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more than 600 million yuan special industry support fund to support small, medium and micro enterprises

as an "industrial town", during the period of epidemic prevention and control, shunde responded quickly by issuing and issuing the "twenty measures of fighting epidemic situation and ensuring development" (hereinafter referred to as "twenty measures").

shunde will combine the actual, dominated by the district government, integrated area, town, two levels of financial and social cohesion strength of not less than 600 million yuan, and form a complete set of special industry support funds, focus on support greatly influenced by the outbreak of micro, small and medium enterprises, especially technology and the growth space of small miniature enterprise, and enterprise overcome the current difficulties.

cost reduction:

some small, medium and micro enterprises will be exempted from rent for two months

it is reported that shunde will mobilize all forces to reduce the rent of small, medium and micro enterprises, to reduce the operating costs of small, medium and micro enterprises.

for small, medium and micro enterprises whose property is operated by state-owned (including state-controlled) assets at the leasehold area and town (street) level, the two-month rent is exempted. in addition, owners of social capital are encouraged to provide tenants with appropriate rent relief during the outbreak.

according to the "article 20", the city of shunde will grant subsidies for delayed resumption of work, and give one-time subsidies for delayed resumption of work to enterprises that have registered for employment and paid remuneration according to regulations for workers who failed to return to work due to the epidemic.

in addition, enterprises that do not lay off employees or do not lay off employees and meet the requirements can return 50% of their actual unemployment insurance premiums paid in the previous year. to be affected by epidemic, unit of choose and employ persons cannot pay social insurance premium on time, can defer to after epidemic disease is lifted 3 months pay cost, during do not add collect fine for delaying payment.

tax reduction:

tax breaks for restaurants and hotels

according to the "article 20", shunde will simplify the collection and management process and reduce taxes appropriately. if it is indeed difficult for taxpayers to pay tax due to the impact of the epidemic, the real estate tax and the urban land use tax shall be reduced or exempted in accordance with the law.

in addition, we also offer invoice increment adjustment and free delivery of invoices. we will increase the amount of invoices for some medical equipment manufacturers whose orders have soared, and those involved in the production and sale of anti-new coronavirus drugs and products.

according to article 20, shunde will also fully implement the tax policy to guarantee the supply of daily necessities. this includes the implementation of vat exemption policies for the circulation of vegetables and fresh meat and eggs produced by subsistence enterprises, preferential policies on value-added tax, property tax, urban land use tax and stamp duty for state reserve commodities, and preferential policies on urban land use tax for bulk commodity storage facilities.

in addition, shunde will implement preferential policies to fully support small and micro enterprises. for enterprises in the catering and hotel industries that have been greatly affected by the epidemic and other enterprises that have not fully resumed production in a timely manner, preferential tax reduction policies for small and micro businesses will be implemented in light of the actual situation.

according to article 20, shunde will also increase tax support for key enterprises.

increase support:

we will increase support for policy-based financial products

according to article 20, shunde plays a leading role in policy institutions. the state-owned enterprise in shunde district, guangdong shungao investment and financing guarantee co., ltd., provides insurance premium support for small, medium and micro enterprises in shunde district to provide stock projects for loan renewal, loan transfer and credit enhancement.

in addition, the district policy financial products to increase support. this includes increasing financing support for manufacturers of epidemic prevention and control products and enterprises that are greatly affected by the epidemic, increasing the scale of policy-based financial products in shunde to 500 million yuan, such as the enterprise credit risk compensation fund in shunde and the special fund for supporting enterprise financing in shunde. in addition, we will ensure that the credit balance of small and micro businesses does not decline.

this year, we will continue to carry out the activity of "connecting 100 financial institutions with 10,000 private enterprises", set up 100 financial advisory groups, and provide financial services to small, medium and micro enterprises, especially those affected by the epidemic, through online consultants and remote services, so as to achieve accurate matching and efficient transformation of enterprise demand and financial supply.

gather strength:

we will establish a support mechanism for enterprises to resume production

according to article 20, shunde will establish a support mechanism for enterprises to resume production. this includes the establishment of a steering group composed of district and town leaders to guide the prevention of epidemic diseases in enterprises and assist enterprises to resume production.

in addition, special public legal services will be provided for epidemic prevention and control. give full play to the role of the public legal aid center as a platform, actively assist enterprises to understand and implement relevant laws, regulations and policies on epidemic prevention and control, timely help enterprises solve difficulties and problems in labor, economic contract disputes and other aspects, and provide enterprises with professional services.

in addition, shunde will also use the 200 million yuan special fund of small and micro enterprises from the charity foundation of hehe. in addition, we should encourage the use of work relief to relieve the pressure on enterprises' operation and gather social forces to tide over the difficulties.

source: guangzhou daily