout"

on the morning of june 8, the 2020 china industrial investment and financing summit kicked off in beijing. this summit has gathered more than 100 well-known domestic investment institutions and dozens of experts and scholars in the field of investment at home and abroad, with over 500 guests attending. icg president aaron wang attended and delivered a keynote speech as a special guest. in view of its intensive efforts in the field of investment over the years, especially its outstanding achievements in helping state-owned enterprises reduce debt and rescue, icg was awarded the honor of "outstanding contribution to state-owned enterprises' investment rescue" by unanimous approval of the jury of experts of the summit.


icg always carries out the mission of "taking national construction as its own duty", actively invests the creditor's rights and equity of state-owned enterprises and listed companies, helps enterprises reduce the pressure of debt, and guides low-cost foreign capital to support the domestic real economy. our investment covers a wide range of strategic emerging industries, including major health, energy, science and technology, and civil-military integration. in 2019, the group invested a total of 105.6 billion yuan in various business sectors, including 66.58 billion yuan in debt, involving 109 investment projects.

affected by the covid-19 epidemic in the first half of this year, domestic enterprises have faced varying degrees of debt pressure. in the process of orderly resumption of work and production, state-owned enterprises are undoubtedly the key to economic recovery, but they, like other enterprises, are facing a thorny problem of capital shortage. to alleviate the pressure of debt state-owned enterprises affected by the epidemic in, guarantee continuous and stable development of state-owned enterprises, further solve the problem of state-owned enterprises financing difficulties and high cost, increase the liquidity of state-owned enterprises and icg set up a special industrial fund and to apply for financing priority of aa and above state-owned enterprises after the bad factoring financing, help enterprise to return to work and production, restoring normal production work order.

in the keynote speech, aaron wang, president of icg, made an in-depth analysis to the guests on the common financial difficulties encountered in the transformation and upgrading of state-owned enterprises, and how icg helped state-owned enterprises solve their problems through capital and management advantages. aaron wang pointed out that the debt reduction and rescue of state-owned enterprises is a topic worth studying. when enterprises are in financial difficulties, the simple short-term fund supply can cure the symptoms but not the root cause. besides, the business fields of enterprises are different, and the development degree is also differentiated. therefore, the need for customized financial solutions is greater. in the state-owned enterprise investment rescue project, icg adheres to the investment philosophy of "enterprise", and tailors policy-based and diversified financing solutions according to the operation status of the enterprise and the demand for funds at various stages of development, so as to fundamentally solve the working capital and medium - and long-term capital required by the enterprise development.

it is icg's unswervingly developing direction to let the capital play its due social value, and it is the most direct embodiment of the value as an investment company to rescue the investment of state-owned enterprises. in the future, icg will continue to deepen its efforts in the field of soe investment and rescue, guide capital back to the real economy, and inject internal impetus into improving the high-quality development of china's economy.