china banking regulatory commission and other 13 departments: encourage social capital to set up design industry funds-凯发k8天生赢家

china banking regulatory commission and other 13 departments: encourage social capital to set up design industry funds

the ministry of industry and information technology (miit), china banking and insurance regulatory commission (circ), china securities regulatory commission (csrc) and other 13 departments jointly issued the "special action plan for the improvement of manufacturing design capacity (2019-2022)" (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan") today, aiming at improving design capacity and promoting high-quality development of china's manufacturing industry.

the action plan calls for effective improvement of design problems in areas of weakness in the manufacturing sector within about four years, gradual improvement of the basic research system for industrial design, substantial improvement of public service capacity, and innovative development of personnel training models. it has made breakthroughs in original design in such industries as high-grade cnc machine tools, industrial robots, automobiles, power equipment, petrochemical equipment, heavy machinery, energy conservation, environmental protection, artificial intelligence and other fields. in system design, artificial intelligence design, ecological design and other aspects of the formation of a number of industry, national standards, developed a number of easy to use, professional design tools. we will build the national institute of industrial design at a high level, and raise the basic research capacity of industrial design and the level of public services. we will establish about 10 demonstration cities of service-oriented manufacturing featuring design services, develop and expand more than 200 state-level industrial design centers, build a backbone of design innovation, and lead the development trend of industrial design. we will promote the "new engineering" education model for industrial design, innovate the way of training design talents, and create about 100 manufacturing design training bases.

in order to broaden financing channels, the action plan clearly encourages private capital to set up design industry funds and improve diversified investment and financing mechanisms. guide angel investors and venture capital funds to support manufacturing design capacity improvement projects, and provide investment and financing services covering the whole life cycle for design enterprises. we will encourage qualified design enterprises to go public for financing. banks and other financial institutions are encouraged to provide personalized services for design enterprises and broaden the scope of mortgage goods. we will encourage guarantee agencies to set up special types of guarantee, and increase credit guarantee support for design enterprises and innovative design projects.

source: china financial news