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supply chain management innovation should achieve "four streams in one"

an executive meeting of the state council confirmed that some measures will be adopted to support the development of the platform economy, after china proposed to cultivate 100 market players with global supply chain competitiveness by 2020, and the platform has become an important carrier of supply chain management innovation. ouyeyun traders and steel silver electricity is shanghai two selected steel electricity supply chain innovation pilot enterprises, china economic times an exclusive ouyeyun, president, vice secretary of party committee jin wenhai and steel silver electricity chairman jun-hong zhu, analysis on the platform of enterprises in supply chain innovation, and invites enterprise institute under the state council development research center, research director of state-owned enterprises an amber on the current status and prospects of supply chain management innovation for deep analysis.

china economic times: the executive meeting of the state council held on july 17 confirmed that a series of supportive policies will be implemented for platform economy. what kind of impact will it have on platforms, especially e-commerce platforms of bulk commodities? what are the major concerns of enterprises? what expectations do you have for the implementation of the policy?

zhu junhong (chairman of steel silver e-commerce) : the influence of the support direction determined by the executive meeting of the state council is relatively limited. first of all, the implementation of platform economy involves a wide range, and the specific implementation of the policy is still in the exploratory stage. there will be a process from exploration to the formation of a clear plan. secondly, platform economy forms and demands in various fields are different, and the current supporting policies are not only for commodity e-commerce platforms.

improving credit system, increasing financial support and innovating development mode are the core information revealed in the conference. in the field of steel supply chain services is an important part of service innovation platform economy, steel platform enterprises based on the reconstruction of the ecological industry supply chain, introduced the logistics, warehousing, processing, distribution, supply chain finance and a series of innovative service, realize the information flow, business flow, cash flow, logistics, "four circulations" formed on the basis of the big data platform credit gripper. in the context of the slowdown of the overall macroeconomic growth, steel enterprises and steel trade circulation industry have a large demand for supply chain services, but platform enterprises still face a series of restrictions brought about by the unclear identification of innovative business categories in the innovation of supply chain services.

in terms of specific implementation, we hope to break the boundaries of ownership and treat enterprises of different ownership as equals. we need to distinguish good and bad enterprises by their business performance and pay attention to their asset-liability ratio. at the same time, it is necessary to improve the construction of information system and establish strict evaluation standards when establishing accountability system.

china economic times: what do you think of the challenges that platforms face in growing from billions to billions to trillions? what are the plans to support the rapid growth of steel silver e-commerce platform?

zhu junhong: the challenges in the rapid growth of the platform are divided into external and internal parts. the external part is mainly the supply chain financial policies and the support of financial institutions, while the internal part is the construction of the platform ecosystem. from the perspective of internal challenges, to build a complete ecosystem, the platform needs to have a high level of management ability and information system construction ability, including the ability to use block chain technology to improve transaction efficiency and management efficiency. only when the platform has strong management ability and data processing ability, can it achieve standardization and visualization in management, rely on big data for intelligent risk control management, and cope with the challenge of scale growth.

in the future, the platform will continue to build a more perfect and intelligent ecosystem, and constantly improve the service capacity and level of the platform through the digital cloud construction of storage, logistics and supply chain.

china economic times: baoshan district of shanghai is trying to promote the pilot industry of national platform economy in the field of steel and iron. the ministry of commerce supports baoshan district to establish a national platform demonstration zone. it is necessary to form a model that can be copied and promoted. what lessons have been learned that can be replicated?

zhu junhong: the difficulty of replication lies in whether to form a standardization system. it is necessary to analyze the standards formed in the practice process of advanced enterprises, summarize the advanced experience, and then popularize the standards through relevant policies. look from commodity electric business platform, steel silver electricity have some practical experience can be reference for industry, such as whether can be as a proprietary platform type enterprise standards, proprietary trading, this is in conflict with the third party property and platform, affected by the market and price changes, easy to appear problem, while a consignment conforms to the attributes of the third party platform type enterprises, not participate in the market game, only provide services for customers of industry; for example, whether the risk control model of leading enterprises can become a standard for industry reference, and whether the credit standard of enterprises can also be promoted. relying on the 19 years of industrial development and data accumulation of its parent company, shanghai steel union, saigc has formed a powerful underlying data matrix.

on this basis, the steel silver electrical contractor to collect customer information, transaction behavior, market information, such as multidimensional index, constructed based on big data and cloud computing intelligent bcs risk control system, introduced a perfect digital risk control model, through the visual monitoring, data real-time risk early warning, using big data platform of operation management for risk assessment, to ensure the safety of transaction control. in addition, the steel and silver e-commerce credit sub-platform connects with the government's public credit platform, further combining data at the market level with data at the government level to establish more accurate enterprise credit judgment. relying on its leading experience in risk control system construction, sanyin has also participated in the construction of local and industrial credit standards such as "enterprise business integrity evaluation standard" by shanghai bureau of quality and technical supervision.

china economic times: in recent years, the capital market has become increasingly cold to the platform. what impact will the capital's attention on the platform have on the platform's next development?

zhu junhong: high capital attention is definitely conducive to the development of the platform, but down-to-earth work is more conducive to the long-term development of the platform. the trading volume of some platforms increases rapidly in a short period of time, mainly relying on repeated trading and fake trading, which can achieve rapid growth from the data. however, problems will occur in the later stage of this model, which cannot go far, so don't be simply confused by the so-called trading volume. whether the platform can be developed in the long term, the core is not to spend money telling stories, but to provide valuable services to the industry and make profits.

china economic times: china needs to accelerate the cultivation of new growth points and growth drivers in the supply chain field, and proposes to cultivate 100 market players with global supply chain competitiveness by 2020. steel and silver e-commerce is a national pilot enterprise of supply chain innovation and application.

zhu junhong: supply chain innovation should be combined with the real economy, and risks should be prevented. from the practice of steel and silver e-commerce, in the construction of supply chain ecosystem, it is necessary to focus on whether to integrate the four streams into one. the linkage between the platform and the real economy can be achieved by controlling the flow of goods and preventing the idling of capital flow, information flow and bill flow. only by integrating the four streams can the platform achieve a high degree of integration of finance and entity, rather than laying hidden risks. for supply chain innovation, more attention should be paid to the integration of the four streams. with the trading platform as the core, sanyin e-commerce has built an ecological service closed-loop of the whole industrial chain integrating transaction settlement service, supply chain financial service, warehousing and processing service, logistics and distribution service, and data information service, realizing the "integration of the four streams".

since 2015, steel silver e-commerce has started to test the water supply chain service innovation, which effectively solves the problems existing in the steel trade business, effectively controls the trading risks, improves the trading efficiency, and meets the actual trading needs of all parties in the trade link, especially small and medium-sized trading enterprises. steel silver e-commerce supply chain financial services are based on real steel spot trading scenes. at present, the market influence expands unceasingly, and obtained the good economic benefit. in 2018, the scale of supply chain service business reached 29.147 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 114%.

china economic times: what role will the platform play in china's economic growth and the formation of new drivers? what are the factors restricting development and how to break the current situation?

zhu junhong: the key role of platforms in promoting china's economic growth lies in the improvement of industry efficiency. platforms can push forward china's economy through technological progress and realize the transformation of old and new drivers. from the perspective of steel e-commerce, the platform improves the transparency of the industry, and the efficiency of both parties after trading is significantly improved. the trading of bulk commodities is an ecological body, and the platform has shown its advantages in supply chain services. through the platform, the four streams can be integrated, and the efficiency will be higher after digitization. china has introduced many policies to support the development of platforms, and measures should be fully implemented, such as policy support for platforms in supply chain finance. the key to solve the problem in the future is standardization construction, and appropriate supporting standards should be determined to promote the healthy development of the industry.

source: china economic times