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supply chain finance acceleration: shorten the loan cycle and reduce the financing cost

with the continuous development of the epidemic, the core enterprises of supply chain finance have innovated the scope of financial services. up to now, a number of supply chain finance enterprises have set up a green channel for loan approval for upstream and downstream enterprises, and the loan cycle of some supply chain finance enterprises has been shortened from the past week to one day.

an executive from a core enterprise in supply chain finance told china business news that at present, the main body of supply chain finance in the core enterprise needs to mobilize all available financial resources to help the manufacturing entity solve the capital problem, reduce financing costs and improve the efficiency of financing for the enterprise.

at the same time, the crisis provides a new idea for the development direction of supply chain finance. chu xuejian, director of the logistics research center at shanghai university, said that traditional enterprises usually use goods as collateral for financing, but this mode will prevent enterprises from getting blood transfusion in an emergency period when goods cannot be circulated. referring to the future development direction of supply chain finance, chu suggested that smes use data assets to develop together.

help supply supplies

to solve the capital turnover problem in upstream and downstream of supply chain has become a major aspect for supply chain finance enterprises to implement epidemic prevention requirements.

it is understood that shanghai jiacheng during the epidemic undertook part of the task of procurement of protective materials. however, due to the capital turnover problem of most suppliers, the original 1~2 month payment days was cancelled and replaced by cash settlement. at this time, in the early phase of the procurement has been a large number of pad capital shanghai minister, received a number of enterprises entrusted from south korea to purchase masks, disinfectant, protective clothing and other anti-epidemic materials, a 10 million yuan funding gap.

zheng baowen, chairman of shanghai jiachen, a supplier of suning, told reporters that the fund gap had been "plugged". they had received 10 million yuan supply chain financing from suning finance. the cooperation between shanghai jiachen and suning tesco has been using the mode of settlement mortgage. the former will settle the money after two months of supply. but this matter is urgent, shanghai home minister to suning finance applied for supply chain financing, submit capital demand less than 24 hours to get the fund.

miui eco-chain enterprise shushuexue, a company specializing in medical devices and cold chain temperature monitoring, also encountered a similar problem this time. liang yuyang, the company's founder, said that during the spring festival, the supply channels are tight, and many manufacturers do not accept any payment days. therefore, the company needs to use cash to purchase protective materials.

"in the past, we told xiaomi finance which merchants to pay and what to pay, and then xiaomi finance was entrusted to pay. but this is a special time when suppliers may have a decision window of only a few hours. xiaomi finance approved 11.8 million yuan of financing at the first time, and we made a quick decision by ourselves." liang yuyang told reporters.

how to rescue the upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain in an emergency reflects the decision-making ability of the core enterprises of the supply chain finance. according to suning finance, the core enterprise of supply chain finance has a long-term cooperative relationship with the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. the data can interact online in real time and the trade background system can be directly verified, which is the key for the core enterprise of supply chain finance to issue supply chain financing quickly.

ant colony development or a new direction

this crisis provides a new way of thinking for the development of supply chain finance.

chu xuejian pointed out that how to rescue the upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain in an emergency has become the focus of the future supply chain finance research. traditional enterprises generally use the method of goods pledge for financing, but this mode will make enterprises unable to get blood transfusion in the current period when goods cannot be circulated.

yang daqing, deputy secretary general of the logistics and supply chain finance branch of china union of goods and materials, once pointed out that because the chinese market is not as mature as the european and american markets, and more than 80% of the enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, the supply chain model of the chinese market is different from that of europe and the united states, and the collateral is full of uncertainty. even though some msmes are competent and professional, banks and other institutions are still unable to provide funds. the key problem is the lack of effective tools to judge their credit. the traditional physical world cannot be solved, but in the digital information world, we can have more data means to turn the things that banks did not look good in the past into useful clutches to help enterprises realize financing.

in fact, the development of china's digital economy has achieved a certain scale. data show that china's digital economy reached 31.3 trillion yuan in 2018, accounting for nearly 35 percent of gdp. the digital scale of the industry is about 25 trillion yuan, accounting for about 28% of the gdp.

yang daqing said that with the transformation of the consumer internet to the industrial supply chain, the construction of the industrial internet will usher in a deeper and broader digital supply chain, and the smart city and the internet of everything will form a new digital economy soil, which needs to consolidate the foundation of the new logistics and digital supply chain.

in this regard, chu xuejian put forward the development model of small and medium-sized enterprises. chu pointed out that the development of the industry chain in the ant soldiers can be the same as a large number of ant enterprises. ant firms, of course, rely heavily on data. in this outbreak, for example, many restaurant companies called for government help. but they do not know that the large number of families quarantined by the outbreak need food support, and their current insular way of doing business does not effectively tell the state of supply and demand. however, a large number of ant enterprises use digital technology to develop together and form a complete data set for small enterprises. these data can reflect the demand in the downstream and the supply in the upstream. the above problems can be solved.

but what kind of data can become data assets, the current industry has not been defined accordingly.

in this regard, chu xuejian suggested referring to logistics finance to use the warehouse receipt of futures trading market as the model of mortgage lending. chu thinks warehouse receipt can become online data. however, in the process of the development of supply chain finance, what kind of data can become data assets needs to be defined by corresponding standards.

source: china business network