chongqing industrial fund to build a special fund group to help industrial economic development-凯发k8天生赢家

chongqing industrial fund to build a special fund group to help industrial economic development chongqing news, september 22 (gong qian) in order to further promote equity investment management standardization, better service the real economy, the financial capital to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of chongqing, 19 and 20, directed by chongqing bureau of finance, financial supervision and administration in chongqing, chongqing industry guide equity funds co., ltd., with "intelligence led thousands of information to the general" as the theme of "2019 fund managers conference" was held.

it is understood that chongqing industry guidance fund, established in 2014, has been operating for five years. in the past five years, 27 special funds have been launched and set up, which invested 93 projects in chongqing with an investment amount of 9.141 billion yuan, accounting for 70.6% of the total investment.

conference, chongqing industry guide fund company chairman wen-li yang said that over the past five years, the industry around the city's major strategic deployment guide fund, aimed at the city's industrial structure characteristic and the reform direction, match the chongqing three industrial structure, investment sectors covering industry, agriculture, modern service industry, science and technology, culture and tourism and so on six big industry special fund group.

from the perspective of industry distribution, the investment in agricultural projects covers the whole industrial chain of agricultural products cultivation, deep processing, channel distribution, circulation market and agricultural science and technology platform. in terms of industrial and technological projects, in addition to investing in traditional advantageous local industrial projects such as automobile, laptop supporting equipment and machinery manufacturing, we also focused on supporting industrial robots, blockchain, unmanned driving, artificial intelligence, big data and other cutting-edge scientific and technological projects in line with innovation-driven strategy. in the aspect of modern service projects, it involves medical and health care, regeneration and environmental protection, modern logistics and transportation, etc. the fund also supports weak links in chongqing's cultural and tourism industry, such as animation development, film and television production, and upgrading of tourist attractions.

it is understood that after receiving special fund investment, we have accelerated the transformation of scientific research results of a number of projects in the initial stage. promoted a batch of long-term project to realize management scale expansion. at the same time, through the function of capital link, a number of foreign high-quality projects, such as mingfeng medical treatment, frontier power, suzhou lingchuang, were successfully launched in chongqing.

private enterprises and small and micro businesses have provided vitality and creativity for china's economic development. how to "supply oxygen and blood" for enterprises, promote the current stable growth, and form a sound interaction between the financial and real economy?

among the projects invested by industrial guide funds, 90% are private enterprises and 78% are medium, small and micro enterprises, which effectively alleviate the problems of difficult and expensive financing for private enterprises and medium, small and micro enterprises. through capital injection and value-added services, we have promoted 2 enterprises to be listed, 6 enterprises to be listed on the new third board, and about 20 enterprises to be listed for guidance, effectively expanding the financing channels for enterprises.

yang wenli said that the fund support for enterprises in addition to the "blood transfusion" function, but also to help enterprises achieve the "hematopoietic" function. next, in terms of investment choice, industrial fund should not only help enterprises expand and expand, but also strengthen support for private enterprises and small, medium and micro enterprises in the seed stage and initial stage.

in addition, chongqing industry guidance fund has promoted the development of yubei district, nan 'an district, liangjiang new area and other districts and counties through launching special funds. through cooperating with chemical and medical group, mechanical and electrical holding, zongshen group, huayu group and other enterprises to carry out equity investment, accelerate the promotion of all kinds of capital flows into innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises, and support industrial transformation, upgrading and innovative development.

at present, industrial guidance funds have received 10.2 billion yuan in paid-in capital, and 27 special funds have been launched and set up. of these, 27 special funds totaled 30.5 billion yuan, and industrial guidance funds contributed 6.66 billion yuan.

source: china news