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industrial funds help poor areas achieve sustainable poverty alleviation

from industrial development fund for poor areas to industrial investment fund for poor areas of central enterprises (referred to as "central enterprise poverty alleviation fund"), as an innovative poverty alleviation model, industrial fund cannot be ignored in helping poor areas achieve sustainable poverty alleviation. "helping the real poor and helping the poor" also puts forward certain requirements for the industrial fund to expand the effect of industrial poverty alleviation and establish a long-term mechanism of poverty alleviation.

pull social capital

poverty alleviation office of the state council and chinese academy of social sciences have jointly released the blue book on poverty alleviation for enterprises (2019), which shows that china's top 100 enterprises have taken comprehensive measures to alleviate poverty in more than 10 areas, including education, industry, consumption and health. the percentage of poverty alleviation through education was the highest at 92%. the second is poverty alleviation by industry, at 77%. consumption poverty alleviation ranked third at 67 percent.

and in the industry poverty alleviation, the industry fund is especially concerned. "the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund will actively align with the rural revitalization strategy, cultivate and develop characteristic industries in poor areas with the help of central enterprise capital, technology, talents, market, information and other advantageous resources, and give full play to its role in bringing poverty and benefiting poverty." central enterprise poverty alleviation fund chairman shen ling said recently.

central enterprise poverty alleviation fund is a state-level industrial fund targeted at poor areas. in october 2016, led by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council and initiated by the ministry of finance, relevant central enterprises jointly invested and set up a central poverty alleviation fund. by the end of august this year, the central government's poverty alleviation fund had completed its third phase, raising 16 billion yuan, more than the sum of the first and second phases, and raising 31.4 billion yuan. it is understood that up to now, the central enterprise poverty alleviation fund has completed the first and second phase of all raised funds investment, has invested projects involving 26 provinces (districts and cities), 104 cities (prefectures, prefectures and leagues), 203 counties (cities, districts and banners), covering all 14 contiguous poor areas. through direct investment and the establishment of sub-funds in key provinces, we have led and leveraged more than 150 billion yuan of private capital.

poverty alleviation platform

from the perspective of entrusted management organization, chuanyi is entrusted management organization of poverty alleviation fund of central enterprises and a wholly-owned enterprise of china development investment group. in addition to the poverty alleviation fund for central enterprises, chuangyi is entrusted to manage another state-level industrial fund -- the industrial development fund for poor areas.

in order to accelerate the demonstration, replication and promotion of the poverty alleviation model of industrial fund, china securities journal has recently learned from cits that cits has arranged the investment layout in different industries and built seven poverty alleviation platforms in poor areas relying on leading industrial enterprises. first, we need to build a modern agricultural platform by relying on supply-side structural reform in agriculture. second, build a resource development platform based on local resource endowment. third, build a clean energy platform in accordance with the national energy development strategy; fourth, prevent diseases from causing poverty or returning to poverty, and build a medical and health platform; fifth, solve the sales problems of agricultural products, to build a production and marketing platform; sixth, provide financing plan for agricultural industry chain and build industrial financial platform; seventh, we should give play to the role of the fund as a link and build a platform for capital operation by making use of the "green channel".

long-term mechanism of poverty alleviation

to help the poor and alleviate poverty, industrial funds should not invest in them. industrial funds help poor areas to achieve sustainable poverty alleviation, we must expand the effect of poverty alleviation by industry, and establish a long-term mechanism of poverty alleviation.

for the selection of investment projects, from the perspective of the benefits created by the state investment, targeted poverty alleviation and regional development should be promoted in a coordinated way according to different conditions such as resource endowment, industrial planning and poor population structure, and the interest connection mechanism of industrial poverty alleviation should be improved to ensure the long-term and stable poverty alleviation of the poor population.

on the other hand, although the projects invested by the industrial fund belong to the high-quality enterprises in poor areas with standardized management, there is still a gap with the requirements of the capital market. from the perspective of sdic, according to the principles of focusing on key points, strengthening weak points and strength, a post-investment management mode in line with the current situation of enterprises in poor areas was established, and an independent post-investment management team was established. the post-investment management was divided into four parts: post-investment agreement execution, project dynamic tracking, project corporate governance and post-investment value-added services.

source: china securities journal