jiangxi guiding fund leverages 12.19 billion yuan of social capital-凯发k8天生赢家

jiangxi guiding fund leverages 12.19 billion yuan of social capital

recently, the reporter learned from the provincial financial department that jiangxi province innovation way of financial support, upgrade guide actively functioning province development fund (hereinafter referred to as the "province guiding fund"), "2 6 n" active docking province industry high quality leap-forward development plan of action, since this year the new 17 landing operations support fund, a total of 31, leverage social capital of 12.19 billion yuan, boost economy in our province high quality leapfrog development.

the provincial guidance fund adopts the operation mode of "1 n" of parent-subsidiary fund, raises funds from social capital inside and outside the province according to a certain leverage ratio, forms a mother fund, and initiates sub-funds invested in enterprises in different industries and different stages of development, and forms a larger government investment fund cluster with secondary leverage.

at the end of september, the provincial guidance fund completed its contribution to the hezheng medical industry investment partnership in jian jingkai district. as a sub-fund in the provincial guiding fund cluster, the total scale of the fund is 100 million yuan, including 30 million yuan from the provincial guiding fund and 20 million yuan from the provincial talent fund, leveraging 50 million yuan from social capital. this investment will boost the industrialization of the first generic product of soft fogs for respiratory diseases in the world and inject new impetus into the development of pharmaceutical industry in our province.

up to now, the provincial guidance fund has launched and set up sub-funds for the two trillion-yuan industries of non-ferrous metals and electronic information. the provincial guidance fund has initiated and set up four sub-funds for six industries that are planned to reach the level of 500 billion yuan. at the same time, the provincial guidance fund has also invested in photovoltaic, biopharmaceutical, environmental protection, internet and other key industries.

source: jiangxi daily