guangzhou block chain new deal: set up 1 billion yuan block chain industry fund-凯发k8天生赢家

guangzhou block chain new deal: set up 1 billion yuan block chain industry fund

on october 29, 21st century economics reporter learned that as the "main battlefield" of strategic emerging industries in guangzhou, huangpu district and guangzhou development zone issued the detailed rules for implementing measures to accelerate the reform led by block chain industry.

before the end of 2017, the region issued the first block chain policy in guangdong province -- "10 block chain", which is also the block chain policy with the strongest support and mode breakthrough in china.

the implementation rules first proposed to encourage the establishment of blockchain industry fund with a scale of 1 billion yuan, attract social capital to gather and form capital supply effect, provide enterprises with angel investment, equity investment, post-investment value-added and other multi-level services, and establish a distributed financial ecosystem of "multiple bases large funds". however, it added that the fund would be set up under the initiative of state-owned enterprises in the region and the plan would be developed separately.

the 21st century business reporter learned from huangpu district of guangzhou and guangzhou development zone that the updated blockchain support policy will focus on supporting basic research on key core technologies to provide safe, transparent and reliable technical support for the development of digital economy.

"implementation rules" outstanding block chain original innovation, clear chain of optimal selection of two blocks of annual public chain, chain of construction projects in enterprises or institutions, ex post subsidies, according to the actual research and development spending 50% of the subsidies, which block chain chain of public construction projects the highest subsidies of 10 million yuan, block chain alliance chain construction projects the highest subsidies of 3 million yuan.

it should be pointed out that the implementation rules emphasize that the public chain is an independent and reliable "no-coin" public chain that supports the development of block chain industry in huangpu district. alliance chain is positioned to support the block chain application development of specific industries in huangpu area.

at the same time, the region will also deepen the block chain integration application. from the perspective of corresponding policies, the implementation details propose that 20 enterprises or institutions that use the information service of blockchain demonstration project will be selected from the best every year, and the subsidy will be adopted afterwards. the maximum reward of 100,000 yuan will be given to each enterprise or institution according to 50% of the actual payment. for enterprises or institutions providing block chain demonstration project information service, the cumulative construction of block chain application demonstration reaches 30 nodes and more than 50 nodes, and the cumulative effective transaction volume reaches more than 1,000 and 5,000, a one-time reward of 300,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan will be given.

the detailed implementation rules also propose to create a value network in the greater bay area, including supporting enterprises or institutions in hong kong and macao to build blockchain innovation centers, offshore incubation bases and other platforms in the greater bay area, and providing site subsidies and other support funds of up to 1 million yuan per year. according to the standard of every square metre of every month the highest 75 yuan gives place subsidy, if every square metre of every month actual rent is less than 75 yuan, give subsidy according to contract actual rent.

at the same time, to build large exchange center of the bay, hong kong and macao to encourage large bay area block chain industry association, alliance, such as organization, carefully planned to carry out the investment and financing roadshow, introduce, resources docking, achievements and cultural salon activities, conducting block chain scene experience, the virtual interaction, a guest lecture hall, exhibition, science popularization activities such as knowledge according to its actual spending of 50%, the activity of up to 1 million yuan subsidy.

every year, the region will cultivate 1-3 blocks chain industry leader in the future, give priority in government affairs and public service in the areas of application scenario, on the basis of the current enterprise r&d subsidy policy, the annual research and development funds to invest 20 million yuan of above, part of more than 20 million yuan of above, in accordance with the 10% extra subsidies, each enterprise top subsidy of 10 million yuan a year.

in addition, the region will support domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning and professional institutions to build talent training bases, establish cooperative training or order-ordering training mechanisms for talents, and provide subsidies in the form of after-the-fact subsidies, giving up to 1 million yuan per year. in addition, the national blockchain innovation, creation and entrepreneurship competition will be held, and the total amount of prize will not be less than 10 million yuan.

source: sina finance