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he liming: the financial supply chain system will certainly promote the high-quality development of the real economy

in recent years, supply chain finance has received much attention, and also ushered in new development opportunities, logistics and supply chain related enterprises and commercial banks to layout this market.

the 4th china logistics and supply chain finance summit and the 3rd china commercial logistics banking union summit was held in zhengzhou, capital of east china's henan province, oct. 19, 2019.

it is reported that the summit is jointly hosted by china federation of logistics and procurement and zhengzhou municipal people's government, and hosted by logistics and supply chain finance branch of china federation of logistics and procurement and zhengzhou bank. this summit to "innovation, fusion, energized, and win-win" as the theme, from the national development and reform commission (ndrc), silver circ and domestic well-known experts and scholars, financial bigwigs, logistics industry leader in the industry big coffee together common logistics and supply chain finance, trade and logistics, finance, science and technology, with harmony, the topics such as communication, artificial intelligence and the logistics and supply chain issues such as financial future trends, opportunities and challenges of in-depth discussion.

he liming, president of the china federation of logistics and procurement, said: "to improve the supply chain development system, all parties need to work together. the financial supply chain system will further promote the high-quality development of china's real economy with the unification of industry service norms and standards, the continuous strengthening of self-discipline of enterprises and the construction of a technology-enabled risk control system."

for financial institutions to actively yet prudently develop the supply chain finance, china insurance regulatory commission silver policy research, macro research director cai xing advice: "supply chain finance through real controls the logistics, cash flow, information flow, effective identify risks, monitoring risk, management risk and disposal of the risk, it for our service the real economy, and the prevention and control risk is very big significance."

wang tianyu, chairman of china commercial logistics banking alliance, party secretary and chairman of zhengzhou bank, said, "the theme of the summit is innovation, integration, empowerment and win-win, which is also the future direction of the alliance. with union bank, we have electric business platform, with the leader of the industry, has brought together leading financial and trade enterprises, the future together with the fact of the collaborative platform, free platform to provide financial services for alliance science and technology, further development of artificial intelligence, chain blocks, large data, such as the internet of things applications, fu can accelerate financial science and technology, innovative business models and formats, and play a league member, complementary advantages, to speed up the information flow, business flow, logistics, capital fourth-rate unity, integration development and mutual benefit and win-win."

source: securities daily