the national green development fund will be officially launched in 2020-凯发k8天生赢家

the national green development fund will be officially launched in 2020

the establishment of the national green development fund is a part of improving the economic policy system for ecological and environmental protection. the national green development fund will be officially launched in 2020, xu bijiu, director of the ministry of ecology and environment, said wednesday.

at a press conference held by the ministry of ecology and environment on the same day, xu bijiu said that environmental and economic policies are the endogenous power to stimulate enterprises to control pollution, and also an effective way to solve environmental problems. the ministry of ecology and environment regards environmental and economic policies as an important task and adopts economic and market means to promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure and land use structure.

first, we will increase fiscal input. in recent years, the state financial support for ecological and environmental protection has increased year by year. in 2018, the ministry of ecology and environment participated in the management of the central government's budget for environmental protection, totaling 55.1 billion yuan.

second, we will improve pricing and tax policies. xu said, for example, the price subsidy effect of thermal power industry is very obvious, the implementation of desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal, each kilowatt hour can enjoy price subsidy, complete ultra-low emission transformation, can also enjoy electricity price subsidy. the price policy of thermal power industry has played a role of "four or two thousand kilograms", not only has thermal power industry greatly reduced pollutant emissions, but also promoted china to build the world's largest clean coal power system.

in terms of tax policies, we will promote the completion of the transformation of environmental protection fees into taxes, offer tax breaks to enterprises that discharge pollutants below the standards, levy corporate income tax on qualified third-party enterprises at a reduced rate of 15%, and allow 10% of the investment in special equipment for environmental protection to enjoy the corporate income tax credit.

third, promote green finance. in addition to establishing the national green development fund, we should fully demonstrate the role of green finance and green credit, including environmental credit.

fourth, we introduced special task environmental and economic policies. for example, local governments have increased subsidies for the elimination of yellow label cars in light of local conditions, and about 24 million old and yellow label cars have been eliminated nationwide. the central government will support trials of clean heating in winter in northern china, and subsidize gas prices and electricity prices for residential users of "replacing coal with gas" and "replacing coal with electricity", so as to ensure affordable and good use by rural residents.

"the next step is to explore better policies on pollution discharge rights and ecological compensation, so as to form a combination of measures to ensure and support the fight against pollution." xu bijiu said.

source: china financial information net