today, the 100 billion industrial fund pool is related to a hub in shanghai-凯发k8天生赢家

today, the 100 billion industrial fund pool is related to a hub in shanghai

6 in the morning, in the second session of the yangtze river delta integration development top bbs on important matters of cooperation signing ceremony, open hongqiao international hub for the yangtze river delta industry fund service platform fund first warehousing intention agreement signed, by the shanghai hongqiao business district management committee and poly brics capital investment co., ltd., zhejiang zheshang's xinge wing (shanghai) co., ltd., built investment management co., ltd., anhui investment group holdings co., ltd. jointly signed.

yangtze river delta industry fund service platform is for the purpose of giving full play to the advantages of hongqiao business district linkage and radiation, enlarge financial pull effect on the industry, through the introduction of state investment sector, as well as shanghai, zhejiang, jiangsu, anhui, a wide range of three provinces and one city capital market resources, establish investment and financing integration docking platform, set up billions of class library industry foundation, the focus of docking services, the formation of industrial projects and the financial resources of information sharing and linkage, power industry agglomeration, provide strong support for construction of open hongqiao international hub.

with 100 billion industrial fund base as the core, the yangtze river delta industrial fund service platform will focus on high-quality projects financially, project and investment based on the principle of "government guidance, market subject, policy support and participation of all parties" and the concept of market-oriented operation. the investment platform of central enterprises, state-owned investment funds in the yangtze river delta region, and resources of financial institutions such as banks and insurance will be introduced in the first batch, gradually expanding to other types of investment funds.

according to introducing, the new fund service platform, yangtze river delta is located in the hongqiao business district centre for investment promotion and public service, responsible for coordination of industry fund library daily work, around the hongqiao international hub of the positioning of opening, new goals and new requirements, the key to carry out the project organization, communication, service projects, and study on butt, for promoting the development of the regional innovation cooperation.

in the future, all inbound fund units will focus on the construction of hongqiao international opening hub to achieve win-win cooperation. the specific arrangements for the investment projects involved shall be operated independently by each warehoused-in fund unit, and each warehoused-in fund unit shall be encouraged to strengthen cooperation and carry out joint investment.

at the same time, the service platform will also support the business development of the recipient fund units in hongqiao business district, and provide support according to relevant policies of hongqiao business district for those who have participated in major platforms, key projects and key industries of hongqiao business district and achieved significant results.

based on the principle of voluntary participation and examination and entry, the fund base attaches importance to absorbing the strength of all social parties, and builds a service and guiding platform for the exchange and cooperation of financial resources in the yangtze river delta. on the basis of the first batch of funds to be put into storage, the scope is gradually expanded through strict condition examination.

hongqiao business district investment promotion and public service affairs center is responsible for the specific operation of the yangtze river delta industry fund service platform, and organizes all warehousing units of the industry fund to promote the maximum co-construction and sharing around the construction of hongqiao international opening hub. in the future, the hongqiao business district management committee will play a role of funds investment leading guidance library, support storage units to participate in regional integration "hongqiao business district investment projects docking platform" represented by the various investment promotion activities, recommend to fund library, functional and innovative projects, key projects for the incoming funds to participate in the hongqiao business district development and construction, providing the service industry development, encourage treasury fund share the high quality project, the formation of innovation cooperation.

source: bbc news