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we will stabilize investment in the manufacturing sector and strengthen the "transformation and upgrading fund" in many regions

from the 50 billion china manufacturing transformation and upgrading fund in beijing, to the first scientific and technological achievements transformation equity investment fund in southwest china, to the four 100 billion special funds in shanghai...

according to the reporter of china business news, at present, a number of "transformation and upgrading funds" are making efforts in many places to stabilize manufacturing investment and help the real economy.

in this year's government work report, we will promote the upgrading of the manufacturing sector and the development of emerging industries. we will substantially increase medium - and long-term lending to the manufacturing sector. develop industrial internet and promote intelligent manufacturing; we will expand effective investment. we will give priority to supporting the development of the "two new and one heavy" sectors, including building new infrastructure, developing next-generation information networks, expanding the use of 5g, building charging piles, and promoting new-energy vehicles to stimulate new consumer demand and promote industrial upgrading.

on may 26, the "china development bank manufacturing transformation and upgrading fund" was launched in the jinrong business district of houshayu, shunyi district, beijing, with a total scale of 50.1 billion yuan. according to the arrangement, the fund will focus on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and high-quality development, mainly in the fields of electric power equipment and new-generation information technology.

shunyi is the main carrying area for the industrialization of the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the capital city of beijing. it has cultivated two industrial clusters of automobile and aviation with a scale of 100 billion, and formed a modern industrial system based on green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, dominated by the airport economy and modern service industry, and led by scientific and technological innovation and strategic emerging industries.

according to shunyi district, the financial industry has become the third pillar industry. in the first quarter of 2020, the added value of the financial industry reached 5.81 billion yuan, up 7.5% year on year, accounting for 15.4% of the region's gdp. shunyi has more than 110 listed enterprises and 110 funds, with a total fund management scale of nearly 1.8 trillion yuan, among which industrial funds exceed 400 billion yuan.

a month ago, chongqing high-tech zone just introduced the first development fund of chengdu-chongqing shuangcheng economic circle with a total scale of 30 billion yuan. the fund focuses on the strategic emerging manufacturing industries in sichuan and chongqing, including integrated circuits, intelligent manufacturing, new display, new materials, new energy, and biomedicine, as well as strategic emerging service industries such as airline travel and grand health.

in this year's government work report, we will promote the upgrading of the manufacturing sector and the development of emerging industries. on may 15, the shanghai government press conference, held in shanghai economic informatization wu jincheng introduction, director of the committee, shanghai has launched "about to speed up the characteristic industrial park construction to promote industrial investment of several policies and measures, will start the" four 100 billion "funds, surrounding the ic, artificial intelligence, biological medicine, a total of 100 billion yuan of leading industry fund; focusing on new networks, new facilities, new platforms and new terminals, we will set up a special program of new preferential credit for infrastructure construction totaling 100 billion yuan. we will expand medium - and long-term low-interest loan policies from integrated circuits to artificial intelligence and biomedicine, and set up a total of 100 billion yuan of special medium - and long-term credit funds for advanced manufacturing industries. we will promote the transformation and upgrading of the parks and set up a 100 billion yuan fund for secondary development of the parks.

since april this year, shanghai has successively issued a series of policies on online new economy and digital new infrastructure, aiming at guiding enterprises to expand effective investment, constantly boosting investment confidence, promoting the leading development of pilot industries, upgrading of traditional industries, and fostering the development of strategic emerging industries.

researcher at the chinese academy of social sciences financial research institute vice zheng lian sheng earlier in china's financial news online, at present, the industrial investment fund in our country large, strong affinity, important influence on business innovation, industrial development, but at the same time, there is also a lack of complete the top design, the related problems such as imperfect legal system. in the future, we need to clarify the boundary, strengthen guidance, rely on industry, control the bottom line, in order to realize the long-term steady development of china's industrial investment fund.

this year's national two sessions, the central committee of the people's republic of china for the advancement of the people's republic of china "on the steady upgrading of the industrial structure, to promote high-quality economic development proposal" also said that the country's industrial structure to give play to the advantages of the integrity of the industry, guide the coordinated development of the financial industry and the real economy, accelerate the cultivation of emerging industries, promote the digitalization, networking and intelligent upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

source: yicai.com