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the industry development fund of xiangjiang new area leverages the new driving force of development

huasheng online on october 20 dispatch (hunan daily huasheng online reporter wang han correspondent liu wu) financial funds how to better service economy high-quality development? a few days ago, the reporter learned from the finance bureau of xiangjiang new district of hunan that the industrial development fund of xiangjiang new district has contributed 998 million yuan accumulatively by the finance of the new district, and actually levered the investment scale of 6.744 billion yuan, providing a strong momentum for the development of industrial projects in the new district.

xiangjiang new area of hunan province initiated the establishment of industrial development fund in 2016, with a total scale of 30 billion yuan. in the past three years, the industrial development fund operation of xiangjiang new area has become a highlight frequently, with "government-led and market operation", "fund base", "mother fund sub-fund", and specialized service organizations providing all-round services. this year, xiangjiang new area has continuously optimized the financial business environment to build a financing service platform for small, medium and micro enterprises of xiangxinrong and a panoramic big data risk control platform for xiangjiang fund town. the government service supermarket will be opened in xiangjiang fund town at the end of october.

according to statistics, by september 30, the finance of xiangjiang new district had contributed 998 million yuan to the fund. through public recruitment of fund managers, 16 funds were set up. the fund has invested in 179 projects with an investment amount of 4.433 billion yuan.

"if we started with 1.0, now we're going to start with 2.0." liu zhongjie, deputy director of the management committee of xiangjiang new district, hunan province, pointed out that the development of industrial fund in xiangjiang new district is moving from the primary stage to the stage of high-quality development. in the next step, the new area will further improve the precision of industrial support policies, form industrial closed loop and service closed loop, make great efforts in integrating resources, make large funds through structural supplement and adjustment, give better play to investment attraction, and boost industrial upgrading and high-quality development.

source: china voice online