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hubei supply chain enterprises a year 50 percent

our province supply chain company and supply chain management company newly registered number and increase both set new records. the reporter learned from the hubei province supply chain innovation and application bbs held on november 19 that up to november 9, 4357 supply chain companies and supply chain management companies were registered and existing in our province, with a year-on-year increase of 1614, up 58.84%. among them, there are 1,291 supply chain operators with registered capital of over 10 million.

with the increasingly refined division of labor and the rapid progress of information technology, supply chain management has become a systematic management science covering technology, management, system, finance and other factors. by integrating resources, the supply chain realizes efficient cooperation in the whole process of product design, procurement, production, sales and service, so as to optimize the enterprise supply chain, which can not only improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, but also reduce costs and increase efficiency.

according to the reporter, of the 4,357 supply chain enterprises, more than 70% are trade circulation enterprises, and the rest are mainly warehouse distribution and logistics supply chain enterprises, among which 1,400 are registered in wuhan.

"more and more companies are recognizing the importance of supply chains." related person in charge of the provincial supply chain management association introduced that the local e-commerce enterprise climb brothers established a supply chain management department in 2016, and the company's revenue nearly doubled in 2017. currently, the company has more than 200 supply chain employees. thanks to the collaborative optimization of the supply chain system, the company's order response speed increased by 4 hours compared with that before 2016.

"hubei has a large industrial cluster and a large number of leading enterprises, so the application conditions of innovative supply chain are good." provincial association of supply chain management relevant controller introduces, but the association through the extensive investigation found that more than seventy percent of the respondents felt strange for supply chain related policy, have an independent department of supply chain management of enterprise accounts for only 5% of respondents, most enterprises lack of supply chain management ability, can't adapt to the current situation of the development of the global ecological supply chain.

it was revealed that the provincial supply chain management association led the preparation of the "supply chain management system standards", plans to start the popularization of the work by the end of this year, 2020 to promote the application of related standards for more than 200 enterprises.

source: hubei daily