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standardize the operation and management of direct equity investment to support the transformation and upgrading of local advantageous enterprises

recently learned from the municipal bureau of industry and information technology that is the specification of nanning industry development direct equity investment fund (hereinafter referred to as direct equity investment) operation management, the nanning city people's government office recently issued by the implementation of the development of nanning industry direct equity investment fund operation management interim measures "(hereinafter referred to as the" interim measures "), focusing on direct investment project operation procedure, project management and exit, due diligence exemption system, and so on three aspects of the detailed rules.

the interim measures, with the principle of both rigor and flexibility, are conducive to giving full play to the role of nanning industry development fund in direct equity investment, facilitating the introduction of major investment projects, better supporting the transformation and upgrading of local advantageous enterprises, industrial restructuring, and promoting high-quality economic and social development of nanning.

from the establishment of sub-funds to direct equity investment

we will give full play to the role of government guidance funds

since its establishment, nanning industry development fund has invested in key industries and projects in nanning by establishing sub-funds. since the beginning of this year, the industrial development fund has matched 8 investment attraction (key) projects, with a total investment of 6.97 billion yuan, including 1.41 billion yuan of direct investment demand.

the person in charge of municipal industry and information bureau introduced, along with the change of external environment, at present some of the projects that play a key role or need to be supported are not suitable for introducing social capital to participate in the projects and key projects of the complementary industry, so many leading enterprises of key industries in our city put forward the demand of direct equity investment.

to continue to support the development of nanning key industries and key projects, promote sustained economic steady and healthy development of our city, the interim measures "times out, it will give full play to the nanning industry development fund direct equity investment, at the same time the introduction of professional institutions to market-oriented operation, operation management and further standardize direct equity investment.

"interim measures" regulation, direct equity investment industry development fund refers to the nanning policymaking committee office (hereinafter referred to as the policymaking committee office) investment guide funds entrusted nanning co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the guiding fund company) on behalf of nanning industrial development fund investor direct equity investment duties, in accordance with the municipal party committee, municipal government decision-making and deployment, of nanning city non-public listed innovation entrepreneurship development and industrialization of key enterprises and emerging industrial enterprise, such as institute of investment behavior.

draw lessons from relevant experience inside and outside the district

give priority to autonomous region level or municipal major investment projects

"interim measures" is combined with relevant experience in practice, to the municipal bureau of industry and financial group, nanning and nanning investment fund limited liability company through careful study and discussion for many times, and in the development of nanning industry fund plan framework, a reference to guangxi government investment guide direct equity investment fund management interim measures ", according to the relevant laws and regulations to draft, its main purpose is to support the nanning strategic emerging industries, emerging second startup leading industry, the traditional advantage industry, producer services enterprises and new industrial technology research institute, etc. direct equity investment funds mainly come from financial funds.

the interim measures specify that the invested enterprises must be legally registered in the administrative area of nanning city, have the independent legal person status and have the conditions for equity investment. the investment projects shall conform to the industrial policies and development plans of the state, autonomous region and nanning city, belong to encouraged or permitted categories in the guidance catalogue of industrial structure adjustment, and focus on supporting enterprises in nanning's strategic emerging industries, emerging leading industries, traditional advantageous industries for second entrepreneurship and producer services. the invested new industrial technology research institute is an industry-university-research-application collaborative innovation platform with independent legal personality and enterprise-oriented operation based on the development direction of nanning's key industries and relying on universities, institutes, key leading enterprises or high-level talent teams at home and abroad.

these enterprises and projects also need to meet the requirements of standard management, good operating conditions, good credit, perfect pre-project work, and fulfill the project filing and approval or approval procedures. it is worth noting that direct equity investment will give priority to autonomous region level or municipal major investment projects.

we will strengthen oversight and assessment to prevent financial risks

direct equity investment funds shall not be used for 7 purposes

according to the interim measures, all counties, development zones, administrative departments of various industries and relevant social organizations in nanning can recommend qualified enterprises to the office of the decision-making committee or guide fund companies to apply for direct equity investment support of nanning industry development fund. after the project preliminary review, project due diligence, project review and decision, agreement signing, etc.,

nanning investment guide fund company has signed an investment agreement on behalf of the industry development fund. nanning industry development fund direct equity investment required funds will be included in the current nanning modern industrial development fund arrangements.

after nanning industry development fund implements direct equity investment, how to strengthen management, so that it can not only effectively prevent and dissolve financial risks, but also give full play to the role of fiscal funds in guiding, and increase the investment in nanning's key industries and key projects? for this reason, the interim measures stipulate that direct equity investment funds shall not be used for business other than financing guarantee, mortgage, entrusted loan, etc. invest in secondary market stocks, futures, real estate, securities investment funds, corporate bonds rated below aaa, trust products, non-capital preservation financial products, insurance plans and other financial derivatives; to provide sponsorship or donation to any third party; to absorb deposits or in a disguised manner, or to provide loans and funds to third parties; to undertake overseas investment with unlimited joint and several liabilities; issue trust or collect financial products to raise funds; the investment will be used in 7 areas including industries restricted by the state, autonomous regions and nanning as well as businesses prohibited by national laws and regulations, such as high pollution and high energy consumption.

in order to strengthen supervision and prevent and control risks, the interim measures also provide guidance for fund companies to conduct performance assessment on the development of direct equity investment in investment operating institutions, and to cancel the qualification of direct equity investment operation for investment operating institutions that fail to achieve performance objectives for three consecutive years. whoever violates the interim measures, practices fraud, defrauds, intercepts, misappropriates direct equity investment funds, shall be dealt with in accordance with the regulations on punishment for financial illegal acts (order of the state council no. 427) and relevant laws and regulations.

source: nanning daily