china construction group is deeply engaged in the swap of trs gross income to resolve the financing difficulties-凯发k8天生赢家

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china construction group is deeply engaged in the swap of trs gross income to resolve the financing difficulties

in recent years, the market competition has become increasingly fierce, and the financing difficulty has become a common problem in the development process of enterprises, as well as a huge obstacle to the development of enterprises. with the rapid and steady expansion of china's financial sector opening to the outside world, hong kong's capital market has become a new direction for many enterprises to raise funds. however, problems such as insufficient qualifications, poor information communication and narrow financing channels restrict the pace of mainland enterprises to raise funds through hong kong's capital market.

china construction group is committed to obtaining high-quality overseas funds with low financing cost and good stability for non-investment grade mainland enterprises and realizing leap-forward development. therefore, china construction group is the first to introduce and implement trs gross income swap, a financing mode, to help financing enterprises enter the hong kong capital market. in specific operations, financing enterprises according to certain level priority after bad money, to have money management qualification level of managers pay a certain amount of bad capital, managers are responsible for will and bad level after the cash equivalent amount of foreign funds and foreign investors together pay the priority of the funds as investment funds, to subscribe for financing enterprise financing products issued in hong kong.

wang taoyu, president of china construction group, said trs gross income swap provides companies with continuous, stable and efficient financing channels in hong kong, which has significant advantages over mainland financing. in recent years, the financing interest rate in hong kong has been at a low level, which enables trs total income swap to provide high-quality funds with low financing cost and good stability, effectively reducing the debt burden of enterprises. for non-investment grade enterprises with insufficient qualification conditions, china construction group enables them to issue overseas investment grade financing products in the hong kong financial market through trs gross income swap, attracting investors' favor and gaining higher market recognition. while attracting foreign institutions to invest in creditor's rights and equity, trs also applies advanced international business philosophy and management experience to corporate operations, promoting chinese mainland enterprises to better integrate into the global capital market. up to now, china construction group has helped many enterprises successfully introduce foreign capital to participate in their development, improve the allocation efficiency of enterprise funds and solve the financing difficulties.

at present, china's economy is entering a stage of high-quality development, and the trend of economic globalization is unstoppable. the influence of hong kong capital on the innovation and development of mainland financing enterprises and industrial transformation and upgrading is becoming increasingly evident. countries build group continuously deepening trs total return swaps, integrate the existing resources and capital strength, to help china enterprises, especially not investment-grade companies, offer low-cost capital, broaden the financing channels, improve capital supply, helping enterprises to enter the international financial markets, and participate in global competition, high quality for the enterprise development driving force.