the os asset management of china construction group strongly strikes the financing pain point of non-凯发k8天生赢家

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the os asset management of china construction group strongly strikes the financing pain point of non-investment grade enterprises

in recent years, affected by the slowdown of the overall growth rate of the domestic economy, the credit policies of major banks are tightening. the resulting chain reaction has also affected most domestic enterprises. high debt ratio and debt default rate has become an unavoidable problem in the development of enterprises. facing the environment of fierce competition in the external market, financing is one of the key factors to seek steady development. for a large number of non-investment grade enterprises, the difficulty of financing and the high cost of financing have been a difficult problem for many years. how to obtain low cost capital through formal channels and do not add debt is the most important appeal of business owners.

due to the high requirements of domestic banks for enterprise credit qualification, this undoubtedly sets a difficult threshold for many enterprises with limited qualifications. at this time, the access to high-quality capital through the hong kong financial market has become a new choice for most enterprises. the os asset management plan of guojian group is a scientific financing solution for non-investment grade enterprises.

guojian os asset management co., ltd. organically integrates overseas financing with global supply chain asset management, aiming to raise working capital, medium and long-term capital needed for enterprises' development through hong kong financial market. so as to enter the hong kong capital market with more favorable cost of capital, expand the channels for enterprises to obtain low-cost financing, and effectively reduce the cost of capital use. helping companies get financing through legal and compliance channels is just one part of the company's asset management plan. os asset management for the long-term development of enterprises, there are many far-reaching effects. the "s" in os management refers to global supply chain asset management. through the operation and management of the core enterprises in the supply chain and upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, it is used for bulk commodity procurement, taking the core enterprises as the starting point to realize profit increase. help enterprises to obtain long-term, stable and low-cost global credit, so as to meet the continuous "blood transfusion" needs of enterprises. second, there is no need to increase the size of corporate debt. by assisting enterprises in financing, it can provide them with low-cost capital support without adding new debts, so as to optimize the debt structure of enterprises, maintain reasonable debt level and increase disposable funds. this can not only adjust the debt ratio of enterprises, effectively prevent the risk of debt default, but also improve the solvency and profitability of enterprises.

china's new pattern of opening to the outside world is gradually taking shape. how to introduce high-quality capital efficiently has become the focus of many enterprises. countries build group play os asset management plan in overseas financing and the double advantage of global supply chain assets management, by the enterprise extends to the whole industry chain, from domestic to global capital markets, revitalize the enterprise liquidity, cracking and industrial development to carry out the financial service the requirements of the real economy, and promote steady development of china's economic globalization.