guojian group has constructed diversified financing channels for "one belt and one road" enterprises-凯发k8天生赢家

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guojian group has constructed diversified financing channels for "one belt and one road" enterprises

exactly six years have passed since the one belt and one road initiative was launched. in these six years, it has not only profoundly affected the world economic pattern, but also brought greater market opportunities to many chinese enterprises eager to enter the international market. in order to fully grasp the opportunity of overseas market, one belt and one road-related enterprises need to go abroad, and the prerequisite of "going abroad" is to have core capital support. faced with the increasingly diversified and complicated cross-border financing needs of enterprises, china construction group has been exploring and expanding financing solutions adapted to the "one belt and one road" strategy, opening up cross-border capital circulation channels of mainland enterprises, and accelerating the pace of enterprises "going global".

under the background of the development of one belt and one road, china construction group gives full play to its advantages in business resources to provide enterprises with professional and comprehensive cross-border financial services, such as trs total income swap, os capital management, overseas investment, supply chain capital management, industrial fund, securities investment and equity investment.

for non-investment grade enterprises, china construction group carries out trs total income exchange to help enterprises issue investment grade overseas financing products in hong kong, so as to eliminate financing barriers caused by insufficient qualifications of enterprises. according to the characteristics of upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain, china construction group implemented os asset management plan, combined with multiple advantages of overseas investment and global supply chain asset management plan, and standing on the height of the industrial chain, helped enterprises improve bank credit. at the same time, the fund will be effectively injected into the relatively weak upstream and downstream supporting enterprises to fundamentally solve the problems of financing difficulty, expensive financing and supply chain imbalance. to meet the needs of industrial transformation, china construction group leads domestic and overseas capital, domestic famous investment institutions and large foreign institutions to jointly launch and set up a global industrial fund -- china construction industry fund with a total scale of 50 billion yuan, to guide domestic and foreign capital to invest in the development of strategic emerging industries and promote the virtuous recycling of funds. over the years, guojian group has been continuously practicing and improving all kinds of cross-border financing services, helping enterprises connect with the global capital market, enhancing capital liquidity, and opening up new financing channels for "one belt and one road".

wang taoyu, president of guojian group, said, "with the enhancement of china's economic strength, more and more chinese enterprises have gone abroad and become the main force in jointly building the one belt and one road, which also puts forward higher requirements for cross-border financing. guojian group has been actively providing enterprises with policy-oriented, professional and diversified financing solutions, and striving to make substantial contributions to improving the level of "one belt and one road" financing. at present, we have provided working capital and medium - and long-term capital for nearly 100 chinese enterprises, covering many key industries of one belt and one road, effectively promoting the sustainable development of regional economy."

financing is an important support for the construction of one belt and one road. guojian group gives full play to its resource advantages, constantly enriches the financing channels of "one belt and one road", attracts high-quality capital at home and abroad to inject into the development of the enterprise and activate the capital liquidity. moreover, with the help of the influence of the capital market, financing enterprises can further enhance their brand value, optimize their operation strategies and strengthen their international influence and competitiveness on a global scale. at present, "one belt and one road" has become an important platform for win-win cooperation and common development of relevant countries. guojian group will continue to explore business models, expand financial channels and implement the requirements of financial services to the real economy, so as to promote the steady and rapid development of national "one belt and one road" construction.