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trs total income swaps are the focus of the china global investment summit

the 2019 china global investment summit kicked off at the kempinski hotel of yansha center in beijing, capital of china, sept. 5, 2019. the summit attracted nearly 500 well-known chinese entrepreneurs, economists and executives from investment institutions. the entrepreneurs also regard this bbs as a high-end brainstorming to open financing ideas and expand financing channels. during the two-day summit, participants had an in-depth exchange of views on the overseas investment and financing market environment, how to improve the internationalization of enterprises and the development trend of overseas financing.

the head of the investment business of china construction group was also invited to attend the china global investment summit and elaborated on how enterprises solve financing problems during the high-level dialogue. this year, china securities regulatory commission has promoted the implementation of 11 measures to open the financial industry to the outside world. a series of actions and policies have sent clear signals to encourage the introduction of foreign capital and accelerate the pace of opening up of the financial industry and financial market, which has become the general trend of deepening reform. how to obtain overseas high-quality capital through legal and compliant channels and enhance international market competitiveness has become the focus of business owners.

for non-investment grade enterprises, the issuance of investment-grade overseas financing products through trs total income swap in the hong kong financial market is indeed a new model worthy of reference. trs has formed a relatively systematic and complete operation mode in the global investment and financing field, and trs has also been widely used by many mainland investment institutions. china construction group is a pioneer in the implementation of trs total income swap. with years of mature operation and management experience, it can help non-investment grade enterprises with weak qualifications to break through the bottleneck of overseas financing by trs total income swap, and realize the effective improvement of enterprise asset value.

when talking about the concrete implementation level of trs, the explanation given by the head of investment business of china construction group opened a new way of financing for the entrepreneurs attending the meeting. build trs in the total revenue model, the mainland enterprises financing according to certain priority level after bad money than pay level after bad money, priority will be built by the hong kong equivalent amount of foreign funds and foreign investors pay the priority of the funds as investment funds together, subscribe for financing enterprise financing products, issued in hong kong, in turn, help enterprises to complete overseas financing.

trs total income swap not only solves the problem of enterprise financing qualification, but also can raise working capital and medium - and long-term capital for the development of enterprises, open up overseas financing channels for enterprises, and reduce the cost of capital use. compared with the mainland's financing environment, the advantages of hong kong's capital market, such as low cost, sustainable and low risk financing, are becoming increasingly obvious, and more and more domestic enterprises attach great importance to it. trs total income swap for non-investment grade enterprises is a breakthrough in the financing model.

in the rapidly changing market environment, a firm financing channel is the key to optimize the debt structure and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness. trs total income swaps will undoubtedly be the best financing solution for non-investment mainland companies in the current and next few years.