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jiangsu industry fund to promote tourism after the epidemic

the tourism industry has a large amount of investment and a long recovery cycle, and its operation is highly dependent on the cash flow brought by tourists. however, during the epidemic period, scenic spots, restaurants, hotels and other business sites closed their doors and the tourism industry suffered a "waterloo". in order to help tourism enterprises cope with the impact of the epidemic and relieve the pressure of operation, the finance department of jiangsu province recently issued a policy: for the projects funded by the jiangsu provincial tourism industry development fund in 2019, the interest from january to june of 2020 will be exempted. for the tourism enterprises under pressure to repay the loans, the repayment period of no more than one year can be extended. we will open up a "green channel" for loans to small, medium and micro tourism enterprises and provide low-interest loans to support them. with the support of the policy, many tourist attractions in jiangsu welcomed the new life after the epidemic in the recent may day holiday.

warm enterprise: directly exempt tourism project financing interest

it was closed on january 23, and sales of tourism-driven agricultural products stagnated. most of the agricultural production personnel of the company come from anhui, henan and other places, and the agricultural production is also greatly affected because the employees cannot arrive at their posts in time. income is almost zero, with what to repay the interest of provincial tourism industry development fund? after the outbreak of the epidemic, chen ping, chairman of jiangsu hongyitai ecological agriculture technology co., ltd. had a hard time sleeping and eating until early february, when he received a call from the manager of the provincial tourism industry development fund.

originally, in order to explore the integration of rural tourism, hongyitai started to build hongchun icing on the brocade garden and agricultural culture garden in 2016. the project won a 5-year credit granting of 10 million yuan from the provincial tourism industry development fund in september 2016 and a three-year credit granting of 7 million yuan in december 2017, respectively. on the phone, the fund manager told him that the provincial finance for the enterprise directly exempted the first half of the year 350,000 yuan interest, do not need to deal with any procedures.

no one looks at the flowers that have been planted; spring festival temple fairs were canceled; the marketing cost of advertising was "wasted"... at the critical moment of the epidemic, the provincial tourism industry development fund held up an "umbrella" for jiangsu huagu qiuyuan tourism development co., ltd. : waiving the first-half interest of 15 million yuan in the loan, and extending the credit due this year for another year.

"by the end of april 2020, the fund had borrowed 98 projects with a loan balance of rmb 11,43.5 million, which has saved about rmb 25 million in financing interest for tourism enterprises." according to the person in charge of the finance department of the provincial finance department, the provincial tourism industry development fund was established in september 2013. it is the first tourism development fund in china established by the provincial finance department to improve the efficiency of the use of financial funds and better support the development of the provincial tourism industry. the management committee of the fund is composed of the provincial department of finance and the provincial department of culture and tourism. the fund manager, jiangsu reinsurance technology small loan co., ltd. is responsible for market operation, and provides financial support to enterprises in the project database at the bank's benchmark interest rate. in the past seven years, a total of 3.965 billion yuan has been lent to support 482 households of tourism enterprises and 185 tourism projects, which has reduced the financing cost for tourism enterprises and supported a large number of excellent tourism enterprises in jiangsu province, achieving good economic and social benefits.

energy storage: to help enterprises upgrade

the heart-warming measures have greatly boosted the confidence of enterprises to dispel the epidemic haze, and also helped them accumulate energy, adjust their status, take aim at changes in the industry, tap into the market potential, and lay a solid foundation for a comprehensive recovery.

"the 152,000 yuan originally used to repay the interest was used for marketing activities. we cooperated with a central enterprise to conduct online marketing on the app. during the may day holiday, the food and beverage department introduced new dishes, and the room service department introduced online reservation mode, with the room occupancy rate reaching 100%. xia lan, chairman of jiangsu qinglan ecological agriculture co., ltd., said excitedly that at present, the company adopts the method of online booking and non-contact distribution and internal staff selling at a low price, which not only reduces the enterprise's loss to the minimum, but also makes the business performance counter attack.

the policy helps enterprises recover, while enterprises seize the opportunity to upgrade. "very soon, we will give our visitors a better experience." shi junsheng, chairman of jiangsu haizhou bay development group, said that in december, the provincial tourism industry development fund provided a loan of 15 million yuan to haizhou bay, mainly for the infrastructure construction of the scenic spot. now, the funds originally used to repay the interest will be used to continue to upgrade and improve the liandao-yangshan island scenic spot, yuntaishan mountain scenic spot, laojie exhibition hall and other related scenic spots.

jiangsu hongyitai ecological agriculture technology co., ltd. will do several things this year: to transform home stay; to build a base for primary and middle school students; intelligent transformation of existing agricultural facilities and construction of the global internet of things; the campaign aims to help farmers sell vegetables and bring convenience and benefits to the public. "follow the path of deep industrial integration and be ready for the next round of tourism season." chen ping, chairman of hongyitai, is confident about the future of the company.

looking for opportunities: from "new" to promote the overall recovery of the industry

the recovery of the tourism industry should not be a simple reopening of the door, but a more accurate grasp of the new trend of people's consumption. with the support of the provincial tourism industry development fund, tourism enterprises are working hard to capture and create opportunities. meanwhile, the provincial tourism industry development fund is accelerating the pace of tapping new market potential and cultivating new forms of tourism.

wang jiaguang nanjing tangshan purple qing lake tourist area general manager, said the outbreak caused people's attention to preserve one's health, health, the scenic area will give full play to the advantage of the natural environment, put forward the "true mountain true water spa, health is the life of this" new concept of advocating the ecological environment and hot springs health, creating health health holiday destination.

since the outbreak of the epidemic, efforts have been made to improve the efficiency of the use of fiscal funds and the ability to make counter-cyclical adjustments. "the fund is stepping up its support to the northern region of jiangsu. among the five projects invested from january to april this year, four projects were invested in northern jiangsu, accounting for 86% of the total investment in the current period." fund managers reinsurance, jiangsu science and technology small loan co., ltd., chairman of mr zhang, for example, funds to invest in dongtai xixi tourism culture scenic area development co., ltd., working capital loans 10 million yuan, mainly used in dongtai xixi national 4 a level scenic spot scenic area development, construction and operation of the scenic area is to be included in the jiangsu ten new scenic spot, is approved to establish provincial movie and tv base.

in addition, the epidemic has brought uncertainty to the development of the tourism industry, zhang said, adding that tourism companies need to strengthen revenue and expenditure management, debt management, emergency management, risk management, asset management, future planning and information connectivity, avoid blind investment, raise awareness of risk prevention and enhance the ability to resist risks. the fund manager will continue to provide long-term financial services after the epidemic, prevent the subsequent financial risks caused by the epidemic, and help the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.

source: jiangsu economic news