fund investment allows investors to share in china's economic rise-凯发k8天生赢家

fund investment allows investors to share in china's economic rise

in the process of macroeconomic growth, there will certainly be sunrise industries and sunset industries, and there will also be industries whose growth rate is higher than the average level and those whose growth rate is lower than the average level. at this time we can buy the corresponding industry funds, to gain the advantage of the industry up space. from another perspective, the real economy is divided into the primary industry, the secondary industry and the tertiary industry. the tertiary industry is relatively strong. at this time, we can select a certain advantageous industry in the tertiary industry and obtain the exclusive industrial dividend by purchasing the theme industry fund of this category.

to illustrate this problem, the 12th five-year plan mentions a sentence: "promote cultural industry to become a pillar of the national economy. from the 12th five-year plan to the present, the sub-industries related to cultural industry have enjoyed the fastest growth among all economic sectors in china. at that time, we can invest in its related industry funds to share the growth of the industry, get excess returns.

the 13th five-year plan mentions education for all and promotes modern education. if we follow the growth trend of the 12th five-year plan, we can imagine that in the next five years or even longer, china's education industry will surely get a great development. as a result, compared with the general market and other traditional declining industries, the trend of cultural and education sector is very strong.

let's look at chapter 16 of the 13th five-year plan to promote the building of a healthy china. like the education industry, industries related to health china will receive a very large policy dividend. at this time we timely layout related theme foundation to obtain a medium - term industry premium. the health care sector index has a solid upward trend, which is consistent with the national economy and future policy direction.

if we don't think about national borders, if we don't think about countries, if we invest in a fund with the dow jones index as the target, then you can share in the rising dividend of the us economy. therefore, fund investment is not only a tool to gain the dividend of the industry, but also a tool to share the feast of the rise of the world economy.

source: changan financial network