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harbin 2 billion yuan fund will invest in strategic emerging industries

the interim measures for the management of investment funds in strategic emerging industries in harbin were issued and implemented recently. according to the method, by the municipal finance investment, investment funds by the city investment platform as the investment main body, mainly investing in private equity trading enterprise, the fund size is 2 billion yuan, will focus on advanced equipment manufacturing, modern biological medicine, information, new materials, and other key city of modern industry system construction projects and major investment projects in the field of industry.

the project mainly includes: enterprise, the academy for the upgrade project for product market competitiveness, expand new areas and market demand immediate construction projects, can rapidly form the industrialization of achievement of the core competitiveness of construction project, to improve the extension or play a key role in the industry of construction projects, a national, provincial (ministry) science and technology plan (special) or industrial development plan (special) and obtain the national special funds for the construction of the project. in addition, the "one case one discussion" approach can be adopted to support the major projects attracting investment in the city according to the strategic cooperation agreement signed between the municipal government and the enterprises attracting investment.

those who meet the following conditions at the same time can apply for investment fund support: the project construction subject has registered and paid tax in harbin, has independent legal person status, has good tax payment record, and has no bad credit record; the project conforms to the key development areas and industrial layout determined by the municipal party committee and government on "opinions on accelerating the construction of modern industrial system", and the total investment of fixed assets shall not be less than 50 million yuan; the capital contribution of the project construction unit shall not be less than 30% of the total investment of the project, and shall complete the relevant pre-stage procedures such as project approval according to law; the project has independent intellectual property rights, and the ownership of intellectual property rights is clear; the main body of the project should have a certain ability to buy back equity investment.

according to the measures, investment fund project declaration work in principle every half a year, major projects can be declared at any time. the municipal investment platform shall make equity investment in the construction of the project with a proportion of no more than 20% of the total project investment, and the investment term is generally 3-5 years. the municipal investment platform shall make investment in the form of "limited liability limited amount of investment", and shall not be the actual controller of the project or participate in the operation and management of the project.

source: sina news