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contactless supply chain financial solutions are here!

under the epidemic situation, supply chain finance plays an important role in relieving the financial pressure of enterprises. recently, the bank insurance regulatory commission and other departments have issued a series of notices and guidance documents to promote various market entities to use supply chain finance and other financing methods to expand the financing supply for small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to ensure the capital needs of enterprises for the resumption of work and production.

today, tencent cloud officially launched the intelligent service platform of supply chain finance, which integrates and applies the financial technology capabilities such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, internet of things and block chain into the whole process of supply chain business such as pre-loan risk assessment, on-loan asset review and post-loan operation supervision. the platform can provide a full range of supply chain financial services, including factoring financing, multi-stage debt circulation, warehouse pledge, industrial risk control, etc., covering banks, large core enterprises, financial holding group, financial guarantee companies, factoring companies, financial companies, financial leasing companies and other supply chain financial institutions.

"technology can discover credit, deliver credit, monitor credit and price credit. tencent cloud launched the intelligent service platform of supply chain finance, hoping to solve the key pain points of supply chain finance with scientific and technological means. especially during the epidemic period, all kinds of market entities can complete online authentication, online contract signing, online delivery of business information and realize contactless business handling based on this platform. tencent financial cloud general manager hu liming said.

according to the introduction, tencent cloud supply chain financial wisdom service platform covers the supply chain receivables financing platform, block chain multi-stage flow platform, internet of things electronic warehouse receipt platform, big data industry risk control platform and other four scenarios.

specifically, the supply chain receivables financing platform, through the application of big data, ai and other technologies, has established a whole-process informatization and intelligent business support system covering contract certification, pre-loan credit investigation, in-loan loan review and post-loan early warning monitoring.

relying on the tencent cloud tbaas block chain, the multi-level credit transfer platform can fully record the transaction behaviors such as the chain, circulation, separation, financing and payment of receivables, so as to realize the gradual transmission of core enterprise credit in the industrial chain, and enable more small, medium and micro enterprises to raise funds by relying on the commercial credit of core enterprises.

the internet of things blockchain electronic warehouse receipt platform is a scenario solution built to support the financing of bulk commodity electronic warehouse receipt. by connecting various intelligent devices, it can chain the business data collection of warehousing, management and storage, so as to eventually form a authentic blockchain electronic warehouse receipt and improve the credit effectiveness of the warehouse receipt.

big data industry risk control platform based on tencent cloud portrait of enterprise knowledge map, through numerical evaluation, transmission management, continuous monitoring, as the main body in the financial institutions in the enterprise credit and business background authenticity review, risk assessment, trade debts risk assessment, related party transactions analysis, negative public opinion monitoring, etc, to provide power.

tencent cloud supply chain financial wisdom service platform has now landed a mature case. with the help of hanhua finance holding, which has provided financial services to more than 200,000 small, medium and micro enterprises, hanhua cloud chain, an online platform of supply chain finance, has been built. through online identity authentication, remote contract signing, online risk control engine and other functions, the platform further optimizes the multi-product portfolio of "payment receipt confirmation" and provides contactless online supply chain financial solutions. the ability of mobile acquisition, online audit and online risk control of the platform also helped hanhua finance holding to realize the upgrading and transformation from offline operation to online operation, and the overall efficiency was greatly improved.

according to the reporter, sealand securities and blue ocean bank are also actively exploring cooperation with tencent cloud in the field of supply chain fintech.

source: sina finance and economics