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icg debt reduction financing drf asset management in the crisis to restore confidence in enterprise development

after the state issued a document on march 11 to support enterprises to issue bonds for financing, the notice on adjusting macro-prudential adjustment parameters of full-caliber cross-border financing was issued on march 12. with the increase of the parameters, the upper limit of the risk-weighted balance of cross-border financing will be raised correspondingly, and enterprises will be strongly supported to raise funds through overseas channels. this will facilitate domestic companies to make full use of both domestic and international resources and markets and raise funds through multiple channels. under the guidance of macro policies, icg has opened up a broader overseas financing channel for large state-owned enterprises and listed companies, and made great efforts to promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises, so as to fully serve the development of the real economy.

in order to meet the differentiated financing needs of different enterprises, icg provides diversified and multi-level financing solutions for debt reduction financing, such as drf capital management, trs capital management, os capital management, overseas investment, supply chain capital management, industrial funds, securities investment and equity investment. during the epidemic, domestic enterprises faced a more severe economic situation, the debt pressure surged, the asset-liability ratio was generally high, and financial crisis was prone to occur. this shows, reduce debt, steady growth is imperative. icg debt reduction financing drf asset management plan combines financing with debt reduction to actively help enterprises solve the problem of debt reduction in special times.

icg debt reduction financing drf asset management plan tailored to the operation of large state-owned enterprises and listed companies, a series of financing programs with debt reduction effect, aimed at helping enterprises to maintain sustainable development in the long term. icg will raise medium - and long-term funds for the development of enterprises through the international financial market, help large state-owned enterprises and listed companies to enter the international capital market with more favorable capital cost, expand the channels for enterprises to obtain low-cost funds, and finally achieve the effect of debt reduction. china construction debt reduction financing drf asset management plan provides five implementation plans for enterprises applying for financing, including cross-border factoring, cross-border leasing, capital increase and share expansion, debt-to-equity swap and spv project financing. enterprises can freely combine one or more schemes to meet their personalized and diversified financing needs.

icg debt reduction financing drf asset management plan will integrate overseas capital and domestic enterprise assets, optimize the allocation of resources on a global scale, and guide the flow of capital, compared with other financing plan has more significant advantages. firstly, icg debt reduction financing drf financing management is not limited to a single financing scheme, but supports enterprises to conduct financing through multi-level and multi-type capital cooperation. secondly, icg helps enterprises to reasonably introduce low-cost cross-border capital, make good use of overseas capital precipitation, and effectively ease the financing pressure of enterprises. finally, by assisting enterprises in overseas financing, the debt structure of enterprises can be optimized, disposable funds can be increased, and existing debts can be eliminated in an orderly manner, so as to achieve the effect of reducing the debt ratio of enterprises while financing.

aaron wang, president of icg, said that reducing the asset-liability ratio of enterprises is an important measure to effectively control the macro leverage ratio, prevent debt risks and ensure the healthy and stable operation of the economy. in the special period of epidemic, enterprises need to restore their confidence in development. participating in drf asset management plan is undoubtedly the preferred solution to promote corporate debt reduction and efficiency. icg will continue to pay attention to the financing needs of various enterprises, create high-quality and efficient financial services, and lay a solid foundation for enterprises to resume production and long-term healthy and stable development.