supply chain finance has entered a "golden age", with banks vying for a market worth 20 trillion yuan-凯发k8天生赢家

supply chain finance has entered a "golden age", with banks vying for a market worth 20 trillion yuan

according to the data of pricewaterhousecoopers and eou think tank, the compound growth rate of china's supply chain finance market will reach 5.2% in 2019-2025, and the market size will reach nearly 20 trillion yuan by 2025. the financing problem of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises has a long history. the trial of supply chain finance has been carried out very early. why did supply chain finance break out in these two years?

in 2003, guangdong development bank launched the "guangfa private 100" platform with the supply chain finance business of logistics bank, followed by the gradual exploration of secondary banks such as shenzhen development bank and shanghai pudong development bank, and then the supply chain finance solutions of internet giants such as alibaba and jd in the e-mall landscape in recent years... over the past decade, supply chain finance, as a combination of industry and finance, has received policy support and high attention from small, medium and micro enterprises as an important way for finance to help the real economy and solve the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises. at the same time, supply chain finance also faces problems such as excessive reliance on core enterprise credit transfer, investment waste caused by repeated construction of data platform, incomplete enterprise commercial credit evaluation system, and difficulty in credit transmission and multi-level penetration.

in recent years, the application of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other technical means, as well as the support of regulatory policies, the improvement of basic information facilities and other conditions of centralized maturity, so that supply chain finance has a room for vitality.

in terms of technology development, more and more supply chain finance enterprises attach importance to the application of data and fintech. according to experts' calculations, the fintech penetration rate in china's supply chain finance market was only 4.5% in 2018. by 2020, it is expected to reach 13.5%; it is expected to reach 37.4 percent by 2025. thousands of union supply chain institute released "2019 china's present situation investigation and analysis of supply chain finance, points out that only 13% of the enterprises in the enterprises of the surveyed did not use any financial technology, 55% of the enterprise application of the large data and ai technology, 44% used the cloud computing, up to 61.93% of enterprises believe that big data can play a role in the risk control of auxiliary.

from the perspective of policies, 2019 is a "policy year" for supply chain finance. the policy document extends from the state council level to national competent authorities and local government departments at provincial, municipal and district levels, with more detailed and personalized policy provisions. last july silver circ distributed to the banks, insurance companies, general office of the china silver circ about pushing supply chain financial service entity economic guidance ", specific to the county, the zhuhai hengqin new area of the first domestic supply chain support, launched the first of zhejiang provincial special supply chain financial policy, etc., all levels of government to the understanding of the financial supply chain more clear and accurate, and "actively yet prudently develop the financial supply chain" are being pushed into effect.

in terms of infrastructure, the on-line development of supply chain finance is making progress, which greatly improves the authenticity, integrity and timeliness of various data information in supply chain finance services. according to wanlian supply chain research institute, all of the companies surveyed are using at least one information system, and 75% of them have relevant supply chain finance business systems, including business processes, risk management and fund management systems. the information system of enterprises can be connected with and automated with financial institutions. recently, the central bank mentioned in its 2020 work conference that "innovation and improvement of credit investigation service for small and micro enterprises". the credit investigation infrastructure of enterprises is more complete, which opens up the situation for the development of supply chain finance.

banks and other capital parties in the supply chain finance business expansion has a new grip. in the current market segment, core enterprises and various primary and secondary suppliers have been basically carved up by various financial institutions. from the perspective of market space and opportunities, the growth point of future financial institutions' profits is often the long-tail market that was previously ignored.

"online supply chain finance can be understood as a special form of internet finance. on cash flow, logistics, information flow in industrial chain of the real transaction data and learn, and through the large data, artificial intelligence, etc to mining, and this part of the information integration of science and technology, make the data become the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises' credit assets, let the banks out of human dependence, better assess risk, the financial service extends to the long tail of small micro enterprise." financial technology service providers in tengxin related responsible person explained.

bullish supply chain finance blue ocean market, financial technology service providers in tengxin has early layout. from the perspective of business practice, its role is mainly to help banks and other financial institutions to grab the supply chain finance cake. first, at the operational level, zhongtengxin can provide partner institutions with a supply chain finance system covering the whole business process of customer access, risk control, accounting and collection, freeing up manpower. secondly, at the risk control level, zhongtengxin provides cooperation agencies with whole-process risk control technical assistance services, making the business behavior data of small and micro enterprises become "evaluable credit" and solving the risk control problem of small and micro enterprises.

the personage inside course of study points out, "around the c end consumer finance after rapid expansion has already entered a slow period, and the transformation of the supply chain finance has only just begun, we completely as you can imagine, should be 'industry development needs of supply chain finance, also will be born with the ant gold suits, jingdong number, degree of grain full financial super unicorn technology companies side by side." in the broad market space, tengxin has been ready.

driven by fintech, based on new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and block chain and digital and intelligent management mode, financial institutions, e-commerce platforms and other supply chain financial entities have realized leapfrog development in solving the problems of insufficient risk identification ability and high risk management cost of small and micro enterprises. if, before the financial technology for propulsion of the credit business mainly focus on consumer credit, the next stage, as the technology application of mature, the accumulation of data, these bonuses will gradually transition to the field of micro credit to release, more industry at the end of the small micro enterprise financial services, is expected to get matching small micro enterprise financing difficult problem will be further alleviated.