bank insurance regulatory commission: optimize supply chain financial services with fintech-凯发k8天生赢家

bank insurance regulatory commission: optimize supply chain financial services with fintech

on march 13, yang liping, chief inspector of the bank insurance regulatory commission, revealed at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the state council that the bank insurance regulatory commission is in accordance with the relevant requirements of the 85th executive meeting of the state council, timely research and implementation of the financial support industry chain coordination resumption of work and production related key work.

first, we will strengthen support for core enterprises in the industrial chain. we will guide financial institutions in the banking sector to take the initiative to connect with core enterprises in the industrial chain, increase support for loans with working capital, and provide reasonable credit lines. it supports core enterprises to pay cash to downstream enterprises in the form of advance payment after financing by means of credit and bonds, so as to reduce the cash flow pressure and financing cost of upstream and downstream small and medium-sized enterprises.

second, we will improve financial services for enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. we will guide banking financial institutions to continue to follow up the demand for the resumption of work and production in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain of enterprises, support enterprises in financing with accounts receivable, warehouse receipts and inventory pledge, and at the same time promote banks to appropriately reduce the proportion of acceptance margin for enterprises with good credit.

third, we will strengthen coordinated development of the global industrial chain. we will encourage banking financial institutions to strengthen the role of finance in stabilizing foreign trade, ensure the allocation of credit resources for trade financing, improve the incentive mechanism, increase the supply of foreign trade credit, and implement policies such as deferred repayment of principal and interest on loans. support commercial insurance companies to carry out short-term export credit insurance business and reduce rates.

fourth, the use of fintech to optimize supply chain financial services. we will encourage qualified banking financial institutions to develop supply chain business systems, and provide convenient and efficient supply chain financing services to customers on the chain by connecting with relevant systems of core enterprises and government departments and combining online and offline. we will encourage policy banks and commercial banks to strengthen business cooperation with private banks that mainly rely on the internet to provide precise drip irrigation for small and micro businesses and improve the availability of loans for small and micro businesses returning to work and production.

li-ping yang, said the next step, silver circ will be in accordance with the party central committee and the state council decision deployment, progress as a whole to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development of financial services, continue to increase the intensity of financial services entity economy, supervise the bank insurance institutions implement of financial policies and measures to ensure that policy implementation does not discount.

source: china securities net